The Power of Creation – Chapter 195

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Kida may be a muscle-brain, but she isn’t stupid. As soon as your dick swells to attention, she knew exactly what you intended. She also understood that “exercise” is a loose interpretation of what you were about to do. However, knowing very little about sex, the idea of it being physically intensive wasn’t something she had ever considered before. Your proposal that sex could be used as an exercise invigorated and excited Kida, pushing through her shyness and nervousness.

So, even though Kida blushes and tries to cover herself from your probing eyes as she removes her bikini armor, she still ends up standing in the room naked, curiously watching your massive staff remain at full stock while it waits for the moment in which she joins it. You can’t help but find her nature sweet once again, as Kida covers her breasts with one hand and her nether regions with another.

When wearing her armor, these are literally the only parts covered. Most of her boob, butt, and body are exposed to every man who looks at her, however, those two pieces of forbidden pink fruit, in other words her pinkish, hard nipples and the pinkish labia, are something she never shows anyone. Of course, you have seen them before. She’s fallen into precarious situations where a nipple slip is inevitable, and even her panties have been pushed aside and you’ve enjoyed the view of her pink slit from time to time. However, there is something more perversely enjoyable when she herself tries to hide it shyly from your eyes.

“Let me see your body.”

“Ah! Y-yes. O-only because it’s Rookie.” She says, her cheeks glow pink as she slowly removes her arms. “Is-is it okay?”

Her naked body is revealed to you. Her curly brown fur patch sits over a pink engorged slit that appears aroused after her previous cumshot. Her pink nipples are sharp and hard in response to her current stimulation. You have already used magic to wash away the previous semen, so her body looks fresh, clean, and delicate.

“You’re beautiful.” You say honestly.

“E-even though I’m big?” Her words came out light to the point they sound almost pouty.

You give her a smile. “I want to fuck you. Get up here.”


It appears like Kida still has some reservations because of her size and stature. As a seven-foot-tall woman, she knew she intimidated most men, so that had grown into her own personal trauma. Part of the reason she dresses so lightly is exactly because men avert their eyes from her body normally. If they are staring at her tits, then at least they aren’t staring at her height or her muscles. However, that is the past, and Kida has already surrendered herself to you. Following your orders, she moves over you.

She doesn’t lie on the bed and slither up to you in some kind of seductive manner like Medusa might have. Kida was far too inexperienced and brutish for that kind of finesse. Instead, she literally just takes a step and stands up on the bed. The bed and her height exceed the height of the room, and she actually has to bend her head down as she walks on the bed. Knowing only the basics of woman on top, she puts her legs over you, standing with one foot against each hip. Her pussy is directly over your cock, which is pointing straight up between her legs, the massive thing only reaches about halfway up her smooth calf.

Standing over you like this, you can see Kida’s giant features best. Her boobs rivaled Merida or Mushu, but in far more reasonable proportions to her body. She had a big booty, albeit not as curvy as Belle, which, if you measured from the hips, would be about 1.5X your own width. And then her height, which sent her all the way to the roof and even then, she had to bend her neck down.

“Bend your knees and lower your pussy down. Keep lowering until it’s all the way in. Then you can push up until just the tip remains. You must be careful that the tip stays, or my cock will fall out and you have to start all over again.” You explain simply.

“Very well.” Kida nods, firming her resolve. “Then, please accommodate my body. I’m starting.”

Kida does exactly as you command, effectively performing a squat onto your dick. A squat without anything to hold to keep your balance might be difficult for some, but for Kida, this was a simple maneuver. However, when she hit a certain particular piece of resistance, her ground squat slows for a moment. Kida closes her eyes as she feels the thinking poking from under her, but continues down anyway, forcefully impaling herself on your cock.

“Aaaaaah!” Kida let’s out a moan as it steadily slides into her.

You’ve fucked Kida before, so it isn’t like her pussy isn’t more than capable of accommodating your cock at this point. However, the woman herself never got to enjoy the feel of your cock entering inside her before. As she continues to squat lower, more of your cock slides in. The lower she goes, the fuller she becomes. Never before has Kida faced such a beautiful temptation to force her to squat as low as her muscles allow. Your massive meat feels like it has no end, but Kida is determined to bend her knees until your entire length is inside her.

Even though Kida herself might not have understood it at the time, her previous exercise of sucking and jacking you off had excited her body drastically, Suffice it to say, she is at no shortage of womanly juices, and your dick slides into something both wet and extremely willing.

When her crotch is finally stopped by your pelvic bone, only then did she stop bending her knees and open her eyes. She has squat down on your cock in a naked baseball catcher position, with her body  impaled by ten inches of hard cock. While the running assumption is that a bigger woman had a bigger pussy and needed a bigger cock, the truth is her pussy is no more accommodating than any other. Your cock isn’t ‘just the right size’, it is a beast that fills her to the brink and makes her feel like she is about to break.

“I always thought I was big, but I didn’t understand true size until now.” Kida mutters, not able to keep some tears from her eyes as she remains impaled by your massive beast.

“You should start the exercise now.” You give the command.

Once again, Kida’s resolve returns, and she starts pushing up with her knees, the massive think pulling out of her slowly, leaving her womb gaping open and sadly feeling as if she is lacking something.

By the time she had raised her body until just the head still remaina buried in her honeypatch, she doesn’t hesitate to bend back down, sending your cock careening back into her womb deeply. She went much less carefully this time, and the weight and force of her body causes the bed to creek. If you were a normal man, a few more of those might leave you with a shattered pelvis. However, with your strength, combined with Kida powerful thrusts, it translated to only pure, raw sexual pleasure.

As Kida raises her hips and drops herself back down on you over and over again, she quickly comes to love the feel of your cock plunging into her depths. The lack of your cock each time she pulls up makes her feel a temporary bout of emptiness, and when she drops her ass down, your cock satisfyingly fills that emptiness, making Kida feel whole as a woman. Is this that idea of becoming one? The so-called love of a soulmate?

“Rookie, although I have been your woman for some time, at this moment, we have become one. I shall forever be yours. You not only have this body which you won by defeating me, but you have also conquered my heart.”

You gave a smile to cover up the confusion on your face. Of course, you have no clue the kinds of thoughts Kida is having, or the extreme influence that this “first-time” had on a maiden’s heart during her first conscious sexual encounter. You take what she says as an inevitability, although for Kida, this will be a night she’ll never forget.

To break the atmosphere as she looks down on your lovingly, you speak up. “You call this a workout? You’re not even sweating yet?”

Rather than feeling upset or disgruntled, Kida’s eyes brighten at those challenging words, and a smile crests her face as she immediately starts to quicken her pace. Within a few strokes, she starts seriously giving her all, the pair of you moaning loudly, with Kida being a surprisingly loud lover, bellowing out as your cock plunges in. However, even so, your own voices are lost to the desperate cries of the creaking bed, which is being ridden as hard as you are.

“Ah, ah, ah, Roooooookie!” As Kida succumbs to lust, she loses all modesty and falls into the bliss of both performing a difficult workout and the sexual gratification she herself has never experienced before.

When she orgasms for the first time, she loses her footing for a second, and collapses down on you, her massive weight crushing you underneath. Naturally, you could take it, but what surprises you is she reaches out and grabs your head roughly, pulling you up and squeezing you against her in a bear hug while her pussy convulses on your cock. She has a pure innocent yet joyful expression on her face, her mouth broken into a toothy smile, as her body convulses in ways she didn’t know was possible. Meanwhile, your head has been shoved in between two massive melons, and there is no hope for things like air.

She shows no restraint as she holds you tight enough your bones creak, her boobs becoming the only thing your face is smashed into them tightly. Her body shutters in orgasmic pleasure, cumming on your cock as she gasps in air and let’s out loud moans of pleasure that nearly vibrate the walls.

After she finishes cumming, she pulls you from her chest, kisses you roughly on the face without giving you a moment to recover, and then shoves you back onto the bed, you head hitting the pillow with a thud. Any thoughts of what you want are already long gone. Kida has a look of pure ecstatic bliss as she uses you as her own personal fuck doll. Replacing her footing, she gets back up, and once again starts the pelvic battle, smashing your hips into the bed, while she bounces up and down on your cock with unstoppable force. Sweat is running down her body in droves, and she’s breathing quite hard, yet she shows no sign of stopping.

Soon, the mattress under you is destroyed, and Kida, lacking all awareness except for her own sexual gratification, is moving faster and faster, her hips now starting to have the blurring affect her hands had before. Except, instead of the light schlock of wet fingers over a thick cock, it’s the massive bang as her hips pounded into your hips with the total force of her impressive thigh muscles added to her bodyweight. Like a hammer and anvil, your dick pounded her pussy. Or perhaps it’d be more accurate to say her pussy pounded your dick. Of course, you could survive the strength of a nuclear bomb, and your hips could fuck a planet, so Kida’s power levels were well within your realm.

Unfortunately, the rest of the environment wasn’t made for this kind of thing. There wasn’t a person on the ship who couldn’t hearing the massive noises of a creaking bed and Kida’s thunderous moans. However, she couldn’t be stopped now. If Merida had been a locomotive, Kida was an Earth ending meteor.

“I…. I…. I…” Kida is screaming out louder and louder, her pussy riding your cock in a blur, her body covered in sweat, gulping for breath, and her skin red from top to bottom from extreme exertion, “I… I…. I’m cummmmmmmmmiiiiiinggggg!”

At that point, your cock can’t take anymore punishment, and you release your hot load inside her. However, she’s slamming down on your cock at the same time, and when she says she’s cumming, she meant it. Your flood of semen rushes up, and her unstoppable tide of lust squirts down, and when the two forces meet, they erupt like two tsunamis slamming into each other. A liquid tide of sex spunk explodes from between your two sexual orgasms, covering the both of you in combined sex.

If someone were to enter the room this moment, it’d be a humid sauna thick with the smell of sex so palpable you could cut it with a knife. Kida still has a giant goofy smile on her face, clearly being full of happiness that just couldn’t be contained inside her. As she finally collapses on your body, her massive body embracing you intimately, a sudden last groan emanates from under you, and the bed gives out with a crash. The pair of your fall three feet down as the legs sprawl and every less shred of the bed falls in pieces. However, by the time you hit the floor, the massive Kida had already got her face pressed against your chest, her arms wrapped around your body, her boobs pressed against your stomach, and she had passed out asleep, a smile stuck plastered to her face.

As for bed-kun, no matter what magic you cast, he just can’t be saved. Of the three of you, it is perhaps he who persevered the most, ushering all his strength to survive an onslaught he wasn’t designed to take, and managing to hold on just long for Kida to reach completion. Perhaps, there is a lesson we can all learn from bed-kun. Sometime later, you provide him a proper viking burial at sea. You replace him with a stronger, steadier bed in the future, but his strength during extreme adversity shall never be forgotten. Never forget.

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