The Power of Creation – Chapter 168

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You finish tying the apron around your hips, pick up the hammer, and start to work. Sweat drips down your brow as you slam down with your hammer each time, creating sparks and waves of heat. After a long day of stopping Demon Gods and becoming a father to misfit twins, you decide to dedicate the rest of your day to some repetitive and calming work.

So, you stand in front of a forge, your shirt off, sweat dripping down your masculine body. While this was more or less the body you’ve always had in appearance, that’s not to say you don’t have perfect skin, rock-hard abs, and a perfect tan now. Even if you could say your face is basically a perfected form with only mild adjustments to increase attractiveness, it was clear your body appeared to be molded by the gods themselves. Well, it was molded by just one god. You.

“Is-is he really making jewelry for us?” Ursula asks cautiously, not quite sure how to react to the manly scene in front of her.

Grimhilde’s hand raises up to her obsidian collar and smiles before nodding slightly. “This is how he creates the gifts for us.”

Ursula still looks doubtful. “I’ve seen jewelers before, they certainly don’t work at a forge or strike a hammer to create something so delicate as a neckpiece.”

“You lack nuance for artistic magic, sister,” Medusa interjects while shooting her sister a condescending look. “What he is molding isn’t metal or gems, but pure magic itself. He is literally creating something from nothing. This is very strenuous indeed. My beloved has truly shown his might.”

Ursula shrugs. “If his magic ability is truly so mighty, why does he need to form magic in such an intensive and wasteful way. You think he might just be doing it to look sexy?”

There is a sudden bang as your hammer misses the spot. You immediately throw something into a nearby waterbin, hiding your mistake behind the sudden sizzling of rapidly cooling water. Of course, you have no clue how to blacksmith, so you were only playing at what you figured blacksmithing looked like. You could have molded the magic in a way like shaping clay. The temperature could have been cool, you could have just been sitting over a table working like a seamstress or something.

Ursula had ended up hitting reality on the head. You took off your shirt to show off your refined body. Although you wore an apron, your back and shoulders were bare. Your muscles were writhing, and you were giving your harem of girls a good show by performing one of the manliest practices you could, working with molten hot metal.

“Sister, don’t be ridiculous!” You breathe easier as Medusa, Grimhilde, and even Maleficant start admonishing Ursula’s observational skills as mistakes.

The four demon girls aren’t the only ones present though. Your act has gained many spectators since you started working on completing the collars. Other than the two recovering mothers and Kida, you have a full house of observers. The girls who had already received their collars touch at their necks and fondled them as if to unconsciously brag that they had been first to receive them. Their sexual arousal is increasing quite a bit, as you could tell by one of the collars many hidden enchantments, which motivated you to keep on with the manly scene. Even Tiana seems to be happy with her collar despite being a dog collar. You had heard her bragging that you had given her one first and even made use of it to strangle her during sex. That must mean you like her the best! You ignore the leaps in logic that ended up with that conclusion.

Of course, you had made Ariel a black leather collar which angled into a peak pointing down to her cleavage. In the front sat an aquamarine gem. Mulan had a black collar as well, but it didn’t point down (to her nonexistent cleavage) and used a ruby gem instead. Aurora’s necklace was silver and metal, taking the appearance of elaborate jewelry encrusted with diamonds. Girmhilde’s collar was made of obsidian, a black, smooth ringlet that had no apparent means of removal. Kida had a tight neckless, with a single malachite gem.

Merida’s necklace was made of pearls and could be called the classical pearl necklace. Elena received a collar embedded with yellow titanite. The four baka girls received identical and color coded collars only slightly better quality than Tiana which matched their hair color. Sylvia got blue, Dinah purple, Minni yellow, and Daisy green.

Jasmine received a heartshaped green gem with her name written in it, and an extremely thin collar which create a line around her neck. Although the gem was technically a fake plastic gem (you decided a lighter collar would do well on her), she seems to really like seeing her name. Someone in the harem had apparently been teaching her to read, and recognizing her name embedded in the gem gave her great delight.

Cinderella’s collar was a bit more complex, an intricate working of a silver pattern that seemed to infinitely repeat. Belle’s was a very classical diamond necklace that looked expensive. Snow White’s necklace was white with a spiky like appearance suitable for a warrior. Last and definitely least, Tiana has a simple dog collar still, made of blue nylon. Well, this world doesn’t have any material like nylon, so to her it’s a rare and exotic material that further inflates her ego.

Based on those collars, you started making your new collars. However, your newest conquests are all troublesome people. Megara is a hero from another world who is determined to screw around with your harem dynamics with her so called unionization. Maleficant is a spoiled brat who is slightly unstable after losing so much and not attached to you all that much. Pocahontas seems tamed now, but it’s only because she has expectations from you. Nala… Nala fucks the vegetables, enough said.

Then you have Medusa and Ursula, who are acting like they’ve submitted, but that hasn’t been settled with your penis yet. There is Mushu, who only has eyes for Mulan and hasn’t really found her niche in the harem yet. Rapunzel is a squirrel, like, literally, a fucking squirrel. That leaves Elsa and Anna, your two rambunctious pair of troublemakers. That was everyone, right? Yeah, you think you got everyone.

Adventurer’s Guild

“What are you doing, unhand this cop. I’m part of the LPD!”

“Yeah, some of the townspeople complained to the Adventurer’s Guild that a crazy woman was propositioning young children near the newly established school our lord created and they asked us to take care of it.” Kida explains as she ties the woman’s hands from behind while keeping her on the floor.

“What are you talking about? I believe in justice! Clearly, that school was established by the evil lord to make a tiny factory! He even dressed them in these so-called school uniforms! I protect the Tinys from scum like this town’s lord!”

The air suddenly drops particularly colder. Everyone in the adventurer’s guild at that particular time are giving very heavy looks towards the shapely woman with the nice rack. However, rather than being impressed and caught up over her considerably above average good looks, no one shows her any leniency. This strange city seems to have no shortage of amazing beautiful women. In another town, just a look at her cleavage was enough to get her out of any trouble. Here, they instead look at her in extreme hostility. Over the last couple of months, this town has grown fiercely loyal to the one they call lord.

Unfortunately, the woman didn’t know that not only had she stepped on this town’s soft spot, she had done so in front of one of this lord’s women! There is a cracking of knuckles as Kida stretched exaggeratedly.

“Wh-what are you all doing!” The woman asks.

Kida smirks, “Just a little bit of interrogation.”

“Huh? What? Information? My name is Moana, LPD! Why are you closing the door behind you? Why are you grinning like a cat? Why do you keep flexing your muscles as you move towards me menacingly? I’ll talk! I said I’ll talk!”

“Shhhh!” Kida put a finger on Moana’s lips, “We’ll talk after.”

Like most of the harem, Moana found herself getting pounded that night, however, it’s probably not the same thing.

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