The World of Women – Chapter 6

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“You… bastard!” The loud shout occurred the very next morning.

Madison, my eldest sister, was blond and blue eyed, which I was told made her take up after my father more than my mother. Unlike my younger sister, who had a plump youthfulness, Madison was tall, taller than me at the moment by half a head. She had long, thin delicate arms and legs, and wiry frame that came off as more petite despite her height on me. Her hair was made up in a single large fishtail braid that ran down the back of her neck, nearly reaching her butt.

I was reading in the library, trying to enhance my knowledge of this world. My previous twelve years of life had left me somewhat dumb. Men in this world didn’t need to know anything. If they could jizz, it was sufficient to succeed in life. For a person like me, that wouldn’t do. Thankfully, I had all of my collective knowledge from my previous life, or I would have been a complete idiot when it came to things like mathematics or critical thinking. Even so, I knew virtually nothing about this world I was reborn in, and so before I was sent to the academy at the age of sixteen, I wanted to learn as much as I could so that I didn’t have to feel stupid.

That’s how Madison caught me reading a history book that should have been four to five years outside my age range. Fortunately, the girl was too angry to notice things like what book I was reading. Instead, she stormed around the couch until she was standing over me, glaring down. Her light skin with barely any tan flashing deeply red that even revealed a few freckles on her cheeks.

I slowly sat up in my couch, discarding the book. I noticed that there was someone else hiding partially behind the door. She wore an anxious look as she watched the pair of us with one eye, while the rest of her body was hidden in the shadows of the hallway. I immediately understood what this was about by one look at Hannah hiding nearby. Had they somehow found out about what I had done to mother last night, then I didn’t think things would fit this particular arrangement.

Either way, I didn’t think mom would be so willing to reveal such a shameful act. Being seduced by her twelve-year-old son would be impossible for a woman to admit. She likely blamed herself, and would keep secret about the situation. She certainly wouldn’t talk to her daughters about it. Their relationship was already estranged as it were. If I could in the future, I should figure out a way to improve mom’s relationship with my sisters. Perhaps, in time, all four of us could share a bed together.

“What does my beautiful sister want?” I asked.

“Y-“ Madison’s tirade was stopped as soon as she heard the word beautiful, but rather than making her happy, her look soured further and she gave me a hateful glare. “How dare you do what you did the Hannah, you bastard!”

“Huh? What did I do?” I gave an innocent reply.

“You… won’t admit it?” My innocent looking face caused a moment of doubt to spread on Madison’s expression, causing her to look up at Hannah.

When I glanced back at Hannah, she was shaking her head tearfully. It was clear that Hannah had not shared any particular details with Madison. Furthermore, this confrontation was pushed forward by Madison, not Hannah. As to how much Madison did know, I couldn’t say for sure.

“I admit I kissed Hannah, but she’s my adorable sister, so why shouldn’t I kiss her?”

I downgraded my actions to a kiss. However, even so, Madison’s eyes flashed with rage at my admission.

“So, you confess! How dare you touch Hannah? Don’t you get what she’s been through?”

“Eh? What has she been through? Did something happen?” I gave a questioning frown.

“Don’t act stupid, you…” Madison became uncertain again upon seeing my very real confusion. “Mo-mother didn’t tell you?”

“Why did something happen? Wait, did a guy touch you!” I immediately sat up straight and turned to Hannah, not totally stopping the fury from reaching my face.

The protective look I gave confused Madison fiercely. Hannah squeaked and hid farther behind the door. It took me a moment to realize those words came more from my past self. The idea of another man accosting Hannah in this world was as likely as being struck by lightning. I quickly schooled my features, turning back to Madison, whose violent anger had diminished to a low boil.

“I don’t care what you know.” Madison finally said. “Hannah is off-limits!”

“Ah… but I need Hannah?” I said innocently.

My words were so light that Madison couldn’t figure out how to respond. Meanwhile, Hannah finally peeked out from the door, her eyes flashing with a weird light.

“Why… why do you need our sister?” Madison demanded with her arms folded under her chest.

“After my maid was dismissed, I don’t have any other playmates close to my age. Mom didn’t tell you?”

“Mom didn’t tell us what?”

“Last week, I was… raped.”

Madison’s eyes widened, and the traces of anger on her face immediately lessoned as she took a step back, putting her hand to her mouth. Meanwhile, even Hannah took a single step into the room, her hand reaching out towards me as if she wanted to give comfort before pulling away and hiding behind the door again.

“Raped? Th-the maid?”

I merely nodded. “Mother said the maid wanted my seed to have a baby. She… got on top of me… and did… things. When mom caught her, she said since the woman had awakened my manhood, she needed to finish the job. Ever since, mom said if I’m feeling aroused, I need someone to take care of it! She says if I don’t, my seed will be compromised. So, I grew confused, and when I saw Hannah there, I tried to do what mom told me. But then Hannah ran and I didn’t even get to release. It didn’t damage my seed, did it sister?”

As I spoke, my voice grew more petulant and tears started to fall from my eyes. By the time I asked the final question, I was already sobbing. Suddenly, guilt spread over Madison’s face. Men were men, after all. They were delicate creatures, and you had to take care of them. Sperm count was very important, and if Hannah’s circumstances had caused me to loose fertility or become impotent, there would be hell to pay.

My face fell into my hands as I cried, but it was only to cover the smirk on my lips. Even Hannah had stepped into the room, immense guilt on her face. Both girls were simply way too gullible! The men of this world might as well be unicorns for all the knowledge women had on them. I could say my penis will fall off in the next minute unless they bend over and take it, and they probably would! Still, I needed to keep my lies within reason, or they’d inevitably be caught. For example, mom never suggested I seek out my sisters to take care of it. Quite the opposite, she had told me to only touch my sisters with their expressed permission.

“I’m sorry to hear what happened. I know being a man is… difficult.” Madison was starting to get over her shock, the anger reasserting itself. “However, it still absolutely can’t be Hannah!”

“Ah, but all the maids are too old…” I muttered to myself thoughtfully, “Does that mean, the person I should find is Madison?”

Madison’s eyes widened and once again she took a step back in surprise.

“Ah!” The voiced protest actually came from Hannah, who reach out to Madison before pulling back again, however, she didn’t hide behind the door again, remaining near the couch to my right.

Upon hearing Hannah’s protest, Madison looked at the flushed Hannah, then me, then Hannah again, before giving a resolute nod. “Mm… if you need to take care of things, then I’ll do it!”

I nearly fell over when I heard those words. Could the sister who hates me really be a tsundere? I expected her to be the hardest nut to crack, but in a single moment I had gotten her to agree to take care of all my sexual needs? Of course, I also understood that talk was cheap.

“Sister… no. You don’t have to, I will…” Hannah’s voice started with strength before she suddenly blushed and looked down at her feet, one arm rubbing the other anxiously.

“If you’re willing to take care of it, then shouldn’t we get started?” I interject.

“Ah!” This time it was Madison who shouted. “What? Now? B-but… but… it’s not hard.”

Looking at my crotch out of the corner of her eyes, she pointed down deliberately and then straightened her back, as if the evidence she’d given was undeniable. Meanwhile, Hannah rubbed her hands together looking between the pair of us with an anxious look.

“True… not completely… but I need to know you can do it. If I come to you and you’re not willing, won’t that cause even more damage then? Thus, we need to practice now so there are no mistakes.” I explained calmly.

“You…” Madison shivered slightly, her hands tightening against her sides, but after a moment she gave a deliberate nod. “Hannah, please leave for now.”

The seriousness on her face quickly caused me to grow excited, however, my arousal was quickly dampered when Hannah stepped forward. “N-no… Madison. It’s not right. I… I must…”

Hannah looked down before revealing what she must do, unable to channel more strength.

Madison gave her a sympathetic look, walking over to Hannah and giving her a hug. “I know, Hannah, it’s fine. You don’t have to force yourself. I’ll never let anyone you don’t want touch you again.”

“Okay, what happened to Hannah? I want to know!” I demanded.

Madison shot me a hateful look, but when Hannah touched Madison’s shoulder and gave her a confirming nod, Madison could only sigh.

“Mom must have hidden it from you, but a few years ago Hannah was… she was also… molested…”

I immediately stood up, fury painted on my face. Who the hell touched my sister? I would kill them. Madison seemed put off by the belated rage, while Hannah merely cowered behind Madison. After taking a deep breath and nodding for Madison to go on, she continued.

“It was one of those lipstick lesbians. Those manhaters who run around wearing fake male parts and taking joy in molesting women. It was at a movie theater. I was supposed to go with Hannah but didn’t feel good so I stayed behind. Hannah really wanted to watch the movie so she went alone. Then… one of those creeps sat next to Hannah and started feeling her up. It was my fault, because I wasn’t there my little sister was molested. Those lipstick bitches… I hate them!”

Hannah touched Madison’s shoulder as if to say it wasn’t her fault, while Madison’s own shaking got even worse.

“Did… did this… erm… lipstick lesbian… stick that errr… fake male organ, in Hannah?” I asked, trying to grasp the level of the violation.

Madison turned her head. “No… but that was only because someone at school noticed her in the theater. A group of classmates saw her… and they also saw the lipstick bitch. Hannah managed to use the interruption to escape, but ever since, rumors at school call her a lipstick lesbian and she doesn’t have any friends.”

I winced at the words. They perhaps weren’t as bad as I had feared, but also not great either. These girls were young, and the cruelty of other children knew no bound. My little sister had been suffering, and I hadn’t even been aware of it. More than that, I seemed to exasperate the situation with my own presence. This must have just happened two years ago, which is why mom was so angry when I called Madison a lipstick lesbian back then. At the time, this crisis must have been fresh. Now, I had touched Hannah in ways that must have reminded her of back then, further upsetting her.

“I’m sorry…” I responded simply. “I didn’t know.”

Madison only sniffed. “Yeah, well now you do. Hannah, please go. I must take care of our brother properly.”

“No…” I said before Hannah could make another protest, causing both girls to look at me in surprise.

“No?” Madison asked suspiciously.

“I take it back, I don’t need Madison to take care of me.” I declared.

Madison gave a sharp look before letting out a breath and nodding. “Good, I’m glad brother is seeing reas-“

“Because, Hannah will definitely be mine!” I declared, pointing at Hannah.

‘Eh? Eh!” Hannah grew flustered as she stared at the finger pointing at her.

“Bastard! You have no shame!” Madison stepped between the two of us, her face flushed red with anger.

“What is shame? You’re the one trying to keep Hannah from properly fulfilling her sisterly duties!”

“Can’t you see that this stuff bothers Hannah? How can you be so insensitive?” Madison barked back.

“Yeah, bad stuff happened to Hannah, with a strange woman! I’m not a stranger nor a woman! Do you think that Hannah should just go her whole life afraid of touch? Should she never have a baby either?”

“That is something completely different! She already has problems at school, you want her to be known for sleeping with her brother?”

“At least no one would think she’s a lesbian.”

“Stop! Both of you!” The words weren’t loud, but Hannah seemed to force them out of her with all the wind she had, causing her face to turn flushed as she gasped for breath.

The pair of us both turned over to Hannah in surprise. During the argument, the distance between us had closed, and while we were yelling, we were nearly in each other’s faces. I didn’t realize how close I as to Madison until Hannah had broken up our little argument.

“Hannah…” Madison looked over guiltily, knowing that she was overstepping herself. “Please, you need to tell brother off once and for all. Only-“

Hannah raised her hand, silencing Madison before she looked at the both of us, her brow furrowed in frustration. “Brother… is different than that women.”


“I told you-“

“But!” Hannah’s voice wasn’t suited for being loud, and came off closer to hoarse. “But… brother must be patient with me. If he does, then Hannah will definitely take care of brother when he needs it!”

Madison’s expression fell, and she looked slightly pouty after Hannah’s determined resolution. As to what Hannah was thinking, I was not sure. Despite the sensitive situation, I had both sisters fighting over the right to satisfy me. As a brother, this naturally made me feel good. On top of that, my mother already agreed to satisfy my needs, so this was just extra gravy. Fortunately, the strained relationship between my mom and sisters would keep them from sharing details with each other. Was I being a little selfish? Possibly. But even if it blows up in my face, who’d ever blame a twelve-year-old for manipulating a bunch of older women?

Madison was angrier than I thought, because a second later she turned and stormed out of the room.

“Madison!” Hannah took a half step in Madison’s direction, but Madison had already left.

Hannah lowered her head, her hands hugging herself while she wore an expression that was hard for me to read. I wasn’t so vein as to think Madison was fighting for the right to sleep with me, but there was more to the story than I understood. Clearly, Madison saw herself as some kind of protector, and Hannah’s assertion of independence had offended her. I could only give a shrug. Trying to figure out what women were thinking was hard enough in a world full of men. In this world, it was helpless even trying it.

“Hey… Hannah…” I said, looking at the girl left behind by her guardian sister.

“Ah!” Hannah gave a little shout turning to me and realizing we were once again alone together. “B-b-brother, what do you need? Ah! That… right… I did say…”

I turned my back on Hannah. “I was only testing Madison. Like I said, I’m not really horny right now.”

That was a bit of a lie. Frankly, how close Madison got to starting to pleasure me had instantly aroused my interest. However, now that I knew Hannah’s issues, I also didn’t want to rush Hannah anymore. I had mother to take care of my other needs, so naturally, I could now afford to take my time with Hannah. In fact, I might stop by mom’s room tonight and release some more tension. She had already agreed to be my tension relief once, so it shouldn’t be difficult to push my mother down again. Perhaps, I’d take my time and enjoy her with a little more foreplay. I hadn’t eaten pussy since my wife in college. After we married, she wasn’t into it because she said it made her self-conscious.

While I was thinking about my next conquest, Hannah was trying to read the expressions on my face from the side. She had a worried look on her face, clearly deeply concerned about what I was going to do. I quickly schooled my face to hide any expression from her. I took a step towards Hannah. She jerked back, but after a second, returned, her eyes lowering as I came close to her. Her breath tightened and she started to unconsciously shiver. Even now, my dear 14-year-old sister was afraid of me.

I lifted my hand and patted her on the head. At first, Hannah jerked, but after a moment, her expression started to calm down. Finally, her eyes closed, and she even seemed to like my patting. I finally removed my hand and walked past her.

“Eh?” Hannah gave a surprised noise as she turned to follow me, now confused that I was leaving.

“What is it?” I asked, turning back and giving a gentle smile.

“Ah, it’s just… about… that…” Hannah pressed her fingers together, finding herself unable to find the right words.

“Hannah, do you love me?” I asked.

Hannah’s eyes widened as I spoke, but immediately she nodded. “Y-yes… of course… you’re my little brother… so naturally… I l-l-love…”

Her voice drifted off before she could finish that, her entire face blushing as she looked down shyly.

“What was that?” I demanded.

“I… I… I… love… little brother…” Hannah blushed even more, but she barely managed to get the words out hoarsely.

I leaned forward and kissed the blushing girl on the forehead quickly before she could react. “Then, don’t worry about it. We’ll be together forever.”

“F-forever?” Hannah seemed to be pondering the word like she didn’t understand what it meant.

“Plus,” I added as I walked away from her. “We’ll have plenty of time to try every position in that book.”

“Ah!” Hannah let out a cry, but I already turned the corner, not seeing as she grew flustered once again and blushed from embarrassment. I just couldn’t stop myself from teasing her.

After a nice dinner of steak and potatoes, nothing was too good for me as my mother always said, I went off to my bedroom to read. However, the history book I picked up was exceptionally dull. As a result, I quickly found myself drifting off to sleep. Sometime later, I heard a knock on my door. However, I was too tired to get it, so I decided to ignore it. That’s when I heard the door creek open.

I still wasn’t completely awake yet, the noises seeming to come distant. It wasn’t until I heard rustling and felt someone pushing down on the foot of my bed that my eyes finally flickered open. The dream I was having was a repetition of the previous night with mom, so of course my cock was sporting a nice erection, poking up in the sheets. However, when I opened my eyes, what I saw was not expected.


Madison was kneeling on the foot of my bed, looking like she was in the process of crawling up to me. What was more shocking was that she was wearing a dress. It was a very simple spaghetti strap white dress. It was very clear in this particular lighting that two little nubs were poking through her dress, indicating she wasn’t wearing a bra at all! Seeing me awake, Madison immediately crossed her arms , hiding her chest and looking away.

“Hmph! Don’t get the wrong idea. I won’t let you have Hannah. No matter what either of you think, I won’t let it happen. If I take care of it myself before you can run to Hannah, then you won’t be able to do anything about it!”

I considered I’d be stopping at mom’s room before the end of the night. But with the flushed Madison standing there in a cute summer dress. It looked like I didn’t have to.

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