The Power of Creation – Chapter 193

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Kida stands there with a blush on her cheeks while you lie there on her bed, watching her with a hidden smirk. She fidgets nervously, rubbing her arm and trying to avoid looking at you while still shooting you several glances. It’s the kind of scene you’d see when a girl invites her boyfriend to her room, only to realize they’re all alone in the house and he’s expecting to take the next step.

Despite the fact that Kida is a seven-foot-tall Amazoness with large muscles, she acts the perfect part of a virgin high school girl. You may have violated her numerous times, but she was unawake for all of them, so from her perspective this might as well be the first sexual experience she’s ever shared with a man. Naturally, the gap effect of her shy virgin attitude is sufficient to bring your penis revving to go.

“Well, what are you waiting for?” You demand.

“What? Ah, yes… with the… to swallow… for my airsickness. Then, I should take it out?” Kida is looking for you for guidance.

You give a nonchalant shrug, the smile on your face growing. In most of your sexual encounters so far, you’ve taken the lead. You unhesitantly taught Ariel everything she knows. You held down and broke Mulan harshly. You conquered Grimhilde one hole at a time. You’ve instigated a lot of pussy, and you’ve always taken the lead and dominated with your cock. However, here with Kida, the cruel sadist in you decides to try something new. You decide to sit back and see what Kida does.

Although she has the naivety of a high school virgin, Kida is still a warrior who has faced countless enemies in combat. Your penis is just another “monster” she has to conquer. Of course, it is a particularly large monster, perhaps the biggest she could safely handle, but Kida won’t back down from the challenge, now that she has decided to fight. Straightening her back and only swallowing hard once, she moves up to you with determined gaze.

Going down to her knees, she’s still tall enough that she’ll need to bend her head down to reach your cock. With jerky and ineloquent motions, she unbelts your pants and frees the monster within. Now that she sees the one-eye beast, she can’t help but give another gulp. Reaching out, she immediately grabs the shaft at the bottom near your balls.

“It’s really warm!” Kida exclaims.

She didn’t expect the thing to be so hot in her hand. Her face starts to flush even more once the words leave her mouth. However, now that she has a grip on your member, she can’t let go now. When you have a bull by the horns, you have to keep riding the bull until it tires itself out. Nervously, Kida looks down at the thing in her hand and licks her lips. Knowing she’s supposed to use her mouth, she works as much moisture as possible, preparing herself.

Opening her mouth as wide as it can go, she finally bobs her head down. She seems desperate to keep her teeth from touching it, and thus her jaw is open so much that it nearly cracks. Once the head manages to move past her lips, she keeps bringing her head farther and farther down your cock. However, she’s not actually touching your cock. Rather, her lips are opened wide to the point that they are putting as minimal pressure as possible, afraid to disturb your mass. The only stimulation you get is when the side of her mouth accidentally bumps into the cock.

It’s almost like Kida wants to engulf your entire cock in her mouth in one go. It works out at first, she gets a surprising six inches into her mouth all at once. However, her plans end abruptly when her mouth runs out of room, and the head of your cock collides with the back of her throat.

Kida’s eyes widen as her throat clamps down. Immediately, she pulls her head up, coughing as she accidently triggers her gag reflex. She makes a newbie mistake, not accounting for how to pleasure your cock properly given her own capabilities. In essence, she bit off more than she could chew. You consider teasing her about “who the rookie is now”, but when you see her teary frustrated eyes, you decide to go easy on her.

She’s still watching you for any indication of what to do, but your face remains passive and blank. Kida finally steels her resolve once again, this time, with her hand gripping your dick like she might grip the hilt of a sword, she sticks out her tongue hesitantly.  Kida’s act is so deliberate and unpracticed that Kida actually looks extremely adorable. Just as the tongue touches the tip of the head, a little bit of clear precum pops out of the top of your cock. Her tongue touches the liquidity viscous fluid congealing on the head, transferring the taste to Kida’s mouth.

In surprise, Kida pulls back, causing a long stream of spit and precum to connect her tongue to the tip of your cock. Her eyes widen in surprise as she looks down at it, her eyes crossed and her tongue sticking out in a silly expression. You couldn’t help but chuckle at the sight. She closes her mouth, breaking the stream with her hand and smacking her mouth as if she was tasting something unusual while giving you a dark glare. It looks like she’s going to say something, so you immediately grab her head and push it against your cock.

“Ah!” Kida let’s out a noise of surprise as her face smacks into your cock with a slap.

The shaft hits her in the nose and the forehead, and the precum spills into her hair, but fortunately she doesn’t notice that. So surprised she is to find herself face first with this big hard thing that she is still gripping tightly, she can’t think of anything else. Having properly sidetracked Kida, you breath in relief as she once again focuses her attention on your cock, sticking out her tongue gently and touching the shaft lighting with just the tip. If this was a battle, this was the period where Kida would be testing out her opponent, seeing how aggressive they are and getting a feel for their abilities.

The tip of her tongue slowly runs up and down the underside of the shaft, licking along the fleshy bottom area of the shaft and providing a great deal of sexual stimulation. However, she’s distinctly avoiding the head now. Isn’t the point of it for her to swallow your semen? This silly girl is just too inexperienced.

You give a sigh. You’re just going to have to show her how it’s done properly. It looks like you won’t be able to sit back and rest. One more innocent girl needs to be taught a lesson with your dick.

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