The Power of Creation – Chapter 194

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“L-like this?” Kida asks nervously, her hand sliding up and down the shaft of your cock slowly but deliberately.

She has spit on her hand in order to provide lubricant and her hand is now moving up and down in a rhythm. She still holds the thing tightly. Her larger hands are barely enough to surround the thing at its current thickness, and she squeezes it as if she is afraid it will suddenly slide out of her grip at a moment’s notice.

“Kida, when you’re using a sword, do you grip it as hard as you can so that when an enemy strikes it, you won’t be disarmed?” You ask innocently.

Kida gives you a confused look. “Huh? No, of course not. You keep a light grip, which affords you the flexibility. As long as your technique is right, your sword won’t flee from your hands.”

“Then perhaps you should work on your technique?” You offer.

It takes Kida a moment to realize what you’re saying, but when she finally does, her face flames up into a blush. She immediately loosens her grip, making the feel of her finger strokes much more enjoyable.

“Wh-what do I do now?” Kida demands, although her face looks pouty, her cheeks are red, and she’s looking down, unable to meet your eyes.

“Use your lips, and suck on the head. Move you lips up and down the head and play with it with your tongue. Yes, just like that. Keep moving your hand! Good. Good.”

“Mmm Mmsmsmmm Msmssmsm.” Kida tries to say something, quickly realizing she can’t while she has your cock in her mouth.

Meanwhile, her hand works up and down your shaft quickly. While Kida may be inexperienced, she has no shortage of strength as a warrior. While her hand starts to moves at a blazingly fast pace, she suffers from absolutely no fatigue. Where a normal woman might quickly grow tired and slow down, for a woman like Kida used to spending all day swinging her sword until her arms could barely move, this single action wasn’t one that would exhaust her quickly.

“This is actually a great workout!” Kida pulls her head off the tip of your cock and laughs as she works her hand even more aggressively. “We should practice this regularly to improve our fine motor skills!”

“What makes you think I don’t!” You let out a moan as her hands work your shaft relentlessly.

“So, is this the secret to Rookie’s strength?” Kida gives a thoughtful look. “Then please allow me to keep practicing doing this as well!”

“MmmmMmmm!” You give her a nod, but don’t trust yourself to speak any more at the moment.

As Kida builds this exercise up in her mind, her enthusiasm in performing the act grows as well. You seem to recall once when you and she ran to check on the progress of the goblin army, that her run speed was comparable to an automobile. That unbelievable speed wasn’t relegated just to her feet, it turns out. Her hand has become a blur, the sound of her wet fingers running up and down your cock no longer form a rhythmic squishing noise. Instead, the sound has just become a single continuous squishy note.

Typically, you had complete control of your orgasms, and decide when and how much you cum depending on the scenario. However, Kida’s incredible technique has caught you completely off guard, and you start to lose control under the intense machinations of the innocent Kida who is working your shaft faster and faster as if she’s in a race, all the while growing more excited at her intensive ‘workout’.

“Rookie, your face is becoming flushed and you’re breathing hard, are you by chance growing tired? Shall I discontinue until you recover?”

“Mmm, Mmm!” You shake your head ‘no’.

Kida suddenly shows you a respectful gaze. “I too like to work out past my limits. Please endure!”

You role your eyes at Kida, who seems to be completely misunderstanding the situation now, her former shyness swallowed by her muscle-brained side. However, you don’t have to wait to set her straight, as a moment later an incredible orgasm racks your body. Your cock erupts in Kida’s hand like a volcano.

“Ah!” Kida let’s out a cute scream of surprise as your cock suddenly explodes into a fountain of white.

Her hand had been moving up and down the entire shaft, including the head at this point, and not expecting the eruption, her hand was still moving in a blur even as you came. The rapid movements of her fingers met the volcano of white, and it is like tossing lava into a blender. White stuff explodes everywhere. Some of it lands on your belly, but just as much lands on Kida, giving her an instant bukkake. White sticky stuff ends up on her boobs, her hair, and her face.

The startled Kida quickly recovers, stopping her hand motions as the last few streams of cum lack the force of the first few, and only manage to slop over her hand still gripping the shaft near the head, covering it in thick, sticky waves of white spunk. You let out several long panting breaths as you recover from Kida’s S-grade hand job. Meanwhile, Kida isn’t mad, shocked, or confused. Rather, she merely looks curious.

She finally releases your cock, bringing the hand covered in spunk up to her face curiously. She turns the hand covered in spooge over, watching the warm white stuff drip between her fingers like she’s watching a lava lamp for the first time. “So, this is your semen.”

Without more thought, Kida brings her hand to her mouth and licks a finger, tasting the nutty seed for herself. She wears a thoughtful look for a moment, bu then raises her fist up and opens her mouth, allowing a stream of white stuff to fall from her gripped hand and into her waiting mouth before swallowing it clearly and deliberately.

“It’s smooth…” She mutters as if to herself.

“It’s also full of protein.” You joke, but when Kida gives you a blank look you continue. “Ah, people eat high protein foods to help build muscle.”

Kida’s eyes brighten at that. “Is semen really so marvelous? Very well, please provide me as much semen as you can produce. I will be happy to harvest it myself.”

“Haa?” You let out a noise.

What happened to the cute and shy Kida? It seems like when it comes to her training, she takes it very seriously. The shy maiden has been instantly replaced by this cumsoaked battle junkie.

“Rookie, my stomach no longer feels sick. Your seed is powerful as expected!” Kida says excitedly.

Nevermind the fact her stomach hasn’t felt sick since she’s been in the room distracted…

“That’s great…” You respond, losing a bit of your steam.

“Ah… Rookie.” You look up to see Kida suddenly looking bashful again, an effect that you couldn’t tell if it was destroyed or enhanced by the fact she was covered in your cum, “You’ve already cum. I was hoping that we could, you know, while I was awake…”

Kida couldn’t finish that sentence, turning away with a blush. The shy maiden Kida has completely reasserted herself as soon as talk turns back to sexual intercourse. As long as it is training, exercise, and practice, she lacks all modesty, but when it comes to girly pursuits, it turns out Kida is exceptionally weak.

“I’m actually good to go again!” You state.

“Ah!” Kida makes a surprised noise, but then grows even more demure, lowering her head, her hair hiding her face. “Then, please, teach me.”

“Actually, rather that doing ‘that’, I was thinking Kida might want to try out a new exercise with me.” You say casually, a light sparkle in your eye.

Kida’s eyes light up. “Eh? An exercise?”

“Mm… it’s a tough one. I guarantee Kida will be breathing hard and sweating by the end of it.”

“Re-really! Then… show me! What muscles does this exercise work out?” Kida’s shyness melts away as she looks at you excitedly, even as cooling spunk still runs down her cheeks.

“It exercises the leg muscles, of course. It’s called girl-on-top!”

“Girl-on-top?” Kida looks like she’s trying to recall ever doing an exorcise called that before. “Alright, then tell me how!”

“Well, the first parts easy.” You lie back in the bed, your cock suddenly springing up vertically, already completely recovered from before. “You get on top!”

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