The World of Women – Chapter 11

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Another month went by, my relationship with mother becoming quite stable. If anything, mother’s affection for me seemed to grow with each sexual encounter. Soon, we were regularly having dates, which were just to say we had candle-lit dinners. At this point, it was impossible to hide our sexual escapades from the staff, and I received a few knowing glances from the maids, who at least understood my mother’s relationship with me wasn’t normal.

Mom even proposed that we could move our bedrooms together, connecting them with a door so we can more easily sleep together. I refused the notion. This didn’t have to do with any issue regarding mom. It had more to do with the fact I was still getting nightly visits from Madison. Madison turned sixteen and was now going to the academy. This seemed to take up a lot of her time, and thus her visits with me had slowed down significantly.

This was a blessing in surprise, because as Madison sucked me off less, mom wanted more and more of me, the lustfulness of a middle-aged MILF knowing no limits. This all came to a culmination when we had a close call where Madison nearly walked in on me having sex with mom. Fortunately, mom had installed a chain lock on the inside of my door to allow us some privacy. When Madison opened the door and it stopped short a crack, she grew confused and starting calling my name.

Mom jumped sky high, quickly pulling off my dick. Fortunately, the room was dark and Madison couldn’t see details inside the lite room. Mom ducked through an adjacent servant quarters in order to dodge Madison. With mom gone and me having grown some grey hairs, I finally unlocked and let Madison into my room. It naturally still smelled of sex, and my bed had several wet stains, but it was dark enough and Madison was inexperienced enough that she didn’t realize anything was amiss other than it smelled weird in my room.

Although, when she went to go down on me. “Why is it wet and sticky?”

I hadn’t had a chance to clean it off or dry it out, so naturally all of mom’s lust was still all over my cock. I ended up getting a lecture from Madison about hygiene and how if she was going to do this, then I needed to respect her. However, Madison still didn’t bother to clean it off when she started licking it clean, her brow furrowed from the weird taste that she had recognized on my cock in the past, but she was still way too inexperienced to realize the truth of the matter.

I breathed a sigh of relief once blowing my load inside Madison’s mouth and closing the door behind her. However, I hadn’t even taken a step away from the entrance when the servant door suddenly opened again and mom stepped out. I went white as I realized mom had been present through my entire blowjob. I had assumed she had taken off down the hall, but I guess she had wanted to return after Madison and I talked. Of course, she couldn’t have known Madison had wanted to suck me off and would stay a while, that is… until now.

“You… and Madison…” Mom’s face was expressionless, and my heart felt like it had been stabbed, I was so guilty.

“Ah… yeah…” I said sheepishly. “She… erm… wanted to do it after hearing I was raped… to… help…”

The words sounded hollow in my ears. I could only stand there and wait for my mom to explode, cursing me and storming out of the room. So, imagine my surprise when she suddenly burst into a smile.

“I’m glad to see you getting along so well with your sister.”

“Eh? Ge-getting along?” My voice broke as I sweated coldly.

Mom nodded, “You’d had such a distant relationship with them, I was afraid that there would be animosity between you guys, and that you wouldn’t help you sisters get citizenship. I’ll rest easier knowing that you’ll take care of them, even if you do it yourself.”

“Ah…” I understood mom’s logic, but I still had to ask. “So… so… mom’s not j-jealous?

Mom’s smile suddenly grew and she starting walking towards me with a flash in her eyes. “Oh, hoh, is that saying my boy wants mommy to be jealous? You naughty boy.”

“It’s not that! I just…” I turned my head, a bit of worry flashing in my eyes.

Mom, who could read my expressions best, nodded in understanding. “I love you, honey. I’m yours. My heart, and my body. That’s my decision. I won’t turn away from you just because you have other women. It would just be too selfish of me to keep you all to myself. I’m so much older than you… even if I kept you, it just wouldn’t be fair to you.”

“No, mom is young and beautiful!” I insisted, my words spoken with complete honesty.

Mom gave a smile. “Even if you think that now, you might not when we get older. Either way, you have responsibilities to the government, to your sisters, to many different people. I’m blessed to be able to have you all to myself right now, but I knew that time wouldn’t last forever. I do wish you would have trusted me enough to tell me about Madison earlier though. How long have you guys been having sex?”

“No… no sex. Just blowjobs. Mom is the only woman who has received my seed!”

“Ah!” Mom gave a surprised sound, but after a moment it was clear the words pleased her.

Even though she was okay with sharing, she was still human after all, and didn’t want any other woman to have me. Hearing that the relationship between me and Madison hadn’t progressed passed foreplay made mom very happy. That’s right, I called a blowjob foreplay. In this world where pregnancy was everything, only vaginal intercourse counted as real sex. Even anal sex was considered just foreplay!

“I’m sorry mom, I was just afraid of hurting you. I love you so much that I don’t want you to think bad of me.”

Mom embraced me at that moment, my head going into her boobs as she patted my head affectionately. “Ah… honey, I never would. You’re my everything. Even if you slept with both my daughters, I could only feel happy. However, if you pick up any more lovers in the future, you must tell mommy, okay?”

“O-okay…” I responded, my voice muffled in mom’s naked chest.

“So… um… honey…” Mom suddenly pulled me away, her voice turning serious and her face looking embarrassed. “Uh… who is… who’s… um… better…”

“?” I cocked my head, not understanding the question. “Better?”

“M-madison or I? Who gives better blowjobs?” Mom looked sheepish as she asked, not able to meet my eyes.

I let out a laugh. “AH… mom, hands down!”

Once again, this seemed to please mom. “V-very well, since you think so, do you think you can handle another go?”

With mom acting very cute, and one of my biggest secrets finally out, my cock quickly sprung to attention at those words. My previous cum in Madison’s mouth had been quick, what with my distraction from the uncomfortable situation. Thus, I still had more steam, which mom bulldozed as she got on her knees and showed the difference between an amateurish teenage and an experienced MILF.

“Mmm…mmm… tasty…” Mom muttered as she enjoyed my cock.

“Isn’t that your daughter’s saliva on my cock your tasting?” I asked wryly.

Mom stopped for a second, but then shrugged and kept going. Her admittance of being a pervert had pushed through a lot of her shame. Sucking my cock and tasting her own daughter’s saliva was rather mild compared to some of the naughty things she had done.

“You know, my dick was still wet with your pussy when Madison came over to give me the blowjob. She’s tasted your pussy on me a few times. She says she likes the taste.” I told her in a teasing voice.

Mom’s brow furrowed as she pulled the cock out of her mouth with a gasp. “Wh-what is my son trying to say about his sister?”

I shrugged. “Just that it might not be so bad if the pair of you grew closer.”

Although I meant it purely as a sexual innuendo, Mom’s expression clouded over, and while her hand worked my shaft, she gazed off in thought. “I-I’d really like that.”

My attempt to tease mom about having a threesome with her daughter backfired miserably. However, I was growing more interested in the concept. Since I had already conquered both women, and since mom was aware and accepted Madison, all it needed was a little bit more push, and I could have a mother and her daughter at the same time. Isn’t that the ultimate male fantasy? My mind truly drifted as I thought about having both women naked under me. The thoughts were too erotic along with mom’s expert strokes.

“AH! Honey, give a warning!” Mom shouted in surprise.

With her distracted by thoughts of fixing her relationship with her daughters, and me lost with thoughts of enjoying a relationship with her and her daughters, neither of us paid attention until I came. With mom on her knees stroking my cock, that meant I ended up cumming on mom’s face, even hitting her eye. She tsk’d in annoyance at failing to catch all the seed on her lips, and thus used her fingers to scoop all the seed into her mouth. It was very erotic watching mom do this, and my cock got erect once again.

Unfortunately, twice was my limit, and even after sticking inside of mom once she cleaned herself of my cum, I couldn’t keep it up for long. Once again, mom ended up patting me on my head as I sighed at my lack of sexual drive. Why couldn’t I go for hours until mom’s hips were sore like one of those guys in the novels? They were the lucky ones! I’d need to train myself, especially before sleeping with any women I wasn’t related to. Once I got out into the world, if I wanted women to fall in love with me, I needed to pleasure them better than they could pleasure themselves. Fortunately, I had a teacher.

“Eh, you want me to do what?” Mom was a bit surprised when I asked her.

I explained myself, and my desire to win other women’s love. Mom only nodded in understanding before giving me a kiss and a hug, snuggling against me contently.

“Of course, I will do so. I planned to teach you everything I knew about sex anyway, I just sort of forgot while enjoying myself.” Mom gave a silly look while sticking out her tongue. “However, before you head to academy, I’ll make sure you know everything about the female body and can last ten… no twenty minutes!”

The pair of us giggled and laughed as we held each other in bed, truly feeling loved as we caressed each other’s naked bodies without any shame or restraint.

Like that, that month went by with me enjoying mother with an occasional side of Madison. As far as Hannah, we hadn’t spent much time together since the video had been found. She kept to herself in her room most of the time. I had managed to corner her once, but I barely got past first base when our actions got inadvertently interrupted by a maid who came in to clean. I had considered just going to Hannah’s room and pushing her down on her own bed, but with my needs being met by two women, I wasn’t so sexually needy that I felt the overwhelming drive to add a third.

Plus, although Madison was busy, she still played watchdog, so the times I could make advances on Hannah were few. At least for Hannah’s part, she had not mentioned any of these advances to Madison, or Madison would have likely cut me off from her cute mouth. Hannah was actually busy preparing for the entrance exams to academy. So time with Hannah was very limited for various reasons.

It was about a month and a half after I had found the holotape on my birthday, my mom had gone out to fill out some forms. I had begged her to take me out with her, but I still was restricted to the mansion. Had my days not been filled with sex, I’d likely have gone stir crazy. Even still, I was getting sick of reading and I was looking for something to break up the monotony of this life.

I was lying on my bed, not reading the book in my hands as I stared blurrily at the page for ten minutes straight. That’s when a knock came at my door. Mom wouldn’t be back, Madison was at college, and the maid had already left lunch, so I didn’t really know who would be knocking like this. When I opened the door, my eyes widened in surprise. On the other side of the door was a maid afterall. Actually, it was Veris, my maid who had been out with a back problem that had stretched on for two months, all after I had offered to impregnate her and her daughter.

Veris was not wearing her maid outfit though. Instead, she was wearing a dress that ended pretty short. It was basically her street clothing, which I had never seen her in while she was at the mansion. I gestured to let Veris into my room, unsure about what this was all about.

“Veris? What’s up?” I asked.

“I-I’ve heard from some of the other maids that you and the mistress are… sleeping together?”

My eyebrow rose at those words. It wasn’t the fact that she knew was a surprise. Like I had said, all of the maids knew. However, it was also something no one would openly talk about. It was a family secret, and one the maids wouldn’t mention to anyone, at least if they wanted to keep their jobs. Well, apparently they gossiped among themselves. To so blatantly asked, it was truly bold.

“What my mom and I do in our own time is none of your concern…” I responded, my voice sounding a little colder than I wanted it too.

“O-of course, master!” Veris shook her head as if to say she wasn’t trying to pry. “I meant… that you… what you promised me two months ago, did you truly mean it?”

The sudden change in direction with her question cought me off guard. I actually didn’t understand what she meant for a moment. A little over two months ago, Veris had given me a hand job, and being quite horny, I had shamelessly hit on her. At the time, I was very wound up and thinking almost entirely with my dick. Now that I was in a steady relationship with mom, I had gotten my teenage hormones in check. Suffice it to say, even though Veris was pretty, I would probably not have said what I said back then otherwise.

Veris must have seen something from the look in my eyes and reached out and grabbed my arm. “B-because, master… if you’re serious, please let me take you up on your offer?”

“Huh? N-now?”

Veris gave a wry smile. “Mistress is out right now, so this must be the most appropriate time.”

I frowned a bit, not quite sure. I didn’t really need to have sex with her. Veris was merely pretty, but also a bit on the older side. Other than not having any relation to me, the sexual gain didn’t seem worth it. I especially didn’t want to do this behind mother’s back.

“Veris… as far as impregnating you…”

“Ah! That’s right!” Veris took a step back, her eyes looking frightened of rejection as she went back to the door. “The promise wasn’t just me, right?”


Veris opened the door, and then reached out. She seemed to grab someone who was waiting just outside my door before dragging them in. The figure was cloaked, making my hackles rise. However, no sooner did they step in the room then did they lower their hood, revealing another pretty girl. Actually, I ended up looking back at Veris, then the other girl, and then back again. The familiarity was readily apparent.

“This is Nada. I told you about her. While she lost her virginity at 18, she wasn’t able to become pregnant. You wouldn’t mind, would you?”

While Veris was forty years only, this girl had much softer skin and a greater youthfulness, perhaps being in her twenties. In truth, she didn’t look much younger than my mother. True… my mother was in her thirties, but she had a very youthful appearance that made her look to be only her twenties. Meanwhile, this woman was merely a twenty something woman. She had size C breasts, hair cropped at the neck, and narrow eyes. She curtsied to me as soon as she came in.

“Your… daughter?” I asked cautiously.

Veris nodded excitedly. “My daughter must absolutely become pregnant! Naturally, I thought of master. Since you’re already sexually activate and have been depositing inside mistress, then it should be no problem depositing it in my daughter, yes?”

“M-mom…” The girl looked away shyly, the act of Veris trying to sell her to me clearly embarrassing the woman. “He’s only thirteen, this is a little-“

“Oh, hush now!” Veris dismissed whatever her daughter was going to say. “He’s only been enjoying old ladies. You’re probably the closest woman to his age he’s ever been with!”

“Are you saying you want me to impregnate your daughter?” I asked.

“Of course, I want my daughter to be pregnant, but I also would like to have another as well. Is that too much for young master? Can you please fill both of our wombs with your cum?” Veris asked innocently.

Even though my performance with mom still hadn’t grown to the point where I could do tons, I could probably manage to cum twice at least. This was a matter of pride, after all. My eye brows could only rise as I started to grasp the situation. It was starting to look like I didn’t need to wait to bring Madison around before I could enjoy a threesome with a mother and her daughter. Without even trying, it had fallen right into my lap.

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