The Power of Creation – Chapter 220

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“Sh-sh-she said I was just some ugly half-elf and that I should never talk to her again!” Tiana wails, sobbing into your shoulder as you’re forced to comfort the woman.

Normally, you wouldn’t treat Tiana like a real person, but she’s been surprisingly helpful the last few days as well as extremely affectionate. Given the fact you’ve been going around banging married women, you would have thought Tiana would cause trouble, but she’s only worked in your favor. You even found out one or two nobles used their wives to approach Tiana for wife swaps, and she skillfully handled the situations where you weren’t inconvenienced. She even worked to put it in their minds that cheating on their husbands would be preferable to a swap.

Therefore, after sending Tiana to talk to Ariel, you are shocked to see her sobbing in tears. The other girls try to provide her comforting looks, but only Merida seems particularly sympathetic. The other women are cut from a rougher cloth and can’t sympathize too much with the idea that ‘words hurt’. Kida might say something like ‘yeah, but fists hurt more!’, while Snow White might wonder why Tiana didn’t pull out her spine after Ariel slighted her.

“That just doesn’t sound like Ariel.” Merida shakes her head in disbelief, the only other woman close to Ariel.

As to Merida herself, she plans to avoid Ariel and the king at all costs. They haven’t recognized her so far, but she technically is a deserter if you got right down to it. You used a little magic to make her harder to recognize earlier, so it shouldn’t be a problem. However, that didn’t mean Merida wants to get close to this impostor and test her luck.

“Exactly, that’s why it wasn’t Ariel,” You pat Tiana’s head. “I’ll get down to the bottom of this… err… tomorrow, I have some responsibilities tonight.”

The patting seems to make her happy, so you’re find with continuing to do it. Tiana seems to preen under your attention, becoming even more spoiled. However, she looks surprisingly cute when she’s being spoiled, so you’ll do it just this once.

“Are those responsibilities banging more married women?” Tiana suddenly asks mischievously.

Her cuteness level plummets in an instant. A pin could drop in the silence that follows and everyone present would hear it.

“I-is that true… yo-you’d rather bang flabby old married sluts than this virgin you own?” Rapunzel asks tearfully.

“Ah… commoner! You’re rubbing my head a little hard now!”

“So, so warrior is weak against old ladies… good to know.” Snow White snorts.

“That’s not true… it’s…. it’s just a phase!” Merida tries to defend me.

“Ow! You’re rubbing my head way too hard!”

“I know I’m inexperienced and broke the bed last time, but rookie doesn’t have to depend on betrothed women to find the skillset he needs. I will definitely work harder to learn properly!” Kida speaks to you pleadingly.

“Now you’re just pulling my hair. Stop! Stop, please spare me!”

You stand up, finally letting go of Tiana’s head as she rubs it tearfully. “I don’t have to take this kind of abuse! I’m going to go where I’m appreciated.”

You storm out of the room, leaving the six women gawking at you. They’re completely misunderstanding things! It has nothing to do with their experience or your personal tastes. It has to do with availability. Any of your harem you could fuck any time you want. These married sluts are only available while you’re here. You are simply having your cake and eating it too, which is the proper thing to do with cake, if you recall the proverb correctly.

In fact, no sooner did you come back to the mansion from the tournament than you found three separate seductive notes from various women wanting a rendezvous. One of them is Selena, who wants to meet you again behind her husband’s back this time. The other two came from the last two married woman in this mansion who have yet to taste your cock. They are called Keri and Christina, or so the names on the letters claim. You don’t really remember their faces, but it’ll come to you after you are balls deep inside them.

You don’t know if the girls are in cohoots, but they also ask you to meet seemingly in perfect intervals. As long as you don’t dally too much, you could afford to rendezvous and have all three women tonight. Maybe with some convincing you could get all five of the married skanks for some group fun. Perhaps that is just some wishful thinking, but you plan to enjoy the buffet while it is open.

You only are half way to Selena’s rendezvous when you turn a corner to come face to face with the person you don’t expect. It is Ariel, or rather the woman pretending to be Ariel.

“H-hello! You’re Riun’s leader, yes?” The voice sounds like Ariels as well, immediately putting a frown on your face.

“Yeah, I’m him.” You respond, eying the imposter suspiciously.

Ariel gives you a side look before she leans a bit closer. “I heard from some sources that a lot of the ladies here have been… enjoying your company immensely. They told me it’s big, is this true?”

True, she is acting a bit pervy like Ariel, but it still feels off to you. Before you broke Ariel in, she barely knew what a penis was, let alone what it did. For this woman to be enticed by dick, there is just no way that she is the princess! As you think these things, you stand in stony silence, which seems to only encourage this woman, who moves to the point where her chest would be smashed against yours, if she had the chest of the real Ariel.

“Would you like to come back to my place? Perhaps show me what it can do?” Her eyes flash excitedly.

You can’t help but raise an eyebrow as the fake Ariel hits on you just like all of the horny married women! What in the world is going on?

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