Tales of an Enchantress – Chapter 26

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Creek. Creek. Creek.

It was a simple, rhythmic noise the filled the morning air. Of course, it was emanating from a certain tent that was recently provided to me. My “room” had slowly evolved over the last few days, and I had managed to acquire a simple bed with a feather stuffed mattress, some furniture, and other things. My “lab” was moved to a new tent after I explained that some of the chemicals I had to work with with not conducive to sleeping safely. So, at this moment, I was in my room enjoying the feel of a partner inside me.

“Ah, it feels good.” I let out a little whimper.

I was actually on top, my naked form mounting the man underneath. Furthermore, his role in this particular sexual engagement was mostly passive. I found that any time one engaged in sex with another, they needed to decide on the roles each partner would take. Adjust the level that each party contributed to the movements required for sexual contact was just one more way to increase sexual diversity. This balance almost added as much to the various flavors of sex as my growing list of sexual positions.

For example, right now, I was rocking my hips causing his dick to slide in and out, the length of his shaft slide along my clit causing a great deal of sexual stimulation that quickly drove me wild. The man himself didn’t move much at all. He held my hips in his hands, and I was holding the back of his hands, as I rocked my hips on top of his cock. When I wanted to increase speed, I’d drop my hands to his chest, forcing his sternum to bear my weight as my ass ground hard on his dick.

He could have lifted me by my hips at any time before thrusting up into me turning from passive to active. However, sex today didn’t call for him to take the active role. Of course, I didn’t mind him playing the submissive. Even passiveness could be erotic. I had control of the pace and flow of sex. A simpler mind might have cursed the guy for being lazy and just lying there while I did all the work, but I derived just as much pleasure as him, and there was a certain degree of self-satisfaction in being able to make him cum through no direct act of his own. I was the deliverer of pleasure, the queen of this sexual encounter, and I was mounting my throne quite enthusiastically.

In other days, I would be the one just lying there being passive. I’d lie down on my knees with my butt in the air and he’d grab onto my hips and slide his massive dick inside me. Then, as I only worried about keeping my balance, he’d pound me from behind. Other times, once he slide inside me, I would move my butt, grinding his dick and forcing it to slide in and out of me over and over again as I pushed back and forth with my knees. Like I said, that was simply one more aspect of the flexibility for sex.

“Ah, ah, ah…” I let out little moaning sounds as I started to bounce up and down on his cock.

As my hands held his, I pushed up with my feet slightly before instantly dropping them. The momentum of the force rose my pussy up his cock until only the tip remained inside my body before falling back down onto this cock, allowing the member to slide deep inside me with a slight slapping sound which I punctuated with each little cute moan.

Although his breathing was uneven, my partner underneath wasn’t moaning. Instead, he merely watched me as I played on top of him, constantly changing up the ways I let him penetrate me. Sometimes, I would grind him with my cunt, even letting his dick fall out of me so that I could rub the shaft up and down my wet clit. Sometimes, I would spread my legs to the max, ginding down to try to force his shaft to reach as deeply into me as his balls would allow. Other times, I would bob up and down playfully creating wet lewd noises as the lips of my pussy slapped against his balls.

Sometimes I would cum, my body stiffening until I collapsed on him while breathing hard, his dick still deep inside my throbbing pussy as I orgasmed. Then I’d get back up and start again a few minutes later. However, for the moment, I was merely rocking my hips and whimpering while he looked up at me with a gentle smile. This was sex at its most casual.

The reason for that was rather simple. He’d already cum three times this morning. In fact, we had been fucking since before the sun rose, and the sun high in the sky now. The coolness of the night had dissipated and when added with the body heat produced by the both of us the tent was growing hotter and hotter. I was starting to sweat, the light act of rocking my hips enough to force my body to dispel body heat. I dared not engage in any more aggressive play less I start to turn gross, and as for Peers, he seemed content to sit back and watch me with that smile.

As it got to the point where my hair was matting to my forehead from the humidity, I finally started to feel slightly sheepish at his looks. Although sex acts didn’t embarrass me, I was still a woman being looked at by an attractive man, and thus I started to blush accordingly, despite the sexual position we were in.

“What is it?” I asked finding myself suddenly a bit shy while I pulled my sticky hair back behind my ears.

“You’re absolutely beautiful.” Peers responded simply.

I gave a light snort, “Hm, say that now, a clean naked girl in her prime while she rides your cock. However, try to say that when I’m sick, and I’ve been throwing up, or how about when I’m on my period.”

“Oh, really?” He asked, with an amused look on his face.

“Of course… don’t you know that you only call a woman beautiful when she wants to hear it most?”

“I would call you beautiful any time, any where.” Peers declared. “If you were sick, I would call you beautiful and tend to you, if you were throwing up, I would call you beautiful and hold back your hair, and if you were on your period, I would call you beautiful, and we would make a fucking mess.”

“You… ah!” I couldn’t help but cry out as Peers suddenly raised his body.

In a moment, he was in a sitting position, his arms wrapping around me and keeping me from falling back. He embraced me in a tight and loving hug, and I could feel his rugged breath against my neck. Grabbing his head, I tilted it up and give him a gentle kiss on the lips, meanwhile, I continued to rock my hips, keeping his dick inside me as I fucked him uninterrupted in this new position.

Rather, his words had deeply excited me. Even though he was succubus and likely skilled in such sweet words, I let the words get to me and stab into my heart. Unable to resist his charm any longer, I Grabbed the back of his neck. I leaned back using a hand to support my body. My thighs tightened around his abdomen and I started to move my hips more aggressively, stimulating his cock with my pussy without care for how hot it was. As if responding to my call, Peers woke up from his passive state and while holding my back, started thrusting forward, matching my pussy.

{Position Unlocked: Cradle.}

Had I never done this position before? Well, perhaps not since I’ve come to this world. It was the first sex position I had unlocked in a long time. Once in a blue moon, I’d find my body entangled in a truly unique position, but in truth, most of the time it was missionary or doggie unless I was actively trying to be adventurous. Even being a seducer and Enchantress didn’t make me fall beyond the classics.

However, for this moment and time, I clung on to this man who called me beautiful, and with his hand holding my back, he plowed into my pussy with his dick while my whole body bounced against his sitting form from the side. For another couple, this kind of thing might become exhausting after a thirty second or so. However, for me, I had the sort of endurance that never ran out, and Peers was a man who genuinely could keep up with me, even showing such exuberance after already cumming three times today.

“Ah, ah, ah… yeah, harder, harder…” I moaned orgasmically, and even Peers’ voice was started to grow higher and higher.

“Where do you want me to cum.” Peers’ asked haggardly between his breaths.

“In me, in me… I want to feel your cum!” I cried out.

The first shot of hot stuff entered my womb as his cock throbbed. Like that, I was cumming too, my pussy starting to tighten around his throbbing cock, milking it for as much semen as he could produce. The pair of us came together in unison. My head ended up falling onto the mattress and Peers readjusted himself without pulling his penis out until we were in missionary. He started thrusting again, even as he came and his penis was starting to soften. My legs instinctually wrapped around him and my arms pulled him down on me.

I wanted to feel his warm body, even though it was sweaty now. Our sweaty bodies pressed together as one while my lips found his. My tongue aggressively stormed his mouth while I kept moaning, his softer yet still hard enough to fuck cock still sliding in and out, mixing up the juices in between both of us and continuing to stimulate my orgasming pussy. After a few more hard thrusts, and a bunch of the semen and juices squirting out and leaking down onto the bed, he finally slowed down, his soft member rubbing up and down my drenched slit.

Our moanings quieted as our tongues refused to part deep in each other’s embrace until the aftershocks of orgasm resided and my breath returned to normal. Finally, pulling away, I looked up at the man on top of me. I realized at that moment that he hadn’t absorbed any life force from me, and I didn’t take any from him. We had sex simply for the enjoyment of each other’s bodies.

“What is it?” He asks nervously as I realized I had been staring at him.

“You’re beautiful.” I responded.

He let out a laugh before pulling away. “That’s something a guy definitely doesn’t want to hear!”

“Oh, really, then what should I say?” I responded with a chuckle.

“I don’t know, something like “oh my god, it’s so big!’ or ‘you made me cum’ or ‘I’m in a sex comma’!”

Peers went on, but I ignored him only giving the occasional grunt of acknowledgement as something else popped in my vision.

{Congratulations!!! You have leveled to Enchantress Lvl 12!}

{All stats increase by one.}

{You have one skill point.}

Special Skills Available:

{True Sight (Passive): Cannot be affected by visual hallcinations.}

{Lifesaver (Passive) Cannot have life forcibly taken.}

{Illusionist (Active): Increases Affinity for Illusion Magic.}

As I looked at my new leveling choices, I couldn’t help but give a slight frown. The thing that caught me off guard the most was a skill I had already seen before. Never before had I seen a skill appear twice in a row like that. What did this mean? Furthermore, it didn’t make sense to me. The Cambions had put me under a spell that affected dreams and illusions. I broke through both the dreams and the illusions, and more than that, I was no longer under the illusions. I gave Peers a cautious look, but he had his body turned away from me as he was apparently looking for his clothing. I am no longer under an illusion, right?

Lifesaver normally sounds like a good idea, but I’ve been giving my lifeforce to Peers and the Cambions. Although, potions will eventually replace that, it was still an emergency reserve for them. Then again, In theory I had no interest in being a battery for these people. If I could no longer be used in that way, it’d force them to double down on the potions idea. Except… if the potions don’t work and they can’t even use me as a battery, it’s not like they’d let me go. Rather, death was more likely to be the result. If that wasn’t a good enough reason, part of me also didn’t want to miss out on the intense sexual satisfaction it gave me when the pair of us absorbed life from each other.

Finally, Illusionist gave me affinity for illusion magic. This was another ability that was new to me. My class typically dictates my affinities. This is the first time I’ve seen a skill that gives me a new affinity. Learning magic has been a slow arduous process. Gaining an affinity in a type of magic would certainly help, and illusion magic fits me as well as it fits the Cambions.

However, I could always eventually learn illusion magic from the Cambions. I’d have to for the affinity magic to have any affect anyway, and after that, there was really no rush. Plus, Enchantress is a class that likely ties more to magic than seductress, so it’s possible I already have a good affinity for illusion magic. Remembering the warnings of various literature of the subjects of skills, redundancies were not uncommon, and in the event you get a skill that acts redundantly, the answer was basically tough luck.

My thoughts hovered over True Sight. That’s… a really decent ability, isn’t it? So, why didn’t I want to take it? Both of the passives were good abilities. I looked over at Peers bare back, tall, straight, and warm… and then I sighed. These skills had the potential to change the status quo. If I changed things now, I could ruin everything I’ve gained here. I was afraid. Now that I had something even remotely approaching happiness, I couldn’t give it up.

“Hey, now that I’ve been elected as your secretary and bodyguard by the council as a form of punishment, I should probably encourage you to start making potions.” Peers said jokingly.

I jumped as I realized he had turned back and was looking at me.

“Your more like a prison guard.” I snorted as I glanced away, pretending to look for my clothing to hide the previous flinch.

Peers was silent for a moment until I finally looked back up at him, he looked at me with intense and sympathetic eyes. “The Cambions… they will come to accept you… eventually. I promise it.”

I gave him a gentle smile and a nod before he finally glanced away. Finally, I turned back to the information glowing in front of me, letting out a long gentle breath like a deflating balloon.

{Are you sure you don’t want to use your skill point?}


Sometimes, ignorance was bliss.

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