The Power of Creation – Chapter 232

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“That’s her… that’s the love of my life,” Reginald said tightly, and then his face gave a little frown. “But now I’ve had a baby, although could you really say the baby’s mine?”

“!” For a second you became terrified the Reginald has realized the truth about his future child.

It takes you a moment to realize that he meant in some metaphorical sense. Since his wife was chosen by the king, and her loyalties are questionable, then a baby birthed by her, could he really call it a proper heir? It was psychological drivel like that. You honestly aren’t paying that much attention. You are just here to see your girls blow though the semi-finals.

You are both back in the stadium. King Gaston is also present, as is a beautiful woman at his side. She is an attractive woman, at a level where she could even join your harem as an older woman in her 30s. She has age to her, but also a maturity and queenliness that even Aurora can’t match. She is a woman used to authority, with large green eyes, a doll-like face, and curly lavender hair. That’s right, her hair is a light purple color you didn’t even know existed in this world.

She catches the eye of many of the men here, although with your gladiators near the side of the stage, she doesn’t make as much of an impact as she might have in the past. Many of your women have large breasts and wear more revealing clothing, so when it came to eye candy, she is lacking. The queen is regal, with barely A size boobs and an elaborate dress that hides most of her body.

“What’s her name?” you ask.

“Esmeralda…” Reginald said lovingly.

“Fuck!” You curse, causing Reginald to give you a questioning look. “Nothing… just a hunch.”

Esmeralda? Why did it have to be an Esmeralda. She’s not even a princess, she’s a gypsy! Maybe that’s enough? Well, either way, she is on the other side of the stage from you, and you have no plans to pursue her, so it’s all fine. Besides, even though Reginald is a bit of an ass, he’s been hosting you for nearly three weeks, shared his wife with you once willingly and a couple times unknowingly. Most of all, he’s probably going to be the guy raising you child… ahem… allegedly you mean. There is no proof it’s yours! Either way, you didn’t plan to NTR the guy.

Instead, you sit back and enjoy the semi-finals. With a couple drinks which you allow to affect you, it is actually a bit of fun watching your girls pile drive the greatest knights in the human realm into the ground. Snow White sent hers out in a coma! Rapunzel, no longer a virgin, also seems to be showboating, trying to impress you with her fighting prowess. You’ve already banged her, she’s joined the harem, so you wonder why she keeps wanting your attention. She’s a bit like Anna and Elsa in that regard. Perhaps she has low self-worth and thus needs to try to impress? Who knows.

When the semi-finals are over, you head back to the mansion and enter your room. You end up finding yourself spy- ahem… watching the fake Ariel as she swings and misses again sexually. The girl is growing quite frustrated now. You snicker as she finally succumbs to masturbating. Ariel pulls up her skirt and rubs hard, trying to get herself off. However, your spell holds true, and no matter how hard she rubs, she can never quite make it to orgasm. Finally, she succumbs to frustrated tears and ends up downing a bottle of wine until she passes out drunk.

With those important things out of the way, you consider what you’re going to do next. Perhaps you could go enjoy some teamworking exercises with your girls. Hmmm… what to do today?

Knock. Knock. Knock.

You’re brought out of your thoughts by a sudden knock on the door. It isn’t fake Ariel and it isn’t any of the other girls in your harem. Perhaps one of the noble women have grown desperate or bold enough to come to your room? Well, you did sort of cut them off cold turkey after blowing up the city. It’s hard to look women in the eye after you disintegrated them in a fit of rage.

You stand up and walk over to the door, opening it and peaking outside.


“Hello, you are the Lord of Riun, yes? Rumors of your exploits have traveled far and wide. I’m in need of your services. This is a royal request.”

You stare in silence, feeling a sinking sensation as you speak to her. “Uh? Request?”

“That’s right…” Esmeralda, Queen of the Great Empire, the most powerful woman in the human realm is standing in front of your door, “I need your cock inside me immediately! As the Queen, I order it!”

Well… if it’s an order…

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