Tales of an Enchantress – Chapter 30

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“No, maybe if you put it over here?” I asked curiously, creating a mark with my pen.

A second later, there was a spark. The spark was accompanied by a bunch of smoke. However, before I could do more than frown, the entire blanket erupted into flames.

“Oh, gods!” Crish cursed as he leaped to his feet, looking around desperately for something in the tent to stop the fire.

Unfortunately, our glasses of tea were empty and the tent was mostly used for enchanting, which meant it was full of the rarest material neither of us wanted to see destroyed. I frowned as I held my hands up in an attempt to draw mana, and I immediately gave a sigh as I failed once again to do anything with it. Maxed magic and I could barely do the simplest of spells. I could power my vibrating dildo like a boss though.

Changing the plan, I immediately rolled up the blanket, using its own backside to stomp out the flames. I hissed as my hand came into contact with some of the ashes and I tolerated a bit of a burn. It didn’t actually hurt, in fact, the burning felt slightly erotic thanks to the screwed up nature of my skills, but it had been a surprise after all.

Crish helped by lifting up the flap, allowing the extra smoke from the smoldering blanket to escape the tent.  I let out a cough, lowering my head to keep in the fresher air. Fortunately, the blanket fire was out now and it was just the smoke. Using my feet, I kicked the blanket several times until it landed outside the entrance to the tent. Only then did I give a sigh, sitting down on one of the nearly pillows Crish had strewn around the tent for comfort.

The enchantment we were trying to do was temperature control. We could make a blanket get colder. We could make a blanket get warmer. Both of these things required someone to channel mana into it. The speed of heating and cooling was dependent entirely on your mana control. For me, it was easy to maintain a comfortable temperature, which is what aided me in potion making. To someone with magic around a 1 or 2, they could quickly burn themselves or even set a fire like we had just done.

Therefore, the next step in enchanting was creating a thermostat. In other words, I needed to build in an auto shut off feature so that the blanket would maintain a specific temperature at all times, and not overheat. After that, the final step would be determining a way to power the enchantment without inserting mana. In other words, using a magic crystal to power the device. The best devices actually could pull in magic power themselves, recharging on their own, but that was something neither Crush nor I dreamed of creating ourselves without a master teacher.

Pratter and Sandor could do it. During some of our talks about enchantment, I vaguely recalled them speaking about setting limiters so that during masturbation, women with poor mana control wouldn’t accidentally overpower their dildos and send them flying off into a wall, which is something that only happened to me a few times. They had also discussed the use of battery operated dildos for the women who couldn’t channel mana. I didn’t let them put either of these limiters on my toys so that I could practice mana control, which is perhaps part of the reason I was able to max magic even as a seductress, while still lacking the capacity to create even basic magic spells beyond a flame the size of a lighter or a whiff of wind.

“Ah, let me look at that.” Crish noticed me holding my arm and quickly kneeled down, pulling my hand out to look at it.

It throbbed slightly, the pain being converted to pleasure, and thus causing me to throb down their slightly as well. With Crish so close to me and my arousal already rising, I couldn’t help but flush a little. He likely thought it was from the pain or smoke, and thus he was oblivious to his own charm. As an incubus, he should be aware of his effect on human women, but alas, he showed little awareness. As he blew on the wound, his lips only a hand and a foot away from mine, I began to tingle all over.

“Hey, Crish… I saw the…” a person immediately stepped into the tent. “What is going on here?”

It was at this point Crish finally realized he was kneeling in front of me, his lips almost pressed to my hand which he held gently in his own. I was completely red, my lips parted, panting slightly with a dazed look. The sound cutting into the tent was an awakening call for both of us. Crish immediately stood up and spun around, his mouth open but unable to find the words to explain the situation. He wasn’t exactly the smoothest guy around. In reality, I suspected he’d make a terribly feeder. Meanwhile, I suppressed the pain using my skills, which also suppressed the pleasure as well. It had already been too late not to increase my sexual excitement to the point I was quite horny, but this put a wet blanket on my sexual arousal, at least.

The person who popped in was a woman I didn’t know. I had seen her once or twice upon leaving Crish’s tent, but we had never talked before. She kept her distance and had watched me warily. I hadn’t taken much offense, because that was the behavior I received from everyone except Crish, Mary, and Peers.

“Ce-cecelia!” Crish finally managed to get out with a flustered look.

Recognition immediately flashed in my eyes upon hearing the name. Crish has spoken of Cecelia a few times before. This was his childhood friend, the so-called love interest that had been shunning him for the last few months. She was at least part of the reason he was so willing to work with me. He was desperate to show his usefulness to the tribe and thus impress her.

The girl was undoubtedly very attractive. There was no one in the Cambion colony who didn’t have an attractive beauty that wouldn’t go amiss on a magazine cover. However, as far as Cambions went, I’d say she was pretty ordinary. She had brown hair, brown eyes, and a slightly stuck up attitude. As she looked at the pair of us, she had a slightly disgusted look, however, when I looked deeper, I could see something else, a veiled sense of dismay.

“So, that’s why you’ve been hanging out so much with this human girl. I thought Peers would be the only one perverse enough to target someone outside his own kind.” She sniffed, clearly somewhat angry.

“Ah?” Crish gave a confused look before turning between me and Cecelia. “Ah, no. That… you’re misunderstanding. I-“

Cecelia’s eyes seemed to flash with some mischievously light as she realized that Crish was probably speaking honestly. It was pretty clear that we hadn’t been up to much. However, as a frown grew on her face, I immediately realized she wasn’t planning to let it go.

“Well, you can forget about our previous agreement. How could I ever want a man who flirts with other women? We’re through!” Cecelia declared proudly.

“N-no… Cecelia… don’t act like…”

A slight flicker showed on my lips. I wouldn’t call myself a love expert, but I thought I had Cecelia’s personality figured out pretty quickly. She was undoubtedly in love with Crish, but she was also flighty and mischievous. She was quite happy leading him on and mostly just wanted to see how hard he’d work for her. So, she’d engineer issues to make herself mad at him, and then giggle to herself as she watched him squirm. He was, whether he knew it or not, a completely whipped man, and she was happily providing him more lashes.

I didn’t appreciate her comment about humans nor the look she gave me, so I decided a little vengeance was in order. Well, I still thought highly of Crish, so I’m not above helping him out as well. In a single motion, I stood up, stretching out my arms. Cecelia turned away from him, and was now slowly making her way out of the tent, giving him just enough time to beg for forgiveness to her own amusement before she planned to leave him hanging. She’d laugh and giggle as Crish spent the entire night only thinking of her. Maybe in the morning, she’d throw him a bone once he begged enough. It was time to turn the tables.

“I’m sorry, Crish.” I said loudly, suddenly throwing my arms around him. “But its just time she knows the truth about us.”

Upon hearing those words, Cecelia immediately spun around. The look of shock on her face was immensely satisfying, but I couldn’t stop there. As my hands wrapped around Crish, one hand slid into his shirt and I press my cheek against his neck, my lips rubbing against his skin, giving the man goosebumps. This unexpected and extremely intimate contact caught him off guard, and he couldn’t do anything but freeze solid, his mouth moving with no sound coming out.

“You… you… but…” Cecelia took a step back in shock, her hand rising to her chest as if she might suddenly hyperventilate.

“I just couldn’t resist Crish’s charm.” I gave a sultry purr, pulling him back even closer to me, the man himself seemingly unable to resist.

Cecelia shot me a hateful look, and before Crish could get out a single word, she angrily spun and marched out of the tent. Her feet struck the ground heavily as she walked away, as an attempt to display the apparent anger she was feeling.

“Aria, I got the approval of the-“ This time it was Peers who walked in.

I had yet to pull away from Crish, and like a deer in headlights, I found myself freezing as much as Crish had as I found myself in front of Peers with my hands all over another man. However, I recovered much faster than Crish. A sudden pang of guilt shot through me as I lowered my eyes, pulling away from Crish an instant later as if I hadn’t just been hanging off of him.

“She… I mean… I didn’t know… uh…” Crish seemed extremely flustered by the entire event, unable to come up with the words as Peer’s eyes darkened for a moment.

Forcing myself to push past my mistake, I let out a laugh which cut through the two men in surprise. Without letting my worry about Peer’s opinion reach my face, I jabbed Crish hard in the chest with my finger.

“You owe me big time for that.” I said, lightly chuckling to myself. “I’d say that went off without a hitch?”

“Ah… owe? You…” Crish’s face seemed to finally grow red, and anger started to form as his mind finally started working again. “You… you ruined my chances with Cecelia just now! How can you play such a mean pranks like that!”

“Pranks? You don’t know women very well, do you?” I asked with a mischievous grin.

“Women? What? What do you mean? I mean… about that, I mean I haven’t, but maybe eventually, but…”

I waved my hands to stop his rambling, finally taking some distance from him. “Relax, relax. She was testing you out. Now that she realizes you’re not going to be around forever, she is going to become a lot more aggressive in pursuing you.”

“Eh? Pursue?”

I let out a sigh as if I was explaining simple things to a toddler. “Yes, the girl is absolutely in love with you. I could tell the second she walked in. However, she has been playing games with your heart just to see how far it can go. However, she never considered that you wouldn’t always be there. Now that there is the risk of another women, I guarantee you she’ll be throwing herself into your arms within the week.”

Crish looked uncertain for a bit. “Is that really how it will go?”

I shrugged. “Just make sure to maintain this new status quo. Honestly tell her that you and I haven’t done anything, but don’t imply that things might not happen if she doesn’t take action on her own. Once she’s done being angry, she’s going to cling to you as if her life depended on it, I promise.”

Crish slowly nodded lightly, although he still wasn’t convinced. “Then, I’ll go explain the mix up-“

“No! Rather, head back to your tent and wait for her to come to you. Trust me!”

“R-really? Then, c-can you finish cleaning up?” He asked hesitantly.

“Of course?” I gave him a smile and a thumbs up.

Crish slowly nodded again, then gave Peers a nod before rushing out of the tent. I immediately began picking the scattered work from our last failed enchantment. In reality, I was just trying to avoid meeting Peers’ eyes. Although I had used Crish as a proxy to explain things to Peers, I still felt slightly bad. Even if it was doing Crish a favor, I still hand my hands all over him, and any lover might get upset upon seeing that.

As I piled up the enchantment paper and closed the ink bottles, I could feel someone moving up behind me. After a few breaths, I rose to a standing position, dusting off the skirt I was wearing. Two large arms wrapped around me, grabbing me from behind. Peers’ body was warm, and I leaned back, allowing myself to rest on his chest. A moment later, his mouth came to my neck, and after a brief kiss, he suddenly bit down on the skin.

The pain was converted to pleasure, and I couldn’t help but let out a little moan as I reached up and grabbed the back of his head. He continue to bite and suck at my neck for a few moments before he finally released. The bite mark would clearly leave a bruise in the morning. As his grip lightened, I spun around in his arms and finally met his eyes, trying to hide the guilt on my face.

“You drive me crazy.” He said, “I never thought myself an angry man, but when I saw you holding him, I almost lost it.”

The way he was looking at me at that moment was particularly dark and lustful. It was a natural reaction. He wanted to possess me, to fuck me, to put himself inside and all over me, like an animal marking its territory. The darkness in his eyes at this moment was incredibly erotic to my heightened sexual arousal. Perhaps, I should have a few more misunderstandings in the future, if this darker Peers was the result. I already couldn’t wait for tonight.

“I’m… sorry.” I finally stated honestly. “I was just trying to help Crish. As far as this body, it always belongs to you, my love.”

Those words caused the darkness to leave his eyes and Peers finally relaxed his shoulders a bit with a sigh. “I don’t want just your body. I want your heart.”

I reach out and grabbed his hand, pulling it into the top of my shirt and forcing it to cup my breast. “Do you feel? That’s my heart beating faster. It’s beating for you.”

Of course, my heart was beating fast just because of sexual arousal, but it didn’t hurt to suggest that Peers had some kind of unique control of my heart. It was romantic fluff, but it did the trick for Peers. I could feel his arousal pushing against me from below, and the last bit of doubt and worry seemed to leave his muscular shoulders.

“Shall we… head to my tent?” I asked.

Peers’ fingers gently stroked across my nipple, but after a second he regretfully pulled his hand out of my shirt. “No, the council is ready to see you now. We shouldn’t leave them waiting.”

“Oh…” I responded simply.

We turned to leave the tent, my hand in his. The second I stepped outside, there was a little boy standing in our way. As soon as he saw me, he pointed out his finger even as his face flushed red.

“Since I’ve soiled your womanhood by laying eyes on your special place, I will take responsibility and marry you!” The boy declared.

Peers glanced over at me with a raised eye.

“Uh… I’m sorry?” I gave him a smile and a shrug.


Today was just not my day.

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