The Power of Creation – Chapter 3

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“If you were telling the truth, then you have creation magic.” The princess explained cautiously, still keeping a few steps from you.

“Yeah, but what is creation magic? I don’t even know what that means.” You demand with a confused expression.

“Ah, well, creation magic is the ability to create magic.” The princess said, “In this world, magic must be crafted into spells. Those spells are finite, and were all provided to us by a god of this world, Pun.”

“So, it was Pun who sent me here?” You asked.

“Ah, you know Pun?”

“I guess you could say that,” You shrug, scratching your cheek, “I supposed this world doesn’t have a Nymphriel or a Parthios.”

“Oh, so you do know the three gods that make up our world?”

You wanted to face palm, but you decided to hear her out first, since you knew nothing about this world. However, it did seem like in alternative realities, truly anything could happen.

“Anyway, continue on.”

“Well,” Princess nodded. “Only the gods can create spells. Creation Magic is something that no mortal should possess. However, if the power you received is true, then you have a power that is taboo. That is, the power to make any spell you want.”

“Any spell I want? Wh-what does that mean?”

“Ah, well, if I have to remember from my magic lessons as a small girl, then you can literally do anything. Since you’ve been to this world, you must have created a spell that creates clothing. Then a spell that teleports you and me away, and then another spell that instantly kills dragons.”

“Ah, what about mana?”

“As a hero, you should have no shortage of mana. But as someone that can create spells, you could throw the balance of the world into chaos. You must promise me, hero, never teach anyone the new spells you’re creating. The gods carefully made this world balanced, and if you were to teach mortals those spells, you’d break the balance that has existed for a thousand years.

You give her a shrug, not particularly caring about this world. You wouldn’t teach anyone your spells, but that was more because you didn’t care to. Instead, you were more interested in what you could do with the spells for yourself. For example, you’ve always wanted to have a big dick, so was there a way…

Almost as soon as the thoughts came into your mind, there was a glow coming from your pants. A second later, you felt a massive snake between your legs. Your dick was now about 9 inches long, and several inches thick. It was large enough that it was actually a bit distracting since you weren’t used to it, but you couldn’t bring yourself to make it go away.

The princess had seen your groin glowing, but she was confused, “Ah, what did you just do?”

“Ah, well, you might be too young to know about such things.”

The princess sniffed, straightening her shoulders. You thought about it before, but she really did have a pretty face. She had cute curly brown hair, a button nose, delicate features, and nice D sized breasts. Her dress gave a little cleavage. Her mom was bigger, but what she lost in curves she made up for in youthful exuberance.

“I’ll have you know, that I am sixteen years old now. That is considered an adult in our realm, so don’t think I’m too young to understand things.”

As she ran her mouth, you were busy staring at her heaving breasts. You found yourself wishing you could see her naked body. Suddenly, her clothes just disappeared.

“Eh? Ah!” She screamed as she realized she was naked now, covering up her breasts with one arm and her snatch with the other. “What is the hero doing?”

“Showing you how to be a woman.”

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