The Power of Creation – Chapter 211

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“She passed out after just thirty minutes.” You sigh, pulling your pants back on.

A naked woman is lying on the bed, her legs spread up and a big gaping hole where her pussy used to be, still leaking out white liquids. Her hair is a wreck and she is covered in sex and wetness. She is a squirter too, and it is quite messy as every time she came she shot warm liquid all over the place. Of course, you’ve made all of your girl’s squirt at some point, but this woman seems abnormally squirty, and the bed is basically soaked… as is the wall and floor facing the bed. Orgasming every five or six seconds? You normally needed magic to illicit that kind of effect.

As you walk out the room, you’re surprised to see a familiar face waiting for you. “Oh? Experiment #626, you’re already done?”

The sex doll has an unsatisfied look on its face, which is weird because you never programmed them to be unsatisfied. In fact, the sex dolls should all be horny fuck machines, ready to go at any moment. The slightest breeze should make them cream their panties.

“Yes, creator. I’ve been waiting for 29 minutes. I believe the task was fulfilled, although I’m not certain.”

“Not certain?” you ask curiously.

“I did not feel anything. The noble flopped on top of me for thirty some seconds, and then rolled over and said I could go…”

“Ha? Well, as long as he’s happy I guess it’s fine. I’ll need you to stay around again just in case of any future swaps.”

“I thought only the maids were being cuckolded…” Experiment #626 mutters under its breath.

“Huh? Did you say something?”

“No… creator… since I must be here a while, can you please give me proper relief?”

“Relief? Huh? You mean orgasms?”

“Yes, creator. I’m used to being ravished by goblins all day long. These nobles cannot compare.”

“Huh… well, is it okay if I just use magic again?”

“Yes, please, anything!”

You lightly touch the sex doll’s forehead, casting the “best orgasm” spell. The doll shivers all over, her panties instantly soaking. As her face flushes red, she puts on a pleased expression, the anxiousness in her brow instantly dissipating. However, she’s remarkably silent throughout, not even uttering a single moan. The orgasm spell, when casted on this sex doll, could have been a healing spell for the effect it had on her. Her haggard appearance improves, and her eyes hold nothing but relief from her previous pains.

When you finally remove your hand, she speaks more softly in a stress-free airy tone, “Thank, creator, I feel much better now.”

“Okay, then…” You respond awkwardly.

The sex doll gives a curtsy. “I will return to the boat and await your next mission. Next time, pick a more robust man or perhaps give me some Viagra or something to slip him.”

Experiment #626 turns around and leaves with just that while you watch after her with a complex look. You have created several thousand sex dolls on a whim while developing Cinderella’s body. Experiment #626 didn’t look like Cinderella at all. She actually looks a bit like a dog, with blue hair and big long animal ears that stuck up. She was extremely flexible, with a slim body that allows to bend into pretty much any position that didn’t get in the way of her F-sized chest.

However, at the end of the day, she is just a sex doll. Cinderella is unique, because she is inhabited with a soul. You aren’t really sure what a soul is, but you are pretty sure Cinderella has an independent personality, an ego, an ID, a super ID, and whatever other psychology terms make up what it means to be a sentient being. However, the sex dolls… they didn’t. They should be some base-level programming. They are machines, designed to be bent over and fucked.

However, the girls have been freely interacting with the goblins for over a month now outside of your supervision. Perhaps, it was during the life energy crisis when you bukkaked a planet, but the sex dolls seem to be gaining independent personalities. Experiment #626 expressed disappoint, wants, desires, appreciation, and even sarcasm. Doesn’t that coincide with a living, sentient being?

If that’s the case, then did you unintentionally create life? Would these so-called sex dolls be a brand-new never before seen species? Right now, they are all being used as goblin procreation vessels. You have plenty of sex dolls who have big breasts and are compliant.  You merely picked 626 because she’s not pregnant at the moment. Goblins make goblins… but what would come out if they are impregnated by humans? Half human, half sex doll hybrids? What would a male half sex doll look like?

You wonder back to your room while contemplating the ramifications of playing god. As you approach, you find two women waiting up for you.

“B-b-boss…” Daisy whines with desperate looking eyes.

“Please… service us…” Dinah adds.

The two women are nearly shaking, and you can smell their lewdness from down the hall. These are girls whose panties are already wet without the orgasms. Lack of sex has built horribly, and after dildos, and vibrators, and even each other, the four girls combined surpassed any realm of tolerance. Any longer, and they’ll likely become gibbering messes or might even take their own lives to make it stop. You suppose enough is enough.

“Alright ladies, it’s your lucky night!”

The two women break into tears, relief flooding them as they realize they’ll finally obtain the sexual relief they’ve been craving for three days. Once you take them to the spare bedroom and pull off your pants, revealing the penis you left at 13-inches… they start crying for a different reason.

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Author’s Note:

The next chapter will be sex-filled. Selena is just a pump-and-dump, why would you even waste the words for such redundant vanilla sex?