The Power of Creation – Chapter 198

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The airship is quite high in the air, naturally, so it’s not like you aren’t able to save Tiana. As to her talk about you not being able to target her with magic, that is a bluff. You have already used identifying magic to understand the aspects of her spell. That’s how you are so confident that having her outside the guard rails and hanging over the side of the ship constituted not being on the ship. After all, you don’t want to risk Tiana’s life on semantics.

Not that it matters anyway. You’re practically a demi-god. There isn’t a spell alive you couldn’t untangle. Dispelling Tiana’s binding magic is something you can do with extreme ease. As soon as Tiana started falling, her delirious mind woke up alertly, but there was nothing she could do as she saw your dick slide out of her pussy in slow motion. She could only see your satisfied face and then she was in free fall, gobs of liquid and cum leaking out of her pussy and floating up in a long stream, like she was a plane releasing a contrail of sex.

She only fell for about twenty seconds, her mind a complete blank, when suddenly she was caught in your arms. The feel of your warmth grabbing her was the most wonderful thing she ever felt, and when she saw your face, her heart started to beat faster and she couldn’t help but fall for her savior. However, by the time you had floated her back up to the airship, setting her on the deck, Tiana’s mind had finally started working again and she realized that her freefall was all your fault in the first place.

Caught between the relief of being saved and the anger that you dropped her in the first place, Tiana could only glare at you as you laugh and scratch your neck awkwardly.

“Sorry about that, but it was fun, yeah?” You say to fill in the silence.

Tiana turns her head, lashing her hair angrily. She immediately walks away, her feet stomping as if to take out her anger on the deck of the ship. Windburnt, red, and angry, Tiana only goes about ten feet before she gets on her knees. You watch curiously as she crawls the rest of the way, her skinny butt wagging, and her red swollen pussy swaying back and forth as she crawls into her doghouse.

A moment later, the “door” of the doghouse slams shut, cutting her off from you. It seems like Tiana needed some time by herself to vent, and without a room of her own, only her doghouse gave her the alone time she needed. You didn’t know if you should laugh or cry at the sight of it. At that point you realize that the noises of her screaming during sex had woken up and brought out most of the other girls other than Kida on the deck. The maids only shiver and hug each other, glad that they are not the ones to face your wrath.

Snow White merely nods appraisingly with her arms crossed. “The skinny elf girl is actually a lot tougher than I thought. I’m impressed.”

“I will not get on owner’s bad side so that I don’t receive such treatment.” Rapunzel says almost to herself.

Only Mushu actually looks intrigued. “If my lord wishes to do such a thing, I have wings and would be at no risk. Although, if you truly wanted to use the elf, I could turn into my dragon form and you may do what you wish to her on my back. Ariel told me you had fingered her on sister’s back once before. Since sister has done it, it’s only natural for big sister to experience the same thing!”

“Re-really? Can we do that?” Merida suddenly gets excited.

“Eh? Merida wants to have sex on my back?” Mushu seems taken aback.

“Well, of course. I’m a wyvern knight. It was my job to scout for the kingdom. I’m quite comfortable in the air. Naturally… ahem…” Merida lowers her head, her face blushing as she speaks quieter. “Naturally, I’d fantasize about having sex while riding one. However, the wyvern is too small. Perhaps on a dragon’s back though…”

Mushu snorts while giving a derisive look. “You dare compare a great dragon like me to some puny wyvern? Hmph!… However, if it’s my lord’s desire, then perhaps it can be arranged.”

“C-can I put a saddle and reigns on you like my wyvern? And then while I’m steering you daddy can take me from behind!”

“You wish to saddle a dragon!” Mushu’s face flashes angrily. “What do you take me for! That’s so insulting and demeaning, to allow some human to steer me…”

Merida lowers her head apologetically, but the excitement in her eyes doesn’t go away. After all, she has ridden in the air for years. Being able to mount a dragon at all is a fantasy of every wyvern knight, one that Merida still felt envy towards Ariel for experiencing. Add to that the taboo of performing sex while in the air, and it is something every wyvern rider had thought of, but never voiced out loud. Few wyvern could hold more than one person while airborn, so it was always just a fantasy. But, by combining both dreams of a rider, naturally, it becomes possible and the temptation is too much for Merida to contain herself.

She has never thought of it with Mulan, as Mulan is less amendable than her sister, it seems. That one time she took Ariel was a single-time offer. As Mulan stated, ‘Only Master is allowed to mount’ her, let alone have any kind of sexual relations while on her back. Therefore, this situation was one that might only come once in Merida’s life. The pleading eyes she gave you were so full of hope and desperation, that you couldn’t even consider saying no. Naturally, the thought of engaging more than heavy petting on a dragon’s back excited you as well.

“Very well, let’s do it!”

“Yes!” The happiness that overwhelmed Merida’s face warms your heart.

“My lord wishes to saddle this dragon…” Mushu looks a little shocked and put off. “This dragon is my lords, of course… would you not rather mount me bareback.”

A sidelook at Merida shows a worried look and a slight shake of her head. It is clear that being able to saddle and steer while being fucked is part of Merida’s fantasy. It’d be like someone getting a handjob or blowjob while steering a car versus getting a blowjob while sitting in the backseat of a car. There is something gained by having to be focused on steering and traffic while be ravished. You had no control of what was being done to you, and could only survive the onslaught. It must be something like that for Merida.

“Ah… we’ll use a saddle and reign this time if Mushu doesn’t mind… for erm… protection.”

Mushu looks like she wants to say something more, but decides not after looking between you and Merida. “Yes… if my lord commands.”

She looks a little depressed by that. Apparently, a saddle being place on a dragon is quite insulting and demeaning to a dragon. Mulan would certainly rather die than have a saddle put on her. However, Mushu still sought your approval and knew that her sister and you are a joint package since she joined the harem. However, you decided to throw her a bone too, in a matter of speaking.

“Hey, after I’m done with Merida, I’ll tell you what, I’ll mount you bareback and ride you until you collapse from exhaustion. How does that sound?”

Mushu’s eyes brighten a bit. “Oh, ho… I can fly quite the distance, if we did it that way, it might be days before I’d need to stop for a rest.”

“Oh, I plan to ride you hard. I doubt you’ll even be able to keep going for an hour?”

“A-an hour?” Mushu couldn’t even contemplate how you’d fly her that would leave her tired in under an hour, but the confidence in your voice fascinated her. “F-fine! It’s a deal. But if I win, th-then I want… hmm… I want you to make Mulan cum while wearing her panties… and then give me the wet panties!”

“Haha, I’ll do that even if I win!” You wink.

Mushu merely nods in a daze, no longer minding the saddle and reigns as she contemplates what you could possibly mean by riding a dragon bareback. Of course, when you said you planned to mount her bareback, you never said she’d be in dragon form.

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