The Power of Creation – Chapter 113

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  • No man shall touch a woman without her expressed consent.
  • No man shall hit on a woman after she’s said no.
  • All woman hold the right to refuse a man, even after consent.
  • If you rape, you die.
  • If you touch the lord’s harem, you die.
  • If you touch yourself while thinking of the lord’s harem, you die.
  • No Seriously.
  • I’ll come for you in your sleep.
  • Also, don’t commit other crimes like stealing, I guess.

“So? How is it?”

“Ehhh…” Kida ponders over the parchment you hand her.

“It’s, surprisingly progressive in some areas?” Megara offers. “Like, some of these are laws a feminist would put into action.”

“Yeah, well, I’m a progressive guy.” You chuckle.

“Especially when the laws don’t apply to you…”


“About the coming for you in your sleep…” Kida asks.

“A spell… I’ll Freddy Kruger their asses.”

“Alright, well, perhaps death is a bit extreme for thinking about us?”

“Very well, just horrific night terrors. Being murdered in your dreams will have the be enough…”

“Good!” Kida clapps her hands. “I’m glad we could come to some agreement. I’ll be handing these around town. Along with the rumors from last night, this should put an end to any tomfoolery.”

You watch Kida take off, her athletic butt gyrating in that leather thong as she runs off to the Adventurer’s guild. You’re sitting in the yard of your mansion facing the city while dictating out orders towards building your kingdom. You are on a couch that had been dragged out into the yard, sipping a drink not unlike lemonade while one of the maids fann you. A second maid is massaging your feet. You give a sigh while rubbing your temples. Being a lord sure is difficult.

“Megara, why are you still around?” You ask, watching Megara stay uncomfortably close to you.

“Ah! You noticed!”

“Noticed? Really, how could I not?”

“Well, it just seems to me, with you managing the city, that you have a lot on your plate.”

“That is true…”

“So, with sixteen women at your beck and call, you’ll need someone to manage-“


“So quickly?” Megara grabs her heart and sways like she just took an arrow in the chest.

“The girls aren’t slaves or anything. I’m not going to lock them in my dungeon. They don’t need a supervisor. They’ll do what they want to do.”

“But… but… but… there are complications. Women aren’t so easy! Some girl could be getting bullied by the other girls!”

“Is someone being bullied?” You ask.

“Well… no…” Megara pushes two fingers together. “But that doesn’t mean that something might not happen! Sixteen women living together is bound to cause friction! You need a woman in charge! Your right hand to make sure your women are well lubricated so it slides in right!”

“Using sex euphuisms isn’t going to work to convince me.” You sigh. “Besides, admit it, you have a more nefarious plan, don’t you?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about!” Megara freezes up. “You-you-you couldn’t possibly be suggesting I’d be trying to work a position to become your first-wi-wi-wife!”

“If I did take a wife… you certainly wouldn’t be my first.”

“What!” She snaps indignantly. “I should already rightfully be your wife. I’ve known you longest! We were promised to be together!”


“You admit it!”

“Look, there is just no reason that I need a “harem manager”, okay? I got this all down, it’s fine.”

“You mean like her birthday, which was three days ago? When you didn’t celebrate it!”

“What? Who’s birthday?” You rise from your seat in a panic.

“Oh ho… exactly…” Megara’s eyes lowered. “And didn’t you remember the whole competition? You’re supposed to be taking the girl’s out on a date. They all seem to have accepted that you forgot. But I caught some of them weeping because they wouldn’t get to spend the day with you!”

“You’re lying!”

“Hmm… I wonder…”

You let out a sigh. “Who is it?”

“Who is what?”

“Who is first on my list?”

“Mmm… not telling.”

You stand up calmly. “I don’t think you understand how this is going to go forward. I wasn’t asking…”

“Hmph… you won’t be getting me to talk.”

You reach forward and with a twist you tear the dress from Megara. She let’s out a scream as she desperately tries to cover herself.

“If you won’t tell me the answer, then I’ll just rape it out of you!”

“But the laws, you just set out the laws!”

“Bitch, I AM the law!” You rip off your pants, unveiling your massive throbbing member. “Now, bow down to the judge, jury, and executioner!”


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