The Power of Creation – Chapter 191

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“Ah, ah, ah… daddy… it feels so good. Please, don’t stop.” Merida makes cute moaning sounds as you continue to plow into her vagina.

Even though Merida recently had a baby, her recovery ability is top notch. Adding to that your godly healing powers and Merida is as tight and fresh as the first time you fucked her.

You had allocated plenty of time to travel to the Great Empire, so of course, you planned things out to spend a little bit of time with your girls. You already set the speed and course of the airship so that the journey will take about five days and six nights. That gives you one night each to enjoy all of the haremettes. You attacked Merida first simply because out of the six available she is the easiest.

That’s not to say she’s a slut, but rather that she’s the gentlest and easiest to please. Months of close calls have put a lot of pressure on your relationship with Kida. After misfiring and impregnating Moana instead of Snow White, there is some tension there. Enjoying Mushu without her sister present, while possible, still can be a bit awkward, and while Rapunzel has already denoted herself as yours, the fact was she’s still a virgin.

“Daddy… oh… daddy… you’re so big. Keep it up, daddy, yes, yes, right there!” Merida purrs as you continue to plow away.

So, with little coercion, you find yourself piledriving this wyvern knight, your head resting in her significant cleavage. Naturally, too much play against them still results in milk being released, but as long as you treat her breasts gently they make splendid pillows to rest while your hips pounded away. With one ear against Merida’s chest listening to her quickening heartbeat, and the other ear hearing her desperate panting and moaning, your balls deep in her wet pussy, that’s how you decide to spend your night

“Oh, oh, oh… I’m cumming! I’m cumming!”

Naturally, you can feel her pussy cum around your cock, but you don’t slow down the pace at all. As soft as Merida is, she’s also tough, stubborn, and strong. Even as she cums around your cock, she holds you tightly, her arms and legs wrapped around your naked body. Her strength is quite high for a woman, and if you were a normal man, you might find yourself struggling for breath as she smothers you in her cleavage while her body convulsing in an orgasm.

As she continues to cum, her lavish tendencies can’t be contained, and she grabs your head out of her chest and pulls you up. She begins kissing you on the mouth excitedly, the orgasms so intense that she’s actually drooling a bit as she wraps her lips around yours. As her moaning mouth takes yours and her tongue plunges into you, she continues to make rapid moaning noises in the back of her throat which travel into your mouth.

“Mm. Mm. Mmmmm. Mm!” She let’s out lewd sounds as she desperately kisses you, her body seemingly losing all reason as she surrenders to her lust.

Her hands grab chunks of your hair, holding your head down against hers roughly. Even if you wanted to pull away from her, her strength wouldn’t allow it. As it turns out, Merida is the perfect blend of gentle softness and absolute strength. To wrestle her out of your grip now would require enough power that you couldn’t do it without hurting her. But with her tongue lashing in your mouth, her large chest pressing up softly against your chest, and her throbbing pussy pulsating around your cock, why would you ever leave her grasp?

Instead, you pick up the pace even more. Your balls slap against her cunt which is still cumming lavishly. Merida is no longer an innocent virgin. She is a mother who has birthed a child. While she has healed completely from the ordeal, the alterations to her body from becoming a mother are absolute. A grown woman and mother in her twenties is a completely different experience from a younger woman.

Your teenage lovers, Ariel, Tiana, Grimhilde, Elena, and even Mulan to an extent are, of course, horny little vixens thirsty for your cock. However, their bodies, pert and youthful and seemingly built for sex are also geared in the ways of instant gratification and extreme emotional highs. In essence, fucking a teenager is like fucking a roller coaster, full of ups and downs, incredibly exciting, noisy, and all over the place. Simply, it’s a thrill ride.

But if a teenager is like a roller coaster ride, then an experienced mother is like a steam-engine. She’ll start off slow, but once she gets going she becomes insatiable, dragging you along for the ride where nothing will get in the way of her unstoppably powerful lust. She will drag you along until she finally goes all the way and there is no force that can stop her. Merida is perhaps in one of these moments, the stimulation of your cock and the feel of your hot body turning her into a sexual powerhouse lost in the perpetual bliss only an adult woman can feel.

Your hips are moving so fast they are almost a blur, pumping away at Merida’s pussy. However, Merida takes your cock and returns a constant stream of wet cum and lewd smells, her body lost in the sexual stimulation you’ve aroused from deep inside her. She hasn’t even finished cumming when she starts cumming again, her voice raising an octave as she continues to aggressively and messily kiss you. Her brain is already mush as her body squeezes against yours, her hands running up and down your back mindlessly. Her pussy cums and cums again until it feels like you are pounding all of the juices out of her.

When you finally cum yourself, you do it abruptly and without warning. With a single last thrust of your hips, you unload gobs of sticky stuff deep inside your lover. However, Merida’s body responds instantly, her lips breaking off, her head rolling back, exposing her neck to you as she lets out a guttural moan. You suck harshly on the light delicate skin of her neck while her hands tighten on your shoulders and her legs push up, trying to push your butt to penetrate your cock as deeply into her as possible.

“I feel it, it’s so warm!” Merida moans, her eyes out of focus and so much saliva on her tongue that her words are barely intelligible.

As her womb is filled to the brim with your seed, her pussy rolls over into the third wave of continuous orgasm. Her back arcs until you lose your grip on her red bruised neck and end up face first back into her gratuitous bosom. With your cock at maximum penetration, you keep it inside her as your two sexual organs throb against each other. After a minute or two, your penis and her pussy start to settle down, the throbbing slowing gradually. Merida’s back finally straightens and she comes to a resting state, even as she continues to breathe hard, her giant boobs heaving against your face with each breath.

After holding each other for a few minutes, you notice her looking down at you and you look up questioningly.

Wearing the most innocent smile you’ve ever seen, glowing with sweat and flushed with lust, Merida finally lets out a single sentence. “I love you!”

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