The Power of Creation – Chapter 114

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“Why are you two holding me down?” Megara kicks and struggles as Dinah and Sylvia hold her down to the ground while you come forward with your member.

“As maids, it’s our job to facilitate the activities of our master!” Dinah declares while Sylvia nods enthusiastically.

“We’re friends right? We’re friends! You don’t have to do this!” Megara begs. “We already did it before, why do you need to do it again. Repetition gets boring! Just ask your readers!”

“I haven’t even slid it in yet and I’ve already broken your fourth wall?”

“If you break the third, won’t I become a 2D girl?”

“You can’t pun your way out of this one!”

“Was that a pun?

“What pun?”

“The Pun!”

“Pun made a pun?”



“Uh… I’m still going to rape you?” You try to get the conversation back on track while stroking your member.

“Then I’ll never be a bride!” Megara cries.

“Then I’m definitely going to rape you!”

“You monster!”

“What? I can’t hear you over the sound of so much rape!”

“Ah! Why s it so much bigger than it was before! That can’t fit!”

“What? Before was the trial period. You should be thankful, I was giving you time to adjust. Now, you’ve adjusted!” You declare. “Baka Maids! Holder her legs open, I’m going in!”

“He actually calls us Baka maids.”

“Shh… or he’ll do the same to us!”

“Why are you all complaining about me fucking you? You’re starting to make me feel bad.”

“You’re one to talk, don’t you realize how big your cock is these days!”

“Errrr…” You look down at the member.

“It’s bigger than a fist! That’s hardly normal sex! Only freaks like Ariel, Nala, or Tina like that kind of brutality!”

You give a sigh. “Fine, if I shrink it down, is this better?”

“It’s still the size of a pop can!”

“How about now?”

“Ah… th-that’s better…” Meg says, giving a relieved breath, then suddenly her eyes snap open. “What am I saying! You’re still plowing me with two strange women holding me down in the front yard! It’s public! There’s a man right over there who can totally see us!”

“Huh? Hey, what are you doing?” You look over to where Megara points to see a man trimming a hedge in your yard.

“Oh, don’t mind me, I’m the gardener. Sebastian hired me.”

You lower your eyes. “My girls, you wouldn’t by chance…”

The man gave a laugh. “I wish I could… but an unfortunate accident while at war and I’m sorry to say I lack the equipment anymore.”

Good pick Sebastian! “Ah… sorry to hear that, carry on.”

“Don’t carry on! He’s raping me! If you ever called yourself a man you should rescue me!”

“Sorry miss. Do your best.” The man gave a thumbs up in his dirty gloves, “Before my wife left me because of the lack of plumbing, we had a kid. I’d seen how much her vagina could stretch. You can take it!”

“That’s not the kind of encouragement I need!”

That gardener certainly is pitiful. Lost his dick. Lost his wife. Now he has to do the gardening work while some asshole plows women on top of it. You decide if he does a good job then you’ll do something nice for him one of these days. Ignoring the new gardener, you turn back to Megara.

“Will you give up the names?”

“Le-let’s talk about -MMMMmmm.”

Her mouth loses the ability to talk as you plunge your dick into her waiting pussy. Despite all her protests, she is quite sexually excited, and it goes in smooth. Her mouth looks weird, opened in a perpetual ‘O’. Her pussy also offers some strange resistance, like something was pushing into her from another angle. She desperately tries to say something, but the only sounds are muffled gagging. You pull your dick out.

“What happened?” Megara shouts tearfully as she regains the ability to use her mouth. “My butt really hurts and my mouth felt like something was in it!”

“Oh? You like my new spell? It’s called the hole-in-one. As I violate your pussy, I have clone spectre cocks violate your other holes. I get to fuck every hole at once! You’re in a four-some, and the guys are all me!”

“Why are you doing that! Isn’t that too much!”

“You think I’d make the sex simple? You’re being punished here! Now, let’s see which hole gives out first!”

“Wait, stop! We’re friends! You can’t do this to your friend!”

“You sure you don’t want to give the name?”

“Just wai- MMMMmmMmmmmmmMmmmm.”

“Ah, well, I’ll ask you again in an hour.


“Now, let the rapenning begin!”

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