The Power of Creation – Chapter 162

Got really sick this weekend. Kids both have Strep. Still sick today, but here’s a chapter. Sorry, no TOAE.

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“I-is he fucking a planet!” Ursula shouts in disbelief as the world around her trembles.

Medusa shakes her head, an ecstatic look on her face. “Beloved wouldn’t just do a planet, he’s banging an entire dimension!”

“It’s tearing, look, there are rips!” Ursula points. “She can’t take anymore.”

Where Ursula points is of course the entryway that your Gigapenis is penetrating. The pressure and expansion caused by your penis is causing light streaks of broken dimension to stream away from the central hole. Various abrasion have built up, causing the dimensional space to thin out.

On Gaia’s side…

“Men, attack that thing. We have to bring it down!”

“What is it!”

“Some kind of drill, clearly! Who’d think the other world would start drilling us.”

“Cast every offensive spell at it. Bring the thing down!”

“It can’t be stopped. It’s moving to fast! The spells just bounce off of it!”

On Terra’s side…

“You fool!” A voice suddenly erupts from seeming space itself.

“Huh? Is that one of those damn apostles?” You guess correctly as you continue to work your hips, thrusting the massive beast through the hole and continuing to penetrate into their world. “What the hell do you want?”

“Hahaha, I am the great Apostle Nagasaki. Thrust away, you foolish mortal. You may be wiping out our armies, but you’re killing more people in this world than we possibly could by ourselves. As soon as you’re finished, the life energy will flood from our world to yours, and the Demon God will rise. You’ve only helped us accomplish our goals. We’d rather it be all humans who died, but the coming of the Demon God always requires sacrifice!”

“Oh, really?” You give a large crescent smile while your face is covered in shadow, “Well, we haven’t reached the climax yet!”

“Climax? What climax? The only way this will end is with the summoning of the Demon God. The Demon God will come-“

“Not if I cum first!” You cry. “Ah, shit, baby, you were good, but it’s time to for the cumshot, please endure!”

On Gaia…

“What’s going on captain? It’s contracting!”

The ground starts to temble as the massive cylinder than had been pounding their planet for the last five minutes slows down. Suddenly, the hole widens and a giant bulge bursts through the hole into Gaia from Terra. In what felt like slow motion, the bulging is pushed forward as the entire fleshy cylinder contracts. When it finally reaches the tip, a massive crevice at the tip of the head that the captain only now notices splits open as a flood of white stuff comes out.

“By the gods-“

Those are the last words he speaks as a massive flood of white erupts at a thousand miles an hour, annihilating the entire army as it shoots forward like a deathstar laser across the entire battlefield.

On the other said of Gaia…

“No, mother, no!” Danielle was ripped away from her mother, a trio of demon soldiers laugh as they trashed their home.

“Honey! Please, don’t touch my daughter!” Serrah shouted before one of the laughing demons struck her in the face.

“Oh, we’ll take good care of your daughter. You too. You’ll both get special treatment from us.” One of the demon men laughed, his eyes holding lustful intents on both the 30 something mother and her 14 yo daughter with equal gusto.

Of course, that was the way of Gaia. The demon race had already won the war. The demon god descended, and now it was a world where humans were desperately running. Men were killed. Women were often sold into sex slavery. These two had been hiding for months. However, they had finally been caught and now only a life of torment awaited them.

One of the demons started ripping off the mothers clothing, roughly forcing her to the ground while laughing. Another held the daughter, forcing her to watch the defilement of her own mother as she screamed and cried. They also kicked puppies, or kittens if you’re a cat person. Not sure why that’s important, but yeah, these demon guys kick puppies and kittens…. Sometimes at each other. It’s a game called pupcat. They also deny climate change. And don’t vaccinate their children.

“Hey, guys… what’s that giant wall of white coming at us?”

The other two demons turn from their revelry as they emotionally scar the women, curiously looking at some kind of white thing covering the distant horizon.

“Doesn’t it look like it’s getting closer?”

“Isn’t that a wave?” Another asks.

“Don’t they call those tsunamis?”

“Of white? I don’t get it? Wh-what? It is getting closer!”

The air is starting to pick up as the tsunami wave got closer and closer. The world starts to cool down, and soon the girls are left alone half naked crying on the ground as the confused demons look at the white thing coming closer and closer. It only takes a few moments before it towers over them, a mile high tsunami of white.

“Oh, no!”

Finally, they turn to run, but there is nowhere to run. A second later the white hits the little hut they are in, destroying it with them. They scream as the flesh is torn from their bodies and they die within a few agonizing seconds. When the wave is finished passing, it looks like the planet has face a massive bukkake. There is complete silence for a few moments, but then some noise occurs.

A 14 yo girl pushes a piece of wood off of her, she sits up, strings of white covering her hair and body, making her look quite the mess.

“M-mom?” She asks worriedly. “Mom!”

“H-honey?” Her mother pulls herself out of a bush. “Honey!”

The two white sodden girls run to each other and hug. “I-I thought I was dead!”

“Me too, honey. I thought that tsunami would kill us, but it barely seemed to touch me!”

“It-it felt warm. It caressed me, mom. I-I felt it even go inside. I-I felt funny and I think I even… well, it felt really good.”

The mother turns her head with a blush on her cheeks. “That! Ah, yeah… me as well. Th-that’s called an orgasm. It’s so weird to feel like a lover’s embrace from some… what was that?”

As she speaks, the mother wipes all the seed off of her face.

“Ahhh! Mom! You look like a sixteen-year-old girl!”

“Eh? EH!” The mother runs to a bucket and looks in the water, to reveal in fact her appearance as returned to that of a healthy sixteen-year-old only a few years above her daughters.

“Wh-what happened to us, mom?”

“I don’t know, honey… bu-but… there is one more thing.”

“Huh? What is it? What?”

“I-I’ve always had an ability. When your father and I had you, may he rest in peace, I knew immediately I had you in my tummy.”

“What are you saying?”

“Eh… well… what can I say? I think I’m pregnant!”


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