The Power of Creation – Chapter 183

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As you violate your sweet daughter’s butthole with your massive cock, she lets out little squealing sounds as she vigorously plays with her wet twat, reaching down under herself to add even more erotic stimulation. You daughter’s ass feels so tight and warm and inviting, and your hands can’t help but hungrily squeeze her buttocks and enjoy the feelings as you play with her tight buttcheeks.

She is quite round and pert, the feeling offers a firmness like Ariel with just a hint of a softer babyfat to add elasticity and bounce. Each time your cock rams into her tight hole, her booty jiggles a bit. As to Elsa’s expression, she is continuing to orgasm over and over again in euphoria. Much like her pussy, Elsa would not feel pain having her buttocks violated. Rather, her butthole excitedly takes in your cock, and the girl herself looks like she could never have enough of daddy.

“Ah, I’m going to cum!” You moan as the feelings start to grow to a breaking point.

“Yes, Father. Please cum in my butt.” Elsa says lightly with a blush.

She certainly isn’t as wild and unrestrained as her sister, who might have begged and pleaded to feel your cum. Wait… sister? That’s right, they are twins. You stop thrusting into her for a second. Elsa turns back to you with a worried look, however you only show a gentle smile and lightly spank her rump before starting thrusting again. Once you start again, she goes back to squealing and cumming. However, you suppress your own desire to cum.

You won’t instantly reveal you realized something is up. Rather, you set about your own series of spells and counterspells. Your twin daughters are playing a very dangerous game, and while they seem to be fighting your your affection, you’re not above a little bit of anger at the way they went about it.

The girls have your power of creation. Admittedly, as children, they likely lack the maturity, imagination, and knowledge to use it right… but they still could change things based on what they wanted at the moment. Even though they are in the bodies of teenage girls, they still had some of the mentality of children. They’re both spoiled and demand your attention.

In that respect, the spell they used wasn’t used on you. Rather, they created a universe where only you and they existed. You could resist just about any magic used on you, but the girls didn’t use magic on you. They changed the very universe your resided in. This brought about temporary confusion, which when added with their individual sexual appeal and their blatant attempts at distracting you with their bodies, this is the reason you were able to be fooled twice by your mischievous little daughters.

Had you been the old you, it’d perhaps be the case that you would never break free of Anna or Elsa’s spell. However, there was one fact neither girl particularly knew. Your true body doesn’t exist in either of their dimensions, but your own. This was merely a proxy. Therefore, while they could confound your senses and use your penis to distract you, they’d never be able to hold you for more than a minute or two. Of course, now that you know you can be trapped in pocket dimensions, you close that hole tight with a few spells.

Speaking of tight holes, Elsa’s sphincter tightens around your cock as this pocket dimension suddenly shakes from a loud resounding thud.

“Daddy, please, cum!” She begs.

You furrow your brow as the universe shakes once again. Both daughters seem to desperately want you to cum in them first. In most twin relationships, one is born first, followed by the other. While this is a subtle thing, this establishes a subtle form of pecking order, which subconsciously guides the twins. One twin is the “eldest” and the other twin is the “second”. These girls seem to have been born at the exact same second from their individual mother’s vaginas, and despite their mother’s different status, are fighting to be the dominant sister. As the competition escalates, it has become that whichever girl can make father cum ‘wins’.

The world finally cracks open, and Anna steps through the crack with a furious look on her face. You slide your dick out of Elsa’s crack now that the pair of you have been interrupted. Elsa sets up on her knees and sticks her tongue out at Anna.

“Father took my butt first! See he loves me more!” Elsa gloats.

“He took my mouth! He loves me more!” Anna shoots back.

“Girls, I took your mom’s ass and mouths long before I fucked you guys.”

“Father! That is that and this is this!” Both girls turn and shout at you tearfully.

“Look, girls, there are a lot of firsts daddy can take, if you keep going this way, there will be no end.”

“First?” Anna asks, her eyes brightening.

“What firsts?” Elsa also demands.

“Ah, well, your first boob fuck.”

“EH? You stick it between, ah! Yes, Father, please enjoy these!” Elsa immediately pushes her boobs together and pushes them at you.

“No fair! Father, put your penis in these!” Anna does the same, both women trying to shove their pert boobs at you, pushed together tightly with their hands to generate top cleavage.

“Haaa… well, even if boobs get fucked, there is also feet fucking.”

“Eh? Father, quick, fuck my feet!”

You sigh and continue on. “Other positions too. First girl on top. First girl in wheelbarrel. First girl in an upside down handstand. How about the first girl to get cunnilingus? And let’s say I do cum. Do you want to be the first creampie, the first cumshot, or the first cumguzzler… all of these are firsts to consider. Do you girls get it? There is plenty of Father to go around.”

“Yes, we get it!” The girls both declare, bowing to you with a slight glint in their eyes.

However, a moment later…

“Hah! See, Father is fucking my boobs first, that means I win!” Anna declares, kneeling between your legs as she holds her boobs together and eagerly strokes your dick between them.

“No! I’m face fucking Father, my pussy being in his face is way more intimate. You’re just passively playing with his dick, but right now, his tongue is inside me!”

“Gworls… gworls… pero pero… wheeers off twack hwhere pero pero.”

Of course, with Elsa mounting your face and humping it enthusiastically, talking is difficult. And of course you’re going to taste your daughter and tongue fuck her. You’re a man after all. However, this is all getting a little out of hand. However, after enjoying the feelings of your daughters in various positions as they do their best to ‘win’, you finally decide to put your foot down. A second later, the world shifts gain, however, this time it’s the girls turns to be caught off guard.

“F-father?” the girls ask, suddenly finding you standing before them naked, your meat still at full mast and slick with their lust.

“It seems like what they say is true. Children won’t listen to reason. Therefore, your daddy is going to have to lay down the punishment.”

You pull a belt into existance, snapping it once. It’s time to properly discipline your daughters!

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