Tales of an Enchantress – Chapter 5

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“Finish up, quickly. We’ll be arriving at Magroove soon.”

I shot Min’s back an exasperated look, but he didn’t even turn to acknowledge it. It wasn’t really my fault, anyway. This had been the second day of our journey since I had awoken and since I was wrapped in blankets with nothing to do but watch the forest pass by, I decided to pleasure myself for a bit. The days where I ground my pussy for levels were behind me, but masturbation was still a part of sexual arts, and thus it was a skill that needed daily practice.

And with manipulation and sexual arts, by all accounts, Min shouldn’t have been aware of anything. I’m pretty sure that my quickening breath was kept under control, and my body shouldn’t have moved around that much. I could have masturbated in a room full of onlookers and no one should have been able to tell. Yet, no matter how skilled I became, Min always seemed to know as soon as I dabbed a few fingers into my sexpot.

In the past, he might have offered to help me. Either he’d casually hang a hand behind himself up under the sheet, his fingers working while I held tightly onto his wrist, or maybe he’d even stop for a twenty-minute break, sneaking under the covers and licking my body from head to toe. However, the strange mood that began since the last village permeated the atmosphere, and he never offered. Even given my own sexual proclivities, I couldn’t bring myself to push him for sexual contact either.

Therefore, I had only my fingers to pass the time, and Min seemed to be consciously aware that I was doing it. Well, I was already close, so I flicked two fingers over my clit quick enough that they moved like a blur. As I came, squirting a little onto the sheets covering me, I let my concealment drop, several satisfied breaths releasing from my mouth and a bit of obvious squirming.

I watched Min as I did so to see if he made any reaction knowing I was getting off behind him but came away disappointed. With his head turned away, I couldn’t see the expression on his face, but it was safe to assume he was still upset. Did masturbating hurt his pride as well? Was I just making him even angrier? Unfortunately, I didn’t know the answer to that.

I did not have long to contemplate, however, as he had been honest about the upcoming town. No sooner had I pulled my hand out of my crotch, straightened my pants, and hastily washed my hands then did we start to pass by others on the road.

Even though I’m pretty sure there was no way they could have seen into my wagon or heard my light moaning, their smiles always seemed to suggest they had known what I was doing. Likely, they were just giving a friendly smile and wave, but something about the endorphins hitting my brain after some public sex always convinced me that everyone nearby saw and knew. It was strange kind of paranoia, since given my broken Mental Fortitude, this became a turn on. I quickly looked for the next chance to perform publicly for my imaginary audience.

I wondered if Min felt the same way the times I had jacked him off under the table at a tavern or sucked him off as we road the wagon down a busy road. A large part of me wished I had the guts right now to move the blankets up to the coach to perform that very act right now. However, lacking shame wasn’t the same as lacking guilt, and I felt uneasy over Min’s recent attitude.

Still, I summoned up my strength and took a step up to the front, sitting next to Min for the first time in the last few days. Min stiffened, but rather than hang all over her like I usually did, I crossed my legs and kept my arms to myself, acting like a respectable lady in the best way I knew how. I finally glanced over at Min and felt my heart flutter once again. For all intent and purposes, except for breaking last night, I’d seen nothing but his back in two days. I hadn’t realized how much I’d missed the sight.

I was just working on bringing my arm out to wrap around him when the cart suddenly came to a stop.

“Here.” Min finally let out a breath and I looked around in surprise.

We were now in front of a building, and it took me looking around a few seconds in confusion before I realized that it was an Adventurer’s guild. So, we came straight here?

“That is…” I nodded my head, standing up.  “What?”

I was surprised when Min remained sitting in the wagon, looking like he was about to continue on without me.

“It may take some time… for you… to finish…” Min’s head was lowered when he said that, his eyes not meeting my own.


That was right, I was going to put my body for sale. It was simple. I wanted to reach second class. I needed to hire people to help me meet my requirements. Since we didn’t have any money, I’d merely exchange some sexual gratification… for sex. It’s really not that much different from what I always do. I’ve had sex with more men than I could count. I’ve fucked goblins, pigmen, and minotaurs, sometimes just to say I could. Yet, something held me back from prostitution. Mental Fortitude oddly failed me in this particular situation.

Perhaps, it’s because I didn’t see prostitution as a means of sexual gratification? I wanted to earn money, not get someone off. Was that the difference that caused this skill to break? Suddenly, tears started dropping from my eyes. I hadn’t turned away from Min yet, but before I could stop myself, a sob came from between my lips. Min’s eyes snapped to mine and widened like he had seen something confusing and unexpected.


“I-I’m sorry…” I said the words croaking so slightly that Min had to cock his head because he couldn’t hear me.

He stood up in the cart and jumped down in front of me, his eyes still not leaving mine. “Wh-what?”

“I’m sorry…” I said a little louder, and then again. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry I’m not gonna enough for you!”

Min wore a blank look, the expression on his face becoming completely unreadable.

“I’m sorry I disrespected you. I’m sorry I made you think that I’ll just fuck anyone. I’m sorry. I don’t want to be a whore. I don’t want any other man. I just want you. I want Min. I love you. Please, don’t abandon me, I need… I need…”

I’m not sure how many words came out before I started blubbering, but that was the state I ended up, bawling in front of a strange Adventurer’s guild in an unknown city in an unfamiliar continent to my wife.

Min surged forward and before I could react he raised my chin with one hand and kissed me roughly. I could taste my tears and the sweet taste as he thoroughly lashed my mouth with his tongue until I was out of breath. I stayed crying for a few minutes on his shoulder. A few people passed by and looked curiously, but besides the fact that I was about a head taller than Min, the scene merely looked like an attractive young couple doing teenage drama, and that seemed sufficient for most people to just ignore the situation and move on.

“Stupid…” Min muttered, holding my head tightly.

I sniffled against his shirt, wiping my nose unconsciously. “I’m sorry.”

Min patted my head, seeming lost in thought. I wasn’t sure how long we stood there, but the sun seemed to be heading the direction of setting now.

“Get room. Find new plan.” Min said.

It seemed like Min always had a plan. I wouldn’t have made it this far if not for Min’s constant vigilance and direction. Now, he makes a simple needed request, and I suddenly break down emotionally. I really didn’t understand how Min could be such a strong person. He could walk off being turned into breeding stock by goblins, being forced into slavery, and not to mention my constant selfishness.

He probably didn’t even see the request as too much. From fucking goblins and pigmen to survive, asking me to grease up a couple of adventurer’s and make them more pliable to our requests is honestly pretty light. Plus, he never said I had to sleep with them for money, it was just a suggestion. I once slept with a merchant for a 20% discount, and I never considered that inappropriate.

I finally started to calm down and realized how right Min was when he suggested I was being stupid. As we got in the cart and headed for a nearby inn, I held tightly to his arm and looked up at him with a gentle smile. He returned the gaze with his own light smile.

“Newlyweds, eh?” Those were the words from the innkeeper as we paid for our room.

“A year,” Min responded simply.

The woman, sitting somewhere in her thirties with the rough skin and the unkempt hair of most commoners, gave a snort. “Yeah, well. Enjoy it while it lasts.”

As she said this, she nodded to a corner. In the corner, a guy perhaps ten years her senior was sitting in a chair clutching a bottle and snoring. As if he noticed the three of us turning to look at him, his grip loosened on his bottle and it slide between his legs, striking the chair with a loud thud. This woke him up as he looked around in a panic, grabbing at the bottle and only having a bit of it splash on him.

“Uh? Margaret? You need something?” he said with a snort.

She gave a sigh and rolled her eyes towards us. I let out a chuckle while Min merely cocked his head. After a second, an idea came to me so I leaned forward.

“Did you know what night it is tonight?”

The innkeeper, Margarette, seemed to be the type to enjoy gossip, and she immediately leaned forward in response. “Hmm? What is that?”

“They call it a pink moon. It’s an event that only happens once every hundred years, but it is said to turn even the stalest of relationships into… well… newlyweds.”

“R-really? I’ve never heard of a pink moon?”

I gave a smile and a wink. “Just be careful. Clean yourself up. Make sure you’re in the bed with the one you want to spend your night with, and I can guarantee it will be a night to remember.”

The innkeeper looked from side to side like she was afraid someone might overhear and then she lowered her voice. “You think? My husband and I haven’t even in… well… I’m sure a young couple like yourselves don’t want to hear…”

“Ah, ah…” I lifted my finger. “Just make sure your door is locked, and it’s just the two of you. On that note, you might want to encourage the rest of your staff and customers to only sleep in the room with the one they love. Pink nights are great for unrequited loves, but deadly for opening up, shall we say, the doorway to alternative lifestyles.”

Min was looking at the pair of us with a confused look on his face, but the innkeeper was soaking in everything I was saying with seeming excitement. When I finally parted from her, Min poked me in the arm.

“What Vesse plotting?”

“Me?” I responded innocently. “I’ve no idea what you mean.”

As I passed the stairway to our room, I could hear a maid talking. “I think I might stop by Edward’s room tonight, perhaps he’ll finally confess on this so-called pink night.”

The rumors were spreading quick, and I chuckled a bit at the thought. No, Edward would be doing a lot more than confessing tonight.

“Vesse… evil.”

“What?” I raised my hands. “I don’t want to make our guests uncomfortable hearing the things we’re doing tonight, so I figure that I might as well spread the joy.”

Min gave a cute frown as I spoke. “What will Vesse do to me?”

I laughed. “Wrong question. You should better ask what you’re about to do to me?”

Min frowned and watched me as I carefully undressed and cleaned myself. He joined me for a bit, making sure to properly wash after a long journey. I waited for a bit as I did all the motions preparing for sex, putting myself in sexy lingerie, and finally spreading myself on the bed for Min.

“Don’t mind sex, but Vesse make nervous.” Min sighed and started to approach me.

Well, that’s been about enough time. It was dark out now and most everyone was in bed. You can’t blame me for not warning them. I released the skill, frenzy. Min’s calm half smile slowly warped into something more feral.

A moment later, his dick was sprung to attention, and he was leaping on top of me like an animal. The negligee that Min had sewn himself was ripped to shreds in moments as he gave way to lust.

Before long, moaning was coming out of just about every room in the hotel. I didn’t know how effective it’d be through the door and walls, but I figured everyone would get a whiff of aphrodisiac. Of course, Min received the largest dose, being the closest. Between a fully frenzied elf and a seductress who hadn’t gotten it in two days, it’d be tough to say which one had more energy, but I can say the race was close, and only gave out once the sun was starting to rise.

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