The Power of Creation – Chapter 200

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The way Merida mounts a dragon, it is clear how provocative the stance is. You weren’t 100% on the logistics of playing with Merida while she steers, but after seeing her position in front of you, everything becomes clear. In essence, Merida’s legs are straight out, straddling the dragon. Her feet are in the stirrups and are pushing her up. Her hands hold the reigns with her entire body leading forward onto Mushu’s neck.

Basically, her legs proper her butt up, which is waving at you, and she’s in a position on all fours, holding herself up with her hands on the reigns and her feet on the stirrups. With a slight lift of her skirt, her ass and pussy are completely bare for your viewing pleasure. In truth, sticking your dick in her is going to involve mounting the dragon on your knees. Not that you can’t do it, you could do basically anything you put your mind on. However, you didn’t want to waste the opportunity while you were face first with her pussy.

While the pair of you flew through the air, you lifted up the back of her skirt, which was only slightly fluttering the wind. At the moment, you guys had only been airborn for a minute or two, and Mushu was gently gliding alongside the ship, stretching her wings that had been spread to full in some time. With her butt and glistening pussy exposed, you dive in, plunging your nose into her buttcrack as your tongue assaults her pussy.

“Ah!” Merida let’s out a surprised sound. “No-not here, the ship… they can see.”

Of course, Snow White and the maids were still watching with interest as the dragon flew alongside the ship. So, naturally, if they were looking carefully, they could see your face shoved up Merida’s exposed butt, her metal skirt raised up and lying on top of your head now.

However, you’ve already started, and it wasn’t your style to stop now. Your tongue attacks Merida’s snatch wildly. You hadn’t had the pleasure of tasting Merida since she had the baby. You hadn’t forgotten your quest to compile the taste of all your women into long-term memory, and Merida’s pussy was no exception. She didn’t taste as salty as Snow White. Rather, she had a very fragrant taste. You recognized it from the times you’ve had her before, but it was stronger now. You noticed they previous night before that having a baby and becoming a MILF had changed Merida in subtle ways, making her more insatiable and less reserved. Another subtle change is that she emitted a stronger lewd smell. It was pleasant and flowery, but it left no mistake about how horny Merida was. With your nose locked in on this smell, even without the collar Merida would never be able to hide her lust from you.

While enjoying the taste of your baby mommy, Merida quickly finds herself surrendering to her lust, but a wolfcall coming from the ship knocks her out of it. Of course, one of the ladies couldn’t help but notice and chose to embarrass Merida further. This would natural be Snow White, who had been forced to succumb to public indecency by you so many times, that being able to relish in watching another girl face it gave her a slightly cruel streak.

The flustered and embarrassed Merida couldn’t exactly stop now. In her current position, she was absolutely helpless to your machinations. This was part of the reason she had put herself into this position in the first place! And while it did excite her, naturally, she couldn’t stand for the shame of being watched. Thus, she controlled the only thing she did have control of… that was the reigns to Mushu.

She suddenly yanked Mushu’s head to the side, forcing the dragon to turn away from the boat and open up a distance between them. Mushu wasn’t used to being a mount, and had already fallen comfortably into just casually enjoying a fly, so to have her head suddenly yanked to the side startled her. She dropped her wings instinctually, and her head dropped, sending the three of them into a plunge.

Of course, even though Mushu was inexperienced as a mount, Merida was experienced as a rider. The problem was, as soon as Mushu started diving, so did you. Your head plows the rest of the way into Merida’s snatch, and you instinctually reach out and grab the cheeks of her butt while you tongue plunges deep inside her. The flustered Merida, in the middle of receiving sexual pleasure being delivered by your rough hands and tongue, struggles to perform the motions.

However, summoning all her strength, she pulls up on the reigns. Mushu gets the idea and straightens herself. Naturally, she was surprised causing her to fall into a dive, but she would never have hit the ground no matter what Merida did, so she corrected herself automatically as soon as the surprise passed. Merida’s tug just had gotten her passed the surprise a little quicker is all.

Mushu cocked her back to give Merida an angry glare, but when she caught sight of Merida, she froze for a second. Merida’s face was completely flush and she was breathing incredibly heavily. Little moans were coming out of her mouth, and it was taking all she could to keep a hold of the reigns. Mushu suddenly felt a bit of embarrassment, remembering that her lord was ravaging Merida from behind this whole time. She had almost forgotten two people were engaging in ‘this’ and ‘that’ on her back!

That realization caused something in Mushu to tingle oddly. It was a sensation somewhat similar to the sensation she felt when she thought about her sister. However, her sister was nowhere nearby, so Mushu couldn’t understand why she had these feelings. Something about her lord banging women near her was causing her to feel funny. It was truly a dilemma.

Meanwhile, you tongue fucked the hell out of Merida. Your hands had grabbed each cheek with a vicelike grip. Unlike Kida or Snow White, Merida wasn’t as muscular and her butt wasn’t as rock hard, having just enough fat the get a good grip on her booty. Using her ass as leverage, you were plunging your tongue in and out of her. Your tongue was shooting straight out, and as you gasped for breath between each thrust, your face plowed over and over again into her underside, your nose sliding wetly into her buttcrack, and your tongue sliding smoothing into her pussy. As you went, it made lewd, wet noises that were noise enough that even Merida could hear you wetly licking her pussy over the rush of wind.

Of course, at this point, she was lost in ecstasy, her hands no longer being able to control the reigns properly as she let out gasps and moans, your tongue sending spikes of pleasure erupting through her body like fireworks. In truth, she had already failed as a wyvern rider, and had she been riding a wyvern in this condition, she might be in serious trouble. Fortunately, Mushu was smarter and more capable, and generously accounted for Merida’s distracted nature, even though Merida occasionally unconsciously tugged at the reigns in uncomfortable ways.

Finally, Merida lost all control, ripping up on the reigns as she came. Even Mushu couldn’t keep from arching her neck as Merida pulled with such vigor. This caused the dragon to come almost to a dead stop, while Merida screamed orgasmically, her pussy erupting over your face.  Just like when the dragon ended up falling, this stop send your face plunging into her depths, and as if to accentuate this finale, your tongue grows out an extra inch, plunging deeper into Merida then a tongue typically could.

Mushu manages to regain control, pulling back the reigns from an orgasming Merida who looks down guiltily with an apologetic glance after realizing what she did, and you start moving forward gently once again.

Merida’s liquid tide flows out, and once you pull your face away, dumps down onto Mushu’s back. Strangely enough, Mushu doesn’t feel angry at the rough and uncomfortable treatment as she was used as a couple’s sex toy. Rather, she could feel Merida’s lust running down her neck and back, and it gave her an indescribable feeling. Her heart was beating fast and she was breathe a little hard herself. She had an irrepressible urge to be embraced by you and Merida. Either of you, both of you, it didn’t matter. Her body felt like it was on fire. Even Mulan had never made her feel so out of control.

Mushu was already rather close to the ground, so she suddenly swooped down. Merida was surprised and pulled with her reigns, but Mushu long past being controlled. Both you and Merida were taken aback when you slammed into the ground with a sudden rough landing. Mushu didn’t hesitate to toss you off her back. You thought for a moment that perhaps Mushu was angry from the rough treatment that went a little farther than you expected. Merida is guilty and embarrassed that she came on Mushu, and suspect Mushu was angry or appalled by it.

So, naturally you were both surprise when Mushu suddenly turned back into her human form. As she ran towards you, her face red and her teeth bared, you held up your fists to defend yourself. However, she grabbed the clothing at her chest and pulled, the fabric exploding as two massive tits were unleashed. These massive things were even a size up on Merida, who had just had a baby, so they obviously distracted both you and Merida and caused the pair of you to drop your guard for an instant. And instant was all she needed, and Mushu leapt at the pair of you.

Like that, you were assaulted by an adult dragon in full heat.

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From Chapter 21, Aurora’s Impregnation.

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