The Power of Creation – Chapter 143

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“Ah! I can’t see! You’re behind me, what are you dooooing!” Nala begs as she desperately tries to look behind herself, failing to see around the bar that keeps her arms out to either side. “Wait, Ariel, what are you doing?”

With Nala bent over, you go up behind her while Ariel takes the front. More specifically, Nala’s front half is hanging from the ceiling, and Ariel kneels under her, looking up at the confused and frantic Nala. Ariel wastes very little time, reaching out and feeling up Nala’s  naked body. Her fingers quickly head south, and she starts to touch Nala’s clit. After a second, she adds a second hand, spreading Nala’s thighs slightly and opening her fuckhole to give you a nice sight from behind. You admire the sight for a moment, giving a few nods.

“Stop looking, it’s so embarrassing!” Nala whines while her pussy practically drips in excitement.

“Well, I suppose there is no more delaying things. Let’s give Nala what she wants.”

“Haha… please… I can’t…” Nala begs.

You ignore her and push your cock up between her cheeks. Nala makes out a cry as she feels the head press against her pussy lips. Ariel stretches her lips open enough that the head of your cock rests in her wet pussy.

“Ah, it’s big!” Nala says, already breath hard from Ariel’s rough machinations. “Oh, it’s going inside! No!”

Of course, you slide it in smoothly, her horny cunt accepting your cock hungrily. Immediately, her pussy starts rhythmically clamping down on your cock as if it wants to suck your cock into it.

“Hmm? Is Nala already coming!”

“Hah, hah, hah. I can’t help it with Ariel touching me so! You two, I’ve already cum, so we can stop.”

“Stop?” You laugh. “I haven’t even started.”

“Huh? I don’t get it, I came, we’re done! I said we’re done.”

Of course, to Nala who only ever masturbated with a vegetable, she didn’t really know what  else could happen after she came. She’d dispose of the evidence and be heading to sleep peacefully by now. Things like multiple orgasms and cum shots are foreign to her. Or rather, you could say that in a world without porn, she’s fantasizing about those things without having any idea what they look like. For a girl as horny and freaky as Nala, she is surprisingly innocent. The fact that she used vegetables has more to do with her lack of understanding. That’s when you realized something surprising about Nala.

“Nala, do you use dildos?”

“Huh, what’s that? Rather, why are you asking me questions when I can feel you inside me! Is that some kind of play?”

It’s as you thought. Nala never asked Belle for any dildos because she doesn’t even know what a dildo is. She is, for all intent and purposes, the most virgin freaky girl ever. Well, the virgin part just ended. You pick up the speed, rocking your hips as you slam your dick into Nala from behind.

“Ah, ah, ah! It feels so… it feels soooo…” Nala finds herself unable to complete the sentence as she starts cumming a second time.

As much as you want to give credit to your cock, a lot of her orgasms are riding on Ariel’s machinations from below. She is eating Nala’s clit while you slam into her from behind. She has one hand wrapped around Nala’s thigh and a second hand between her legs cupping your balls. Every time you pull out, Ariel’s palm runs up and down the shaft of your cock, adding further stimulation as you fuck Nala, using her skills to add pleasure to both of your simultaneously as you fuck.

“Oh, oh! It’s so good. I can’t!” Nala continues to protest, all the while subconsciously pushing her butt back so that your dick slams deeper into her cunt.

You raise your hand and slap it down on Nala’s rump, creating a resounding slap.

“OW! Wh-what was that for?” Nala shrieks.

“Nala is being a really dirty slut, already cumming like that. How could you even pleasure Florian if you can’t last until he’s done?”

“Ah! I’m sorry! I’m sorry.”

You spank her again eliciting another yelp.” No excuse, naughty girls need to be punished.”

“B-but I thought you liked my dirtiness!” Nala desperately tries to defend herself.

“Mm… I do… but just because I like your bad side, doesn’t mean you don’t need to be punished for it!” You declare while you thrust away inside her.

“No…no… but… I’m… ah…ah….

“Is Nala cumming again! Such a pervert. Do you see me or Ariel cumming?” You demand darkly.

“I-I’m sorry! Ow!” You spank her bottom again.

Of course, this is all lies, and if Nala was the kind of girl to think things through she’d realize you’re just playing her. In fact, Ariel’s black collar with a single aquamarine jewel in the center had relayed that she was occasionally dropping one of her hands and playing with her pussy, and that she has already cum once as well and is working on a second. Meanwhile, you have used magic to have perfect control of when you cum, but the old you would have probably blown your load and been fast asleep by now. It’s good.

You continue to fuck Nala hard, wet lewd noises filling the room as her supping wet pussy drips into a puddle under her as she’s inflicted in orgasm after orgasm. You continue to spank her ass each time she orgasms around your cock, and pretty soon, rather than yelping, she’s moaning and wagging her butt, looking forward as you continue to mount and spank her. With your hands you grab her love handles tightly, turning her lower half into your own fuck toy and you plow her aggressively hard.

“Ah, ah, ah! It’s so much! I can’t anymore. Aren’t you done yet! Please, I can’t take any more orgasms!”

Ariel is on her fifth orgasm, but then again, Ariel has no limits. Meanwhile, you continue to plow into Nala without any sign of stopping. Nala is already in the double digits and has lost enough fluids that dehydration could become a serious worry.

“Hey, Nala…” You say darkly. “Not all of us are as dirty as Nala.”

“I-I’m sorry! It’s just too much! I feel so gooooood!”

“Are you such a slut that you enjoy these lewd acts so much?” You ask, a crescent moon forming on your darkened face.

“I’m so sorry!”

“I’m not the one you need to apologize to. Shouldn’t you apologize to him?”

“Huh? Wha-?” Nala looks up, still bent over naked as a partially naked Ariel eats her out from in front and you fuck her from behind.

“What is going on here?” Florian demands with lowered eyes.

“F-Florian!” Nala shrieks.

“Hey, a deals a deal. You wanted me to save Florian from that slug if you gave me your body. Congratulations! Everybody wins!” You laugh.

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