The Power of Creation – Chapter 11

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“Y-yo-you guys are getting married! But I’m first!” Ariel insists.

“Relax, Princess, we’re not getting married.”

The dragon girl puts on a hurt look. “W-we must. As the man who took my chastity, even if you are a disgusting human, you much take responsibility.”

“Well, no offense, but you died yesterday. Don’t you remember dying at all?”

The dragon girl frowns, but after a second turns her eyes up and speaks with a pout. “I might remember something like that happening.”

“Well, I’m a hero from another world, and I brought you back to life so that you could be my dragon.”

Her eyes brighten a bit. “So, you do want this great one-“

“Ah, as my dragon. I’m your master.”

“M-m-master?” her eyes flash like she is dizzy before focusing on you. “You expect this great one to submit to a master? They will not. They will not be your slave.”

You snap your fingers, and she collapses back onto the floor as another orgasm racks her body. She glares up with gritted teeth as her legs rub together.

“Y-you think this one will succumb to your torture? This one will- aaaaaah! Ah, ah… hah… hah… hah…“

You snap your finger again, and she lets out more cute sounds, unable to control her domineering personality under the throws of orgasm after orgasm. You keep sending her another orgasm after another.

“No, stop… I can’t…. Ah, ah, ah, ah… it’s too much. It feels so good. It’s… I can’t. No, not again. Another one, I can’t. Ah!”

The spell you are using is the one that gives her the best orgasm she ever had. Since the first spell gave her the best orgasm she ever had, the next spell, to fulfill the spells requirements, had to be slightly better. Therefore, each orgasm is the best she ever had, increasing slightly each time, becoming more and more intense.

“Will you give up and serve me?” You demand.

“N-ne-never… hah. Hah…. Ah, not another!”

You worry a bit that it might become so good that she’ll never be able to find pleasure again if you keep it up. She was a virgin initially though, so the bar isn’t very high, but after ten of them you’re afraid it would be too much. There is already a puddle of liquid under her as she lost control of her faculties while cuming.

“Still resisting,” you sigh.

“Perhaps, hero should use that?” Ariel suggests.

“Hah, hah, what’s that?” the dragon girl cries.

“Well, you’re just having orgasms.” You explain. “You’re technically still a virgin. I was hoping you submit on your own. However, it seems like I have no choice.”

You pull out your dick, and the dragon girl’s eye widens in shock. “What is that! I-is that a penis? While I’m in this body, that is just too big.”

“I know from experience, it’ll fit. I was surprised too.” Ariel fails to reassure her.

You start to approach her with your dick out, and she starts backing away with fear. There is only one way this will end.

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