The Power of Creation – Chapter 207

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“Of course, Ruffian’s like you from the Outlands probably don’t get to enjoy wonderful cuisine such as we have in the civilized world. We’ll be going to my personal mansion for lunch. My mansion is already hosting numerous out-of-town dignitaries and lords of minor fiefdoms.” Reginald’s expression turned displeased in that final part. “But of course, your home is my home. Feel free to make yourself comfortable.”

He gave a look that suggested he didn’t really mean that. He is saying the words, but he clearly would rather play host to nobody, and certainly not you. Only when he glances over at the beautiful women by your side does he give a thoughtful look of consideration, although it is one you don’t like at all. Still, he must have done something to piss of the King if the King is forcing him to cater to this.

The city was large, dirty, and smelly. Reginald at least had rented out a small, crappy carriage to take you to the mansion, but it looks like it was picked on a budget. Then again, you’ve never traveled with classic horses and carriages before. The mansion is installed with all the modern amenities of air conditioning and lighting. The city of Riun itself was always small with a low population, but since you rebuilt it, the city has indoor plumping, paved streets, and streetlights. Suffice it to say, even had the carriage been nice, you wouldn’t have much of a better time of it.

The current world of magic is a bit of a shithole comparatively. Even the girls who had grown up in this sort of environment have grown somewhat used to the posh lifestyle you provided. Thus, no one is quite happy, their asses banging on hard chairs with barely any padding. It’s pretty hard to listen to Reginald’s talk of the grandness of the Empire’s Capitol City when you’re bumping through muddy roads. Even the Riun of old had dry dusty roads that reminded you of the old western towns. This “modern” capitol city more closely resembled a 16th century London without the cobblestone streets.

Either way, you found yourself in front of a mansion on the outskirts of town in short order. Reginald gets out ahead of you, another act that tightens Sebastian’s looks and tells you this is supposed to be another slight.

“Behold, isn’t this mansion breathtaking?” Reginald gestures excitedly.

“Isn’t this place kind of small? Owner’s is bigge-“

“Shh!” Merida kicked Rapunzel, keeping her from finishing her thought.

Fortunately, the snobby noble was too busy admiring his own home to hear their words. You merely role your eyes. Not that you are counting rooms, but considering your mansion would probably be about 30 rooms, then this mansion is about 15. This didn’t take into effect your yard which was three times the size when not in a crowded city and all of the magical modifications which broke the physical laws of space. Suffice it to say, with other people already in the mansion, your girls might all have to share one room.

“How many other families we talking about here?” You ask.

Reginald gives a start. This is the first question you have asked since he started escorting you, so he is taken aback for a moment. Once absorbing your question he merely gives a shrug.

“No one else with… gladiators.” He said dryly as he eyed your women. “Six other lords, their wives, and maids. I’ll be able to spare you three rooms. For you and your lady, one for the maids, and the last for your butler, I suppose. As for your gladiators, I’d expect you could get them an inn in the city. If you’d rather, I can prepare a spot in the stable.”

A slight shake of Sebastian’s head tells you that he isn’t being intentionally an asshole. He had been surprised that the woman are actually the gladiators you had selected for the championship when Sebastian had mentioned it to him on the carriage ride. Gladiator’s are commoners, after all, and so while the nobles did their noble things, commoners did their common thing. They might be provided for by their lord, but in normal situations it’d be closer to an employee/employer relationship. A lord boarding with his guards would seem odd. Suffice it to say, you didn’t see it the same way, and never put any propriety into ranks before. The women didn’t seem bothered by it at all.

“Actually, I’d prefer they stay by my side. For… safety reasons.”

“Sir, my mansion is well guarded.” Reginald points to a guard at each of the doors. “On my life, I’d never let harm come to a foreign dignitary, no matter how… erm… outlandish they are.”

“Still, as you can see, my gladiators are beautiful women, I don’t want to risk them being harmed before the competition.”

“He just doesn’t want some other man to hit on us while we’re at an inn unattended.” Merida whispers to Mushu, who nods in agreement.

You ignore the two women who are looking for a strapping and give a smile. Meanwhile, the other girls seem mostly pleased that you’re not getting rid of them. Even Tiana is a little relieved she doesn’t have to face the snobbish nobility without other women at her back supporting her.

Reginald thinks about it for a moment before shrugging. “Very well, I can’t give you any extra rooms, but I’ll have it taken care of.”

Reginald was surprisingly amendable. In fact, providing rooms for my personal maid and butler could already be considered a bit of respect. Reginald had grown up in a xenophobic human country, so he natural held distaste for part humans, but he was corrupted by the same noble society that had corrupted Tiana. You didn’t know this, but there were many nobles who wouldn’t even allow a demi-human in their home, let alone offer to board them.

“Alright, then, let’s go!”

“Actually, my owner, I’d like to visit the city for a while. Do what I do best?” Rapunzel interrupts.

“You do things?” You ask in shock.

“Ah… owner, I’m a rogue… an information specialist?” Rapunzel leans in and whispers quietly. “A spy?”

“Oh, yeah, I seem to remember something about that.”

“Owner is so cruel.” Rapunzel let’s out a depressed breath, “Anyway, the point is, I want to get information on who’s fighting who, and the players in the tournament.”

“Okay, have fun.”

Rapunzel nods, but then hesitates for a moment. “You know, I’ll be in the city, all alone.”

You give a frown, not quite sure what she means. “Yeah, I know.”

“In order to get information, I may have to go to a few inns, buy a few drinks, fraternize with a few men…”

“Okay, then get to it.”

Rapunzel was now frowning unhappily. “Maybe a guy even feels me up? Maybe some guy tries to take advantage of me, yeah?”

“Well, don’t let that happen.” You say, scratching your cheek awkwardly.

“Owner, don’t you… feel any issues?”

“Hah? I’m good? What are you even getting at?”

“I-I’m a virgin. I could… you know… maybe… be taken advantaged of… unless my owner…”

“Unless what?”

“Owner, can’t you just deflower me!” Rapunzel snaps, however, these words came out loud enough that everyone present could hear.

Once again, Reginald has his mouth open, while all the other girls merely have wry or sympathetic looks, knowing she is still the odd girl out. Rapunzel’s eyes start to shine with tears, and then with a jump she scampers off into the city without looking back, escaping the embarrassing slip. You all watch her leave in silence.

“Ahem.” Reginald finally interrupts. “If you don’t mind, supper will be started soon and I’ll escort you to your rooms to prepare.”

You nod, following after Reginald. “I still don’t know what Sebastian is going to do with two bedrooms…”

“Huh? There is a bedroom for you and your lady, and then…” Reginald starts.

“That’s the thing, with all my ladies with me…” You shrug, looking over at all the girls.

Realizing what your implying, all of the women can’t help but form excited looks on their faces.

“A-all!?” Reginald nearly trips. “E-even the maids?”

The maids have the most excited looks of all, and when Reginald’s looks at them, they’re happily nodding with tears in their eyes. At this point, the girls are barely even able to stand, leaning on each other for support. Not that these girls were delicate in the first place, but any shame they have is nonexistent at this point.

Almost unconsciously, all the girls start getting closer to you, as if establishing them all as your lady. Tiana only pouts a little finding her spot suddenly very crowded by other women. Meanwhile, Reginald can only look thoughtfully as your group walks into his mansion as a huddled, horny mass. A simple looking man is surrounded by seven beautiful women, all looking very thirsty.

“Perhaps… this Riun is a place I should visit sometime?” Reginald suddenly finds the Outlands may be not as bad as he was taught.

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