The Power of Creation – Chapter 166

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“Why-why are my daughters adults!” You demand.

“Sister, sister, is daddy upset?”

“It’s Anna’s fault.”

“Eh?” The one named Anna grows flustered. “It must be Elsa! Elsa did it!”

“No, Anna must be spanked to satisfy father.”

“R-really? If that’s what father must do?” Suddenly Anna looks sheepish, holding a finger to her lip as she turns her naked butt towards you while Elsa grabs her hips as if to present her sister’s rump as sacrifice. “Please be gentle, it’s my first time.”

You turn away from the scene to glare at the two mothers. “What is this?”

“Ah, we were hoping Daddy would be able to answer. You’re the one who used magic to make the babies. Is this perhaps something you made…”


Well, it’s not like you deliberately tried to make them look alike. You just… sort of… though you were thinking about the same things at the same time, so it’s not like your mindset was all that different between impregnations. Whatever, that was like a long time ago. Pocohontas’ baby is bound to look somewhat different. However, what you didn’t do was make your baby into an adult!

“All that energy from the Demon God summoning must have leaked around and resulted in some of these unexpected effects.” You thought the last part out loud.

“Demon God!” Aurora and Merida say at the same time.

“Ah, don’t worry I handled it.” You wave away their concerns. “So why are you ladies crying if the babies are fine?”

“We… just had babies.” Merida whines. “It hurts!”

“We’re emotional!” Aurora adds.

“And now we won’t even get to hold our babies because they are all grown up. I was supposed to breast feed them! What will I do now, they don’t need me- ah, what are you  two doing!”

The two naked twins suddenly were on either side their mother, looking up at her as she sat in the bed.

“Not true, not true.” Anna says reassuringly.

“Mother will always be mother.” Elsa adds.

“My… babies…” Merida suddenly tears up again.

“Ah, plus, when we get hungry…”

“Ah, what are you two doing now!”

The twins each greedily pull a breast out from Merida’s baggy shirt and in unison put the nipples into their mouths. Without reserves, they began sucking on Merida’s breasts, a twin on each one. Merida, not expecting this started moaning and twisting as the twins fed on her with vigor. You had removed all the dirty linen and cleaned up when you got rid of the afterbirth, and as a result the scene only looked like an attractive MILF being accosted by two teeny bopper twins in bed. Suffice it to say the scene is very erotic, and your staff jumps to full attention.

“Hero-san!” Aurora scolds you with a mocking look of shock. “Those are your daughters!”

“Ah, well, if that’s the case, where’s your daughter. At least I can stick it in her.”

“Big sister had to go.” You jump as the two twins instantly are in front of you.

You didn’t even see them leave Merida’s bed! While Anna is talking to you, Elsa is kneeling, her face too close to your penis even if it is in your pants as she reaches out and touches it with the tip of her finger like she’s poking a sleeping animal with a stick.

“Hey! Don’t touch that, and what do you mean, she had to go?”

Elsa and Anna look up but it’s Anna who speaks. “Ariel was a bad girl, so we tied her in the red room.”

“Will father spank her?”

Your eyes furrow as you look over at the mothers. They wince at the look before Aurora finally speaks.

“That’s why we called you in such a hurry, hero-san. Your daughters, they’re a bit out of  our control.”

“Huh?” At that point you look down to realize you’re not wearing pants.

More than that, Elsa is on her knees and has her mouth wide open while going “ahhh” like she plans to take a giant bite out of your cock. You immediately respond by returning your pants and retreating a step with magic, only for the cockless Elsa to put on a pouty look while Anna pats her shoulder consolingly.

“We think… that they inherited your Power of Creation.” The two moms say at once.

You look at the two girls, who look back while holding each other. It turns out your new daughters are going to be a handful.

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