The Power of Creation – Chapter 2

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Your first instinct as the guards approached you was to escape. You had to escape. Although you wished you could take that sexy princess with you…

Light burst forth from your body, and a moment later.

“Eh?” You said.

“Ah, ahhh!” That was the voice of the princess.

The pair of you were standing in a forest. Of course, you were completely lost and had no clue how you’d gotten there. The princess seemed to be confused too, but when she noticed you, she screamed and fell back on her butt.

You tried to approach her, but she turned around and ran away. You sighed as you took off in a run after her. However, you weren’t terribly fit. Even in heels, the freaking princess was starting to outrun you. It was seriously embarrassing. How were you going to be a hero when you couldn’t even catch up to a woman in heels in the forest. If only you were faster…

Your legs suddenly started to glow, and a second later it became easier to move your legs faster. Whereas you were trailing behind the princess before, you were now moving incredibly fast. Just as you were thinking you’d catch her soon, she stopped short and you ended up running right into her back.

She fell over, and her dress went up, showing you what was underneath. She wore tight, sexy lingerie that was unbecoming of a princess. Her ass hung out from a g-string like covering that only just hid her snatch. She quickly covered up with her dress, standing up with a blush, but it didn’t last as her gaze turned to whatever had stopped her.

It was a monster! Not just a monster, it was a dragon. There were very few stories you’ve read where dragons were weak monsters. Why did you have to end up coming up against one of the strongest monsters on your first foray into another world?

The dragons raised up on its legs, spreading out massive wings as if gave a roar that spread out heat hot enough to cause the princess and you to cover your faces. You were about ready to piss yourself and run. This monster needed to die. You didn’t have the ability to kill the monster, but either way, couldn’t it just die?

Magic exploded from your body, and a moment later, the dragon made a sudden whimper just as it was raising a claw to strike you. Its eyes rolled back up in its head, and then it fell to the side with a loud thud.

“A red dragon… dead in an instant…” the princess said in disbelief before turning back to you. “You really are a hero.”

“Huh?” You demanded, “What the hell is going on?”

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