The World of Women – Chapter 3

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Mother’s talk actually seemed to stop at the most interesting part. That would be the actual discussion of the birds and the bees! She had glossed over most of the stuff about having sex, and merely focused on the repercussions and expectations of the women who wanted to take me. She told me to keep my seed to myself, and to gift it sparingly. In my old world, it was customary to have to take a woman out on three dates before she was willing to put out. Then, at the very least, she got three dinners out of the guy before giving him what he really wanted.

In this world, the situation was opposite. If girls wanted my seed, I had to make them pay the cost, and seed in this world is way more important than sex ever was in my world! A girl can’t just go home and make sperm herself if a date goes bad. Therefore, men were given a considerable amount of leeway. In short, the 35-year-old me had been reborn into a world where every woman wanted to fuck me and there was absolutely no repercussions. Not only could I spread my genes unreservedly, the woman I impregnated wouldn’t expect me to follow through and take care of the babies. I’m still not convinced I didn’t die and go to heaven.

That night, after wandering off to bed, I had a wonderful wet dream. I dreamed that I had started teasing mom about the birds and the bees. Using the innocent 12-year-old mom thought me to be, I trapped her in erotic and naughty questions she couldn’t handle. Pretending to be blindly innocent, I’d force her to describe the act of sex in detail. I watched as my beautiful mother blushed and squirmed over talking about erections and anal sex. Actually, now that I think about it, how does this world handle anal sex? Since it didn’t make babies, does that mean the booty is off limits?

Of course, my wife never let me stick it in her ass. A few whores did, but they doubled the price. As to how it felt, it felt like I tossed away $100 when I could have just been fucking their pussy. At least one of the two whores let me blow it inside her ass. Man, ever since that maid last night, I just really want to blow a load inside someone.

Naturally, those desires spilled into my dream, and soon I was asking mom to show me what boobs looked like. Perhaps what was so erotic about the dream is that in reality, my mother had never denied me anything. If I genuinely asked her to show me what boobs were like, I wasn’t entirely unsure it wouldn’t play out exactly like in my dreams. The alternative, of course, is that she found a maid and used the maid to show me titties. However, with the fifteen-year-old gone, all the maids are older women in their forties or more. Still, the thought of watching my mom play with another woman’s tits while “showing me” wasn’t disagreeable.

In the dream, my mom show me her tits, which were pert and perfect, just like I had imagined them to be. I had used nostalgia, hinting at how I used to suck on her nipples, in order to get dream mom to let me lick them. Then, I wanted to know what a pussy looked like. I didn’t get a good look with the maid, or so I said. What did it taste like? What did mommy’s pussy feel like? Soon, I was balls deep in my mother, who still couldn’t stop blushing and looking flustered like she had no clue how things had progressed this far!

Just as I started to cum inside mom, the dream broke apart and I woke up in my bed. I was still cumming as I woke up, feeling the stickiness all over my sheets, my underwear, and my hand. As to my hand, I realized it was holding some kind of fabric. I quickly wiped up the mess the best I could using the fabric and handed before I pulled out the cloth. It took my eyes a moment to adjust in the darkness, but I finally realized the cloth I had been rubbing on my cock and finally jizzed on was actually the maid’s panties.

Some time during the night, I must have pulled it out of my pocket, and started holding it as I fondled my erection during sleep. Those once fresh panties were now smeared with white gobs and dried streaks. Had the maid known her panties would end up being the final resting place for gobs of my cum, she’d likely faint in frustration. This sticky gunk that was now staining her panties was really what all the fuss was about? This is what she wanted from me?

I tossed the panties in a drawer, rolled over, and went back to sleep. I woke up in the next morning when the curtains were suddenly pulled apart by a maid who had just entered.

“Master, it is noon, you should wake up.”

I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes and glanced over at the maid. She was a woman I knew very intimately. She was responsible for my baths, my feedings, and basically anything else mom wasn’t available for. Her name was Veris, and she was a forty-year-old woman in a maid outfit. Despite this, I still felt my cock move a bit. If you combined the ages of 35 and twelve, I’d lived 47 years of life. If anything, this woman was younger than I was! The twelve-year-old’s memories always just saw Veris as some old lady who took care of him. However, with my new memories, I was seeing her in a new light.

Veris had actually had a baby when she was only sixteen, which is why she was trusted by my mother. That baby was now a twenty-four-year old woman who was looking for a man of her own. I suddenly wondered if Veris’s years of service weren’t designed to get me to unload cum in her daughter. However, daughter aside, Veris herself wasn’t so bad looking. First off, she was wearing the always erotic maid outfit. She was up on her tippy-toes trying to move the curtains, and the maid outfits, like everything else in this world, lacked modesty. I could see the bottom crest of her ass just covered by her short maid skirt. If she got a little higher, I’d be able to tell her panty colors. On top of that, the light was shining through the window, giving her a morning glow that outlined her body, which still looked youthful for a woman in her forties.

My maid is kind of hot, isn’t she?

Her skin wasn’t as perfectly smooth as my mother’s, but she also had a more down to earth appearance like that of a working-class girl. She had brown hair tied up in a ponytail. She had a strong nose and chin, but even within her roughness I could tell her skin was soft and lotioned to the touch. I knew this from experience more than sight. It was clear mom took care of the staff well. She had long fingers, long painted nails, but her hands felt soft and gentle. When she noticed me staring at her, she turned to me, smiled, and gave a rather elegant curtsy which still hid her panty colors.

“Do you want my sperm too?” I jumped as I realized the words came out my mouth.

I was just thinking that, but it must have been too early in the morning, because before I knew it, I had said exactly what I was thinking! Veris’s smile froze as she looked at me, but she recovered surprisingly fast with a chuckle.

“Master, I heard about what happened… yesterday. I’m sorry I wasn’t in the mansion. I had also been fooled my Tinya’s innocence. I never would have expected her to attack you so. I’m truly sorry.” Veris changed the subject and leaned forward, a little cleavage showing from the top of her shirt. “I see you haven’t even been properly cleaned since last night. Please allow me to take care of it.”

I jumped as I realized that while I was staring at Veris’s cleavage, she was staring at my crotch. Looking down, I realized that I was in nothing but my underwear, and that underwear was covered with white stains from last night. Veris had misunderstood it to be mess from my sex with the other maid…. It turned out the girl’s name was Tinya. In truth, she had torn off my underwear before anything happened, and I had used a washcloth to wipe up before bed. This mess was all a result of last night’s wet dream.

“This… uh, I can take care of it.”

“Nonsense!” Veris’s scoffed, “I’ve been washing you for twelve years, don’t suddenly start thinking you’re all grown up just because a girl sucked your peter.”

I couldn’t help but blush, while Veris merely went to the bathroom to fill up a washbasin. Running water and plumbing were another part of this world that suggested it must be modern. Even so, my memories had no mention of a shower, and tubs were actually filled by the sink. It was little changes like this that made it noticeably another world. I also still received regular sponge baths from my mom and Veris. A full emerged bath was a rarity in this world that I only got maybe once a month.

“Alright, pull down your underwear.” Veris ordered, her tone holding no nonsense.

I obliged, glade to see that my dick was behaving itself for once, and hadn’t become aroused by Veris’s maid outfit yet. Veris stared down at my dick, which still looked a little sticky from the gobs inside the underwear that hadn’t dried yet. I wanted to hide myself shyly, but Veris had seen me so much according to those memories that getting worked up in modesty now would appear odd. Thus, I could only grin and bare it. Veris immediately dipped a wash cloth into the hot, suddy water and splashed it on my cock.

“Ah!” I let out a little cry from the heat.

Veris began to vigorously wash it. Being touched and cleaned by someone else was a weird experience. The towel was rough enough that it didn’t feel too erotic. However, Veris seemed to be incredibly thorough, and many times the towel would slip and her wet palm would end up running up and down my wet groin. Eventually, Veris, used one hand to grab the head, pulling out my penis so that she could properly clean the shaft. Unfortunately, this level of stimulation, along with me still thinking about all the sex this world promised, and my erection return.

My face drained of color as my penis started to engorge. Two wipes and it went from totally limp to erect. Suddenly, Veris’s palm which had been gripping it, was pushed apart by the swelling mass. As soon as she realized it was hardening, her eyebrow rose and she gave a tsk.

“I was afraid this would happen.” Veris sighed.

“I’m sorry.” I responded apologetically.

Veris looked at me with a worried look and shook her head. “Don’t be, young master. That silly girl had to come and stimulate you in that way last night, and this must have jump started your maturity. Now, you’re going to be getting these regularly. I’ve read about this in books. Don’t you worry. Your mother had thought of this and given me permission to take care of it.”

“Take care of it?” The words came out in surprise.

Veris only nodded. “Now that the erections come, you need to be made to ejaculate often. They say that boys who don’t cum regularly when they’re young get a low sperm count. Your mother wants you to be properly fertile, so if you ever feel an erection coming along, get me or one of the other maids to take care of it for you, do you hear?”

I would have laughed at the things Veris was saying, but she was saying them with absolute sincerity. As it turns out, in this world, there are a lot of strange wife’s tales involving men. It could also be, in the absence of a large amount of men, there wasn’t as much scientific knowledge about them. I could imagine when there are only 1 in 1000 men, plus the normal likelihood of getting pregnant during any copulation, that women would be willing to do or believe anything to increase male fertility.

As to how Veris planned to help my ‘condition’, she didn’t wait at all, putting both of her hands in the soapy water, she rubbed them together until they were full of suds, and then immediately grasped on to my dick like she was grasping a rope she planned to tug. Although Veris was only sixteen when she lost her virginity and had her baby, that didn’t mean she had an abnormally large amount of experience with dicks. Still, she had prepared for this day, and using the soap as lubricant, she quickly had her palms, one gripping each side of my shaft to keep her nails away. She slid her palms rapidly up and down my member with vigorous enthusiasm and determination.

I could only lean back and enjoy the show, moaning as her hands moved faster and faster on my cock. I watched her as she worked. Her expression was very focused, which looked somewhat cute given the circumstances. For an adult woman to be so focused on her hand movements, it was clear she was giving this her all. I was getting a handjob by a cute 40-year-old maid! On top of that, she might as well have been a virgin to handjobs. There’s more! I was only a 12-year-old boy! I really couldn’t believe how wonderful this life of mine had become.

“Ah, ah, ah!” I let out moans to fill the room along side the only other noise, the slick sound of her hands stroking my meat.

“Little Master, don’t hold back now, I’ll make sure to clean up your mess when you finish. To finish properly!” Veris reassured me with a stern voice.

I wanted to laugh at how silly this was, but I could only keep moaning at the incredible feel of her soft hands rubbing my cock with extreme precision and determination. Suddenly, I found myself wanting more. Her breasts weren’t bad. They sagged a little, this hot MILF showing a bit of the signs of age, but when pushed together they’d fit my dick quite nicely. Her pert little mouth also looked as delectable as the other girl, Tinya. Maybe I could get her to use her mouth? Maybe, I could get her to use her pussy? Veris said she’d take care of it, but there was no specification of what I could use to take care of it. If I slid my dick into her moist pussy that hasn’t seen a man in 24 years, wouldn’t that be great?

Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to turn those thoughts into actions. Just thinking about sticking it in was enough to push me over the edge, and soon I shot out four or five gobs of semen up into the air. The first batch caught Veris off guard, and it almost hit her face before landing on my stomach. The second and third were much more under her control, and she blocked them with one of her warm, soft, soapy hand, the second hand slowing down as she finished jacking me off. She collected all the semen into her palm and stood up finally, heading over to the wash basin.

Suddenly, a thoughtful expression appeared on her face. As I finished recovering my breath, my soapy dick finally starting to soften. I was now in need of another cleaning, with white sticky streaks mixed into the suds. However, Veris didn’t immediately return. Instead, she seemed to be almost frozen, staring into her soapy palm. Still recovering from my own orgasm, it took me a second to realize that what she was staring at was my seed she had collected in her hand.

“You want it?” I asked.

Veris jumped, looked at me in surprise, and then gave a breath of relief, immediately dumping her hands, and the white gunk into the basin. Her breath seemed to return to normal and she shook her head with a chuckle to herself. Her eyes seemed to hold some self-derision.

“I’m sorry master. I thought I’d be long past it, but that white stuff of yours is practically gold for women. Even with the soap likely killing all chance, I find myself tempted to slide some up and see what happens.” Veris looked up and gave me a guilty expression.

“Is that to say you want me to get you pregnant?” I asked innocently.

Veris barks a laugh, reaching out and touching my nose with a cleaned finger, leaving some suds behind. “You darling child, master, please don’t tempt me. I’ve only known the touch of a man once in my life and was fortunate enough to have a child from that first try. Even though I think these hips could push out another, I’d never want to jeopardize the life I have here for it.”

“Ah, but you’ve taken care of me for so long, I don’t mind taking care of you.” My devious side started to surface.

Veris gives me a smile, not taking my words seriously, but even so, there looked to be some temptation in them. It was truly exhilarating to see just the promise of my cum be so tempting to women. I could have been offering her a million dollars for the effect it showed. If even a loyal maid of the family could become flustered and tempted, what chance did my sisters have? In fact, what chance did any woman have?

I reeled in my excitement. I had to remember the words my mother said the previous night. Women wanted nothing to do with me after I gave my seed to them. Therefore, the trick was getting women to give me as much as possible before giving them my seed. For example, answering more question on anal, if I wanted to fuck a girl in the ass, I needed to promise her I’d cum in her pussy. As long as I didn’t do it, though, she’d remain mine, giving her ass to me every night until she got what she wanted. Perhaps when she told me her own story, that wasn’t quite what she meant, but I still took the lesson to heart.

Dad had stringed mom along for ages based on the promise of his seed. In the end, she couldn’t even imagine getting her seed from anyone else. Although I never met the man from this world, I had a bit of respect for him. He played mom perfectly. The only difference was that he seemed to have some taste for monogamy. Meanwhile, I had no such reservations. I mean, come on, being lucky enough to reincarnate in this paradise of pussy, and then not sampling every flower? That’d be insanity!

However, where other men pumped and dumped, using and being used by women, I could gain a bit more. For example, by putting it in Veris’s mind that I might give her more seed in the future, she’ll be even more loyal and dedicated to me. Perhaps, I could lead a lot of women around by the promise of my seed.

Here I am, plotting deviously. While my mom thinks I’m a confused 12 year old trying to understand my sexuality, I’m already busy plotting to create my own harem! Speaking of which…

“Veris… I’d be very happy to give you my baby. Since Tinya is gone, wouldn’t that mean Veris has to take over her responsibilities?”

Veris’s eyes widened in surprise, her mouth covered with shock. It wasn’t simply the promise of making her with child, but Veris knew very well that Tinya’s role was to be my playmate. Naturally, Veris was the one who was supposed to train Tinya on how to perform. Admittedly, other than the one time, all of Veris’s practice had been on a rubber dong and instructional guides, but she was glad to see the hand technique she developed successfully satisfied the young master. She also understood the implications that sex would be involved in Tinya’s roles.

“I’m too old…” Veris finally shook her head savagely. “If anything, master would do me a great favor if you could impregnate my daughter. Even she is a bit old for you, but she wasn’t as fortunate as I. Her first time didn’t get her pregnant.”

“How about, I have both of you!” The mature me was breaking through the 12-year-old façade, the appearance of this sexy flustered maid kept me from acting the part of the proper innocent boy.

I was holding both of Veris’s wet hands in my own, and I was staring at her aggressively. Veris was breathing hard, her cheeks flushed. Clearly, my words were too sweet to resist for this woman. She was struggling harder and harder to see me as a childish 12-year-old, to separate her propriety from her heart. After taking care of my penis to ejaculation, no matter how young I was, it would leave her at least a little aroused. Immediately after, I began to attack her most inner desires, giving the hapless maid no way out.

“Please… master… you tease too much.” Veris started to cry, looking at me longfully and desperately.

I was so shocked, I couldn’t react when she finally pulled her hands away from mine. Immediately, she straightened her dress and looked away, standing up in a rush.

“Veris…” I started.

“If that will be all, Young Master, I’ll be on my way. Please call me if you need anything else.” Veris responded stiffly, not meeting my eyes.

Before I could stop her, she turned the rest of the way and walked out of the room in a huff. She actually left the cleaning job unfinished. The tub of water and cloth were abandoned as she fled the room. As soon as the door closed, I gave a tsk.

“I guess my seduction techniques are a little rusty. I came on a little too strong.”

In the end, I ended up scaring the maid away. The older me just couldn’t keep his erection down. I kept thinking of plowing her with my head resting in her rack, and soon I was promising her everything. This was going to be a little harder than it looks. My cum is the reward, but I can’t hang it in front of women too aggressively or it’ll scare them away. And if I give it too willingly, then I’ll be the one taken advantage of. Yes, this father I never knew taught me an important lesson, but I still had a long way to go.

I finished cleaning myself up using the wash basin, putting it at the side of the bed. After getting dressed, I found that there was a plate at my door with food for lunch. I happily devoured my meal while thinking about what I’d do next. Since the maids were a bust, I guess it was time to visit my sisters.

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