The Power of Creation – Chapter 13

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“Ah, ah, yeah, keep it up, it feels so good!” That was Ariel’s voice filling the room up with her moans.

Mulan actually passed out in round three. She is cuddled up at your feet at the end of the bed while you thrust deeply into Ariel, her tight pussy quickly becoming familiar and soothing. You had taken it back to the bedroom, your original plan to kidnap Ariel’s mother apparently being pushed back to the afternoon.

Thus, your morning is filled with sex. Ariel is insatiable, a horny teenager to her core, and while Mulan claims she hates it, she is certainly sleeping with a big smile on her face that could only show on someone content, not disturbed.

You are plowing into Ariel with nice, rhythmic thrusts when there is a light tap on your shoulder. You turn back to see Mulan. She has woken up and she is now sitting on her knees at the end of the bed, watching as your dick slides in and out of Ariel, who likes to take all 9-inches with each thrust.

“M-master…” she mutters under her breath, but she won’t meet your eyes.

You pull yourself out of Ariel, who gives a sigh as she looks up at Mulan with a reassuring smile. Your dick, still wet with the lust of both girls, wags in front of Mulan after you turn around on the spot. She eyes your dick cautiously, her eyes lock on its bulging form.

“W-will master violate this lowly dragon again?”

“Does Mulan want it?” You ask.

“It is… as Master wants.”

You shake your head. “That won’t do. Even though I’m your Master, I want you to be happy. I know it sounds like an oxy-moron after raping you, but at the end of it all I’m mostly concerned about your happiness.”

“My happiness?” The dragon girl looks up with a strange expression.

“Hero, can you lie back down, I’d like to suck you off.” The princess interrupts while asking innocently from behind.

“Again? You are my hot little bitch.” You laugh and lie back on the bed as Ariel adjusts herself so she’s back between your legs.

“Mmm… I’m the hero’s bitch.” She says pleased. “I just like the taste of your cum so much.”

You prop your head up on a nice comfy pillow and watch as the sixteen-year-old girl services your cock. Mulan still sits on her knees at the corner of the bed, watching as Ariel sucks your cock while making pleased noises like she’s enjoying a tasty treat. Ariel is on her knees and wagging her naked butt in Mulan’s direction as she works. It is probably a nice view, but you enjoy the ectatic smile on her face as her lips slid on your cock too, so you don’t have it in you to get her to turn around.

A few moments later, Mulan begins to move. It starts slowly, but she edges her way up until she is right next to Ariel. Her face is half way to your cock by the time Ariel notices her. Ariel pulls your cock out of her mouth and makes a gasping sound, then strokes it with her hand. Nearly two days of nonstop fucking was starting to turn her into an expert. Or maybe you magically turned her into an expert. You don’t always think about it, sometimes magic just makes things happen.

“Eh? Does Mulan want to taste the hero too?”

“Mm… Master…”

Ariel pulls your cock to the side, and Mulan cautiously brings down her face and wrapped her smaller lips around your cock. You make a pleased moan that causes her to jump for a second, but then she eases her lips back on. You encourage her, exaggerating the feelings that her mouth makes, which successfully encourages her and makes her more excited to perform. Soon, she is savagely slobbering all over your cock like it was ice-cream.

The girls go back and forth with your dick. It started out as sharing, but as the time wore on, they become more competitive until they are fighting over your dick. However, there is enough dick to share, and the girls spend as much time tonguing each other as the dick they battled over. Eventually, you reach climax as Ariel works the shaft and Mulan sucks on your balls.

You came all over the two girls. You don’t cum quite as much as you did that first time with Ariel, but your larger dick size certainly increases your capacity to spooge too, and there is enough spooge for both girls. Ariel happily swallows every drop, and not to be outdone, Mulan tries too, although she ends up coughing and loses a load down her chest. When she is done licking it back up, the two girls stick out their tongues at each other to show the last load of semen deposited on their tongues before they swallowed them in unison, the formerly prideful dragon girl was giggling and laughing as she did this.

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