The Power of Creation – Chapter 63

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“And, so it seems we have another resident in our home.” You finish explaining over lunch.

The girls had all been waiting for you to return anxiously while you liberated Cinderella of her negative emotions. Yes, that’s the wording you used, and while Elena, Merida, and the other innocent girls accepted your words at face value, the more worldly of the group guessed the nature of your liberation with narrowed eyes. Well, it’s not like they’d get upset now, after all they’ve seen, by simply adding one more girl.

Merida merely nodded while gulping down her fifth helping. Aurora was also on her third. Those two were eating for two, so this could be expected. Besides them, Cinderella came in third. Determined to fulfill another wish from her former souls, she was chowing down.

When it came to Cinderella’s new body… well… there was no easy way to say it. It was a sex toy. Most of the girls you merely increased their shapeliness, breasts size, or smoothed out their already existing features to make their ideal form. Since Cinderella was designed from the bottom up, the natural result was a very unnatural woman. You kept her long, silky, black hair, but otherwise her proportions are the kind you’d more likely see in a cartoon rather than on a real woman. An unnaturally small waist, big hips, and massive curves that went on for miles. You looked forward to giving it a test drive, but after almost nonstop fucking since yesterday you were going to shake things up and not have sex for a little bit.

Besides, there are still a lot of things in this world you needed to do. After the meal, you set out to accomplish several of those things. Namely, you finish renovating the house. Every girl has her own bathroom now, so no issues there. You figure the girls will be getting dirty often and need to be able to stay clean. You also add the infamous bathhouse, coed only, although perhaps it’d be more accurate to call it a hotspring. Either way, it is very popular with the girls and they are all very excited to try it out tonight over their own baths.

You check on the baka maids, whom are back on their feet, even the formerly possessed Minnie. You give them a little punishment for slacking at their duties on the first day, but you go light on them. They are still able to crawl out of the room on their hands and knees by the time you are done, which seems fair to you.

You enchant the walls, so sounds won’t carry nearly as much. Belle was most relieved at this addition, although it seemed Aurora had spilled the beans about your nefarious vibrator. Ariel had flat out begged you for one, claiming she wanted you to be in her ass and pussy at the same time, and while many of the other girls didn’t have the guts to be so blatant, it was clear they all wanted a similar dildo, so you left one on each of their beds.

“These girls are insatiable, I’m going to need to be more proactive in the future.”

As you go around putting up more enchantments, you can tell three girls are currently using them. As to which girls, it’s not something you usually think too closely on, the feel of each pussy, but you suspect you’ll become an expert soon. If you have to guess, Ariel, Aurora, and Belle. Well, at least Belle stopped keeping it in her butt after you provided a little revenge.

Of course, given things like the ghost, you create a “safe word” magic. If the girls are in trouble, they are each given a “safe” word. If they say it, it will immediately alarm you so that you know for certain they are in trouble, as opposed to just having fun with their individual dildo.

By the time you are done making magic improvements to the house, it is still about an hour before dinner time. Jasmine is busy in the kitchen. Fortunately, the other girls have made her put on clothing under her apron for the moment as well.

You decide it’s about time to head back to the Adventurer’s guild. You wonder a bit how Kida is doing.

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