The Power of Creation – Chapter 196

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For some reason, none of the girls got good sleep the previous night, and thus everyone slept in late. It is already past noon by the time you come out of your room. You left the sleeping Kida on the shattered remains of bed-kun. She is still naked and covered in dried cum. The once shy-looking sweetheart, now that she has messy hair and gunk all over her face and body, no longer looks even remotely sweet or innocent. Escaping the musty sex-filled room, you go into your own more comfortable bed after using magic to clean yourself off from your previous escapades.

Finally, you wake up eight hours later feeling re-energized. Even your hips are fine despite being through an ordeal that should have prevented you from ever being able to stand again. You go outside onto the deck of the airship, stretching and letting the breeze rush across your face. With your eyes close, you hold out your hands and pull a scene from Titantic, enjoying some of the more subtle aspects of your airship.

“This is unacceptable, commoner!” A shrill and obnoxious voice butts into your pleasant afternoon.

“What’s unacceptable?” You respond dryly, not even opening your eyes as you feel her run up beside you.

“The room accommodations on this ship are simply not appropriate for a woman of my pedigree. I demand you resolve the situation immediately!” Tiana demands.

“Hah? The rooms are quite nice though? They are quite large and majestic, and they each have a nice soft bed except for one unfortunate room, but I’ll fix that soon. So, what do you have a problem with?”

“That I wasn’t given one of these rooms! You gave every other woman a room, but there was none with my name on it!”

“What are you talking about? I brought your house, it’s right there.” You point at the doghouse sitting in the corner with the name ‘Tiana’ written on it.”

“You… to expect a noble like me to sleep in a doghouse? I know we joked and we all had a good laugh, but you need to know your limits. There is a time and place for play, and now is not appropriate?”

“Is that so?” You raise an eyebrow.

Naturally, you have treated Tiana quite harshly in the past, and since then you’ve had the running assumption that her mind was broken. Her haughty behavior and condescending attitude, rather than being destroyed, seems to only have been circumvented. While you treated her like a pet and the other girls saw her as a pet, Tiana herself still saw herself as a noble women.

“Of course, even though I’m a noble, I’ve lowered myself to rut around in the mud with you like a pig, but all nobles have their kinks, and I’ve heard many stories of the depravity of nobles. Being subjected to those depraved acts of yours only proves I’m a noble, yes? I’ve graciously tolerated the treatment up until now, but soon we’re going to be around other nobles, and I don’t want you embarrassing me with your commoner ways. After getting me a proper room, I shall spend the next few days teaching you how to be a proper aristocrat. Shouldn’t you be praising me for my generosity now?”

“Wait, if you didn’t have a place to stay, where’d you stay last night?” You ask, ignoring most of her tirade of crap.

“You mean while you were making such atrociously loud noises with that uncouth oversized giant? Hmm. Well, I certainly wasn’t going to share a room with a goblin, and that big boob sister lover has never gotten along with anyone except Princess Ariel, so naturally, my father was willing to help.”

“You slept with your father!”

“Of course not!” Tiana sniffs. “He stayed out in the hallway. It was humiliating sleeping in a servants quarters, but I endured.”

“It wasn’t so nice for your father either.” You respond dryly.

“Naturally! My father is too old be ruffing it outside. You must properly make sure he has an appropriate place to sleep.”

“I did, you stole it.” You snap, annoyed that she seemed oblivious to the fact she’s the reason her father had a bad night.

“Hmph… don’t be so grouchy. Things are going to change around here. We’re no longer in your outland barbarian kingdom where you reign supreme. We’ll be meeting real nobles who hold more power and money in their pinkie then you will ever know.”

“You don’t say…” you frown, looking down at lanky elf as she grows bolder and bolder.

“So, from now on, you must do what I say. Okay?”

“Do what you say? What if I don’t?” You ask, your grin taking on a slightly dangerous look that goes over Tiana’s head.

“If you don’t? If you don’t, then I’ll… then I’ll…” Tiana looks like she’s thinking for a second before she snaps her finger. “Then I won’t let you have sex with me! Yes, you’ve already had Merida and I doubt Kida will be walking so soon after last night. I can’t imagine you’d ever pick some garish goblin like Snow White to warm your bed, and the siscon is only interested in you if her sister is involved. I shouldn’t even have to mention the squirrel or the help. So naturally, if you want sex anytime in the near future with a beauty like me, you’ll have to do what I say.”

“Is that so? What if I just take you?” You’re face grows even darker.

Tiana senses the danger this time and takes a step back. “You… very well, if that’s how you want to do it… Vorchna Mantuita Brefomochena.”

As Tiana mutters those nonsensical words, a power suddenly erupts. Shockingly, Tiana pulls out a knife, slicing her arm and dropping a few drops of blood onto a piece of paper she was holding. It flashes gold for a second and then disappears.

“What was that?” You demand.

Tiana gives you a gloating smile. “Hmph. I may be a noble, but I’m also part elf, and elfs are very good with binding magic. I just bound my own lifeforce. That’s right, I’ve put my life on the line! If you rape me or in anyway take me while we’re on this vessel, my lifeline will sever and I will die. The same holds true if you target me with magic! So, don’t think you can just deactivate the spell, or teleport me somewhere else, or fly me away… that will all trigger my spell.”

“!!!” Your eyes widen as you’re genuinely surprised at the level this rascally Tiana is willing to go, even to risk her life.

“I believe you love me enough that you wouldn’t risk killing me. So, if you’re good and do what I say, when we land, I will… let you hold my leash and paddle my bottom.” Tiana said the last part quickly while her skin died pink. “But! But if you touch me while my feet remain on this ship, then my life will be forfeit, and you’ll have to live with that for the rest of your life!”

“So, the spell only works when you’re on the ship?” You ask questionally.

Tiana laughs, “Of course, but since we’re all trapped on the ship for the next few days, let me teach you how to be proper and it will pass quickly, yes?”

“Or… I can just have you now.” You shrug.

Tiana jerks for a second, and then gives you a look as if you’re stupid. “I just said, as long as we’re on this ship, you can’t touch me.”

“Actually, you said as like as ‘you’re’ on this ship, I can’t touch you.”


“This is going to be fun…”

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This is the re-release of Ariel’s scene from my new illustrator Ryukyo. Once again, this takes place in Chapter 4.

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