The Power of Creation – Chapter 213

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How you just treated your poor defensiveness bad-tempered, lazy, former-bandit maids weighs heavily on your mind, apparently. Even though you’ve never gone easy on your harem, and this sex was only slightly rougher than the treatment you gave most of your girls earlier on, except maybe written with more detail, the comments seem to think you’re deredere now. So, you heal your girls up right, giving them proper kisses, and why the heck not, a sensual massage. Both girls shiver as you touch them, so creeped and fearful by your sudden kindness that they almost pee themselves, but if it eases your fucking conscious, why the fuck not.

After heading back to your room, you enjoy the night with the rest of your girls. Rapunzel only returns late in the night, and ends up missing any attention you’d give her. She only cries a little knowing she missed out once again on the chance of finally being claimed by you. Given your possessive nature on the rest of the girls, Rapunzel only will truly feel “owned” by you once you pop her cherry. However, no one asked her to take off and spend all night at the bars, so it’s really her own fault when you think about it.

Tiana also doesn’t make it back early. If you didn’t have her under surveillance using her collar, you would have worried she got into some noble depravity and that you’re being NTR’d. Fortunately, it turns out she’s was just hijacked by a bunch of women. See, spying and giving your women no privacy saves relationships. Even if the other noble ladies planned some sex play with Tiana, you 100% approve. However, it’s apparently just drinking and talking. Selena has managed to join the rest of the pack too, able to walk after you fucked her unconscious. You are surprised to see that Tiana isn’t being bullied at all. In fact, she seems to be the light of the party, and all of the girls are excitedly talking to her with smiles. However, doesn’t Tiana’s response and smile seem a little forced?

Well, you can’t focus on it too much, since your head is currently between Mushu’s thighs. You decide not to dwell on Tiana’s problems, and instead focus on munching of Mushu’s snatch. As to her particular flavor, Mushu is hot and spicy. You’d think dragons are cold blooded, but when aroused, her pussy has a natural body temperature much higher than a normal woman. The heat given off by her aroused cunt is enough to warm your cheeks on a cold night. You’ll keep that in mind for future reference.

As far as her taste, how do you say it, she’s got a zing? Her pussy juice is not as thick as some of the other girls, giving her a more slip-n-slide feel when you bang her. The taste isn’t salty or sweet, but tangy. It tingles a bit on your tongue, as does Mushu’s body while you lick her cunt. You take turns enjoying the four women, Mushu, Snow White, Merida, and Kida.

While Merida and Mushu had a bonding experience and are willing to join in while you’re banging the other, Snow White and Kida keep their distance from each other and the other women. Thus, they only watch you bang the other girls, getting turned on while they wait for their turn. Furthermore, with so many women present, every girl starts to exude more shyness than she showed when she was with you on her own. Suffice it to say, even Kida is very docile, lying back and letting you pump away as she lets out quiet orgasmic breaths. Clearly, she’s reeling in the screaming orgasm and hard pumping workout that you had on the boat.

Rather than blowing one massive load all of your ladies, with the team so divided you make sure each girl gets her own load of jizz. You blow one one Snow White’s stomach and she rubs it all over her skin like a battle paint. Kida takes it as a creampie, feeling her crotch while secretly wish she becomes the next one to have your baby. Merida swallows it with a blush. Watching this, Mushu does the same, surprisingly taking the initiative and kissing Merida when she’s done, affectionately sharing her load with Merida to her surprise.

Well, Mushu and Merida have developed some good teamwork, but if you are going to win the tournament, you are going to have to get all five girls working as a team. Snow White and Kida are going to need to get as sexually comfortable with their teammates as Merida and Musha are with each other. You start working out your plan towards training your girls to work as a team. It all involves sex, of course. Lots and lots of sex. Perhaps you’ll set up an exercise regiment every morning. The girls have to eat each other out for breakfast. At noon time, butt play. What does buttplay have to do with teamwork? You’re putting a lot of trust in your teammate having them stick something in your ass!

You finally go to sleep with the pillow sisters Mushu and Merida holding you closely, while the less confidant Kida and Snow White lie a distance away on the outside edges of the bed, just a little regretful they aren’t shameless enough to jump in and monopolize your body. The next morning, before you start the girl’s first morning breakfast team exorcise, there is a light knock on the door. Rapunzel and Tiana have ended up safely back in the room with the Maids, not wanting to disturb you guys in your comfortable little sex pile. So, it’s not them.

As to who it is, it is a woman you only vaguely recognize. You think she is the wives of one of the nobles staying at the mansion, but she hasn’t made any impression on you. She is older than Selena by a few years. She is in her forties, her wrinkles are a lot more noticeable than the other girls. She has short curly hair done up delicately. She is also wearing a low cut dress that exposes a lot of her breasts, which are the size of Mushu’s. This woman is much shorter than Mushu, so she really has that imbalanced look of Merida’s, without Merida’s nice physique to compensate, they sag low sadly. On the other side, without any sort of muscle like Mushu or Merida, these things look very very soft. They are definitely 100% fat. They are just two giant, pale marshmallows to be squished and played with.

“Huh? Yes? Did you need something?”

The waft of last night’s sex steams out of your room, causing the girl to wrinkle her nose. However, rather than a disgusted or haughty look, her eyes twinkle in excitement.

“Hello, I um… heard from Selena, last night… about your… um… exchange.” The girl speaks quietly, looking both ways down the hall nervously as she talks.


“Last night?” The girl gives a coy smile. “Is it true? Do you have… a big… one of those?”

You shrug, reaching down and shamelessly pulling open your pants and letting the 10-inch thing out. You had let it shrink back to ten inches when you played with your girls. It is the size they are used to, and the size you settled on for normal sex. 9 inches for virgins, 10 inches for your harem, 13 inches for naughty girls who need to be punished. The system works. Despite it being three inches shy of the dick Selena experienced, this woman doesn’t seem to notice at all as her mouth falls open and her eyes look like they’re about to pop out of her head.

She immediately lunges at your cock, grabbing the pants and pulling them up to hide it, looking both ways down the hall nervously. “It’s huge! B-but not here… When Selena told me you had… ahem… ‘given her the greatest sex of her life’, I had my doubts. But even Tiana admitted your dick is large, although we had to get her drunk to spill the beans! My husband is out of our room right now. He “runs” every morning, although I know where he runs is the brothel down the street! Would you like to come back to my room and… show me the three gods?”

“Hah? You want me to fuck you? What about swapping?”

“Tsk… why let that lecherous husband of mine have any fun?” The girl makes a bitter face. “I haven’t cum on a dick since I fucked the gardener… and my husband fired him because he felt he didn’t tend the rose garden properly. I assure you, he tended MY rose garden better than my husband ever did!”

“Isn’t the preliminaries in the afternoon though?” you scratch your head.

“So, we have plenty of time. Just do me hard and fast! You don’t even need to foreplay, I’m already so wet. Please… please… fuck me. I just want to cum once with a real man!”

Well… you’re not about to say no, are you?

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