The Power of Creation – Chapter 171

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The door opens and Medusa pokes her head out. “Your lady awaits.”

As Medusa opens the door, she gives a bowing gesture with her hand held out. Beyond her, the room is somewhat dark, but there are numerous candles lit. As to Snow White, you can’t see the woman herself. A giant white canopy is blocking your view of the room. All the other women are out of sight.

“You certainly are hyping this up.” You sigh as you enter into the room.

“I am a very lustful woman.” Medusa shrugs. “Naturally, I can’t help but feel excited when my man chooses to engage in sexual intercourse. Not simply intercourse! Intercourse… for the sake of procreation.”

“Is there really a difference?” You ask as you look down at Medusa’s excited look, her red snakelike eyes shining as her multicolored, scaly tail whips back and forth behind her.

“Mm! Of course there is. Sex without consequence is meaningless sex. But to be impregnated… oh… to feel your seed penetrating deep inside her womb… to know a woman will be creating life with your seed, half of her, half of you… that feeling is truly orgasmic.”

“Yeah, but childbirth is really painful, right?”

“Mm? Really? But when it comes out, I always orgasm.” Medusa responds cutely.

“I’ve heard that some women can orgasm during childbirth, but… wait, you have kids!”

Medusa puts on a mysterious smile. “Of course, not all of us can be innocent virgins. I don’t sleep around with anyone like Cruella or that slut Gothel, and I’m not a naive virgin like  Grimhilde, Ursula, or Maleficant… despite popular opinion, I’m intensely loyal to those I’ve slept with.”

That is very counter to the opinion you had previous established on her. You had formed the natural believe that Medusa was flighty and whorish. However, you aren’t sure if she’s lying or not. She has kids! That means she has slept around before. She also hasn’t slept with you yet, so where does her loyalty lie at the moment?

“How can you say that with kids? I mean, what the hell.”

Medusa gives a gentle laugh. “You may not have realized this, but us demon lords have very drastic age differences. The youngest, Grimhilde, is only in her teens. However, Maleficant, despite her appearance, is much much older, and I’m older still.”

“How old are you MILF?” You demand.

“To ask a girl her age…” Medusa pouts. “Well, I suppose it can’t hurt. I’m around 3,000 years old.”

“Three thousand!”

“Mm… so as you see, my children, and my grandchildren, and their children… I’ve had 3 husbands in my life, all dead now… but they were all a long time ago. The last by more than one hundred years.”

“You’re not even a MILF!” You cry out. “You’re like a GILF, or a GGGILF!”

Medusa shrugs. “It’s true. I hope that doesn’t make you think less of me?”

“… I’m not sure, it’s a lot to take in, but why are you telling me all this?”

“That’s simple!” Medusa brightens as she gets to the crux of the matter. “I want you to conquer me! I have chosen you as my next beloved. I wish to be impregnated with your seed! I want to bear your children! I will be your loyal bride, wife, and mother to your children. That is my ambition!”

Your lips tighten, not quite sure if you even want to stick in in this aged Gilf woman.

“Actually, I already plan to impregnate a woman today, and it’s Snow White, so will you lead me to her?” You decide to put off her question for the moment.

“Of course, follow me…” Medusa guides out a hand.

You move forward suspiciously think thinking that it wouldn’t be this easy. You still don’t know if you trust Medusa, and even though she’s been the most forthcoming and open, it feels a bit like she might be trying to trick you. You had heard from Grimhilde that she could ensnare people with her eyes. Of course, your body should be immune to that kind of bullshit, but that didn’t mean this snake didn’t have other ways to ensnare her prey.

At that point, you find yourself in front of a large opaque sheet. She moves over to the side, and like a game show girl revealing a prize, she opens the curtain up. Immediately, you frown, because behind the curtain is not Snow White as you were promised. Rather, there appears to be a wall. The odd thing, however, is that there are ten large holes in the wall, and in each hole is a butt stuck through it. They were all women, you could see their horny snatches practically inviting you to take them doggy, however, this was also a somewhat confusing scene.

“What the heck is this, Medusa?” You turn to her with narrow eyes.

“I thought my beloved might be up for a bit of a game.”

“A game? What are you talking about?”

“Mm… yes, of course. This is a game of choice. Behind those walls are ten women I’ve chosen from your harem. You just need to stick your dick into Snow White and impregnate her.”

“What kind of fool do you take me for? None of those asses are green!” You laugh.

Medusa chuckles in response, unperturbed. “As if I would make it that easy. There is an illusion over them. You’ll only be able to tell the difference by touch and feel. Of course, you could probably use your own magic and tell the truth instantly, but that would ruin the game.”

You think about it for a few seconds while rubbing your chin and examining the asses in front of you. What she says appears to be true. You should be able to tell Ariel’s ass with ease, you made that pert thing yourself. The younger girls like Mulan and Maleficant and their small forms should have been obvious. Whether it was Tiana’s small, thin, bony ass, Belle’s heart shaped backside, Kida’s tight muscular behind, the maid’s flabby butts and their color coded snatchfur… you could recognize them all. However, here you had ten basic backsides. They were all round, pert, and pleasing to the eye, but none of them stood out by sight alone.

“What are the terms?”

“If I win, then I get you for the entire night alone. You will give me a child, and keep my nest warm until morning. My stamina is unimaginable, so I expect some… hard pounding service.”

“And if I win?”

Medusa raises an eyebrow. “Isn’t it enough that you’re free of accountability?”

“Accountability?” You frown at her innocent words.

“As I said, it could be any girl. You won’t know until after. So… there is no consequence if you… for example, were to stick it in my chubby virgin sister who I know you’ve been eyeing. You can conquer that fat girl with none of the guilt and impregnate her so that she has no choice but to be yours. Given her temperament, once pregnant she will no longer resist you. Or better yet, how about a certain tiny you’ve neglected who has been begging for it? A certain dragon who has always been more interested in her sister? Maybe even… a daughter or two?” Medusa gives a wink.

“You…” Your eyes narrow. “If I did play your game, I wouldn’t cheat and use the situation to engage in taboo acts.”

Medusa laughs. “Of course, you wouldn’t. And it’s not like you have to impregnate the first one you stick it in either. Play around. Find your right pick. I insist.”

However, the way she said it should have been followed by a wink. Being an omnipotent god, you could figure out who is where instantly. If you chose to do so, you could fuck Snow White as intended and win, or use the moment to engage in some taboo acts, even impregnating those you shouldn’t while claiming ignorance. Or, you could play the game fair, in which you’ll never be certain until after what you did to who. It was exactly the kind of game a demon of lust would play.

“If I win,” you say, “Then there is something I want.”

“Oh? What is that?”

“A certain union has been forming lately, I want it destroyed. If I win, you help me tear down Megara’s influence on the other girls. And if you win, I’ll impregnate you so hard that your grandchildren will come out pregnant!”

Medusa smirks. “Deal.”

And thus you were seduced by a snake, now it’s time to taste some forbidden fruit.

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