The Power of Creation – Chapter 185

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You let out a relax sigh as you feel someone coming up underneath your sheets. A playful little haremette has decided to have a little morning fun. A naked Aurora lies on your right and a naked Merida lies on your left. As you said you would, you had a little post-pregnancy coitus with the queen and her subordinate. Merida always works so hard to please during intercourse, and with the Queen present, she worked even harder, still seeing herself as the queen’s knight ready to “serve” her queen in any way possible.

Of course, you used magic to clean up and energize the two women after having given labor, so both girls were happy to fuck and be fucked. Merida graciously got on top, her curvaceous form bouncing up and down on your cock, her giant tits flopping up and down with each go. Of course, whenever she got too rough, a little bit of milk would leak from her titties, causing her to try to cover her nipples in embarrassment.

In the end, Aurora and you had tackled her breasts, sucking them dry so that she could really work her pussy on your cock with full strength of her thighs, bouncing up and down, her boobs flopping up and down as she went with not of drop of milk lost. Suffice it to say, it was a satisfying night that ended in both girls facing creampies. After being impregnated by you, these two vixens didn’t seem to want to have anything but a creampie. They wanted to feel your warm seed inside them. You could even say they had become a bit addicted to the feel of hot stuff shooting into their wombs.

Of course, they aren’t going to get pregnant at this point and time, but you are happy to fill them up with enough seed that if you push on their stomachs, gobs will spurt our their cunts. After a night full of milking the girls and having the girls milk you in return, you finally went to sleep in their arms.

Which is why you are curious as to who is crawling up your sheets this early in the morning. It could be one of the baka maids, although even now they are a bit lazy and tend to only pop up later in the day. It is only about 5 am right now, and you waking up to colored pussyhair and a wet, dirty cunt wagging over your face usually wouldn’t happen until 10 or so. However, as they say, the early bird gets the worm, so you’re not complaining that one of your girls is getting a little rambunctious and needy.

Is Grimhilde desiring another cumshot? Her greed and addiction for your semen seems to be under control lately, but maybe she needs a taste. Of course, it could be Ariel, but why would she need to do the cloak and dagger bullshit? Ariel would just run into your arms unabashedly. Of course, it could be Jasmine. You could raise the covers and instantly find out who it is, but if was Jasmine, you’d be required to stop her and send her back to her room. On the other hand, if you didn’t know it was Jasmine until it was too late…

It is clear Medusa has corrupted your mind a bit. Playing a dangerous game of plausible deniability is not good for your health or the health of your readers. Mystery is always fine, but these are your girls, and you have to treat every single one her proper due. Anything else is simply disrespect.

However, as you consider this, the person has made their way up to your crotch, and you find two hands playfully batting your cock back and forth between her palms. Of course, you are already hard, and the cock springs back and forth as she treats it a bit like her toy. You don’t mind this kind of play, so you allow it, and soon you’re rewarded as she puts your member in to her mouth.

She doesn’t suck so much as lick it lightly, her tongue flicking over the head as her lips wrap around its shaft. She nibbles slightly with her teeth, not biting, but instead slightly stimulating the skin. Slowly, her mouth licks its way down. She lifts up your balls graciously, licking them without restraint. Even though your cock has been in your daughters and their mothers without being cleaned, becoming slathered in cum, spit, and female spunk…. Not to mention sweat, you could say your balls are quite rank with sex… yet this girl saw no problem licking your balls clean with enthusiasm. Her tongue even finds its way down to your butthole, and a little wormy tongue pokes into your butt giving you’re a thorough morning rim job.

With your legs raised, and your balls resting on her forehead, the girl lightly penetrates your butthole with her petite, pink tongue. You are almost ready to cum, but if you did so, it’d end up running up over her hair, and you’d rather your cum found its way in this sultry girls little petite mouth. You reach down and grab a chunk of the girl’s hair, yanking her head up back to your dick. Now, when you cum, it’ll hit her right in the face.

Of course, you can’t see under the sheets at all. Whether it hits her eyes, nose, or reaches the mouth is up to her and a bit of fate. She lets out a light squeak, but otherwise doesn’t protest to you yanking her hair. Her mouth latches on to your balls immediately, and you finally decide to release some cum. Your dick contracts slightly as a gob of semen shoots out at the girl in front of you.


Her teeth suddenly bite down on your balls hard. Of course, given your body, you wouldn’t be subjected to any negative feelings from this rough treatment. However, it’s more the principal of the thing! You graciously give this girl a morning cumshot, and she responds by biting your ballsack. Her teeth also aren’t letting go, with one ball still trapped in her mouth. Had this been a normal man, the pain might have been unpleasant, but even with her being so rough, it only felt good for you and your titanium balls.

Good or not, you swung the sheet away, glaring down at the harem member who offended your penis so. Your eyes immediately meet face to face with an anonymous redhead. She’s looking up at you with terrified eyes, but she has one of your balls firmly in her grasp, half your ballsack sucked into her mouth and cum dripping down her forehead and nose.

“Who… wait… I know you!” At first, you don’t recognize this woman, but as you take in her appearance you suddenly recall a certain squirrel that got turned into a human. “Rapunzel!”

You grab Rapunzel by the hair and yank hard, eventually prying her off of your balls. As you pull the girl up by her hair, she makes various squeezing noises as she struggles in your grasp, however, she’s not going anywhere now. It is time to face punishment. Although Rapunzel doesn’t need to be punished, she’s just a squirrel. The punishment should go to her owner, Elena!

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