The Power of Creation – Chapter 14

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The three of you are clothed once again. Ariel and you return to your outfits. You conjure up an outfit for Mulan. She complains that it is too slutty, but it is exactly the sexiest outfit you could imagine her in, incorporating her natural red hair and eyes with black. She blushes when you tell her how hot she looks, so you figure she is just playing tsun.

It is evening now, a total of about 36 hours since you have been summoned to that world. You’ve spent 24 hours of that time balls deep in one of these two girls. However, you are the hero, so you suppose you have certain other responsibilities. You need to build your harem, and create a home for yourself, but you figure you’d also need to start by squaring things away with the King and the Priest who summoned you here.

Your magic is so strange and abstract, you probably could simply cast a spell that takes care of everything without the need to return to the castle, but some things are better done in person. Plus, you need to pick up her mom, and you figure it’d be easier to do that with some finesse.

“Mulan, can you change into a Dragon now and fly us back to… ah… embarrassing… I don’t think you guys ever told me the name of your kingdom.”

While Mulan gave you a strange look, it was Ariel who spoke up, “Ah, you’re not going to just teleport us back?”

You shrug, “I’m not familiar with the place. Plus, I don’t want you to grow too spoiled expecting me to always change things magically.”

“Oh, okay.” Ariel puts on a sulky face but relaxes once you explain things.

“Master, what do you mean when you tell this one to turn into a dragon?” Mulan asks with a confused look.

“Ah, well, you’re a red dragon, right? I didn’t permanently turn you into a girl. This is just your girl form. You can still turn back whenever you want.”

“What?” Her eyes narrow and she glares at you. “But then… I could have turned into a dragon any time? So, while you were violating this little body with your big dick, I could… I could…”

You pat her on the head. “It was a good bonding opportunity. Plus, you needed to be tamed a bit. I could have made it permanent, so you should be thanking your master for letting you choose.”

She still wore a sullen look, but she says, “Yes, master… I’m sorry, master. Thank you.”

“Now, you don’t mind if we ride you? You can fly, right?”

“Mm… I can fly. To let you ride me… only because it’s master and his bitch…”

“Mm! I am!” Ariel says proudly, pointing to herself.

Mulan makes some room, and then she spins, her body growing as she does. Suddenly, she explods into the size of a magnificent red dragon.

“You’re beautiful.” You say, more in the awe of seeing fantasy creatures, but the dragon has a pleased look on its face.

The pair of you get up on Mulan’s back with minimal effort, and with a flap of her wings, you are airborn. Although it is probably simpler to create a dozen different types of flying spells, there is something awesome about flying through the sky on the back of a dragon.

Ariel sits in front, so you have your arms wrapped around her delicious body. As the novelty of being in the sky wears off, your bad habits return. You start fondling her oversized breasts, your hands moving up under her clothing and caressing her body.

You finger her for about two minutes as her body starts bucking on the back of Mulan. It took a while before the dragon caught on to what you were doing up there. Mulan suddenly arches her back, nearly launching the pair of you off of her and into free fall. However, the exhilaration of air travel, being tossed into the air by a dragon while being fingered for two minutes straight is enough that Ariel cums in midair.

You land with a thump while Ariel makes ectatic moans and wears a flushed face. As the dragon girl glares back at you, you decide to be good for the remainder of the flight.

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