The Power of Creation – Chapter 12

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Ariel sneaks to the side behind her, and as she backs up, Ariel jumps out and grabs her hands. Even though the girl is a former dragon, she is only about the size of a twelve-year-old. Meanwhile, Ariel is sixteen and about twice her size. Ariel holds her down while she struggles to fight, but it is useless.

“Hero! Make sure to teach her good!” Ariel says with a smile.

Only one night, and she has become quite the ally. You don’t regret bringing her with you from the castle. However, right now, you have a dragon girl who is resisting. In the real world, these kind of acts would be frowned upon, but you aren’t in the real world. In this fantasy world, you are going to show this Dragon girl what it is truly like to lose her chastity. In some ways, you feel like it was your right. After all, you basically created her.

Ariel struggles with the dragon girl until she gets her to the ground, and while she holds her hands behind her back, she wraps her legs around each of the dragon girl’s and forces them apart. Thus, you get to enjoy the scene of Ariel holding a naked girl in her arms, their two bodies close together, while the dragon girl has her legs open, showing you everything.

“Mm… speaking of which, Dragon girl, can I get your name?”

“You dare ask this great one’s name now?” She spat, still trying to escape Ariel’s iron grip.

“Well, if I stick it in, your chastity will be gone, and then you’d want to marry me, right?”

“So, you will marry this one?”

“Ah, no, but that doesn’t mean I won’t take care of you. You’ll be happy as my servant too. However, do you want to lose your chastity without exchanging names?”

The fire seems to go out of her eyes and she stops fighting, her shoulders going slack. “M-mulan… this great one is Mulan.”

You frown and look up at Ariel. “Um… Ariel, what is your mother’s name?”

“Eh? My mom’s name is Aurora. What does that have to do with-“

“Ah, never mind, just a pattern I’m seeing here. Maybe Pun’s joke. If there is anything wrong in this world, it’s probably Pun’s fault.”

“Ah, well, Mulan, it’s time to enjoy ourselves.”

“Make sure to take in every inch,” Ariel gives her a smile that looks more eerie than reassuring.

“You’re pushing it against, it’s so big, I’m telling you, it can’t fit,” Mulan shouts.

You push a little and head pops into her tight hole.

“Ah! It went in! It’s so big. It’s too big. I can’t, don’t, that’s all that can-“

You push it in a little more.

“Ow, ow, ow, ow, it hurts, it’s breaking me!”

Ariel pats her head as you continue to push it in. Tears run down her face as she cries and makes pained looks. It takes a lot longer to get it in than it did with Ariel. She really is a tiny in that regard. It is way too tight. It is so tight it is a little uncomfortable for your penis to be squeezed so tightly. In fact, the last three inches are completely impossible.

“Ow, ow, you’re pushing on the cervix, there is no more room!”

“Is that so…” you say.

“So, you really can’t fit it?” Ariel looks disappointed.

You could, of course, use a spell, but that ruins some of the fun.

“We’ll just have to break you in. Might take a few more times, but we’ll fill you up one of these days.”

“Another time!” Mulan shrieked, “Isn’t once enough? Dragon’s only breed once a decade?”

“No, well, we’re going to do a lot more sex than that.”

Mulan starts to cry again. “W-well… at least this time is over. Now pull it out. My chastity is gone. What, why are you two looking at each other?”

“Ah, that is to say…” Ariel was blushing.

“We’ve haven’t even started yet. That was just the beginning.”

“Wh-wh-what?” Mulan lets out a cry of despair as you start moving your hips.

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