The Power of Creation – Chapter 283

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“Ahhh…. Ahhh… Ahhhn… C-cumming!” Gothel cries as you ride her ass from behind.

“Me too!” You declare, as you cock swells.

You shoot hot cum deep inside her womb as she cries in euphoria. Gothel’s pussy feels incredible, and she’s very much into sex. It’s actually very easy to satisfy her. She’s quick to orgasm, but always ready for another bout. It’s quite fun and you’re actually enjoying yourself. You collapse right next to her, the smell of sex wadding out from the pair of you.

“H-hungry…” Gothel mutters.

“Ah… I guess I can summon some food.”

“Bothersome…” Gothel sighs, snapping her fingers.

Immediately, the door opens and a scantily clad woman walks in. She’s wearing almost nothing, with a see-through robe covering a voluptuous naked body. In her hands is a tray full of various foods. She immediately puts it on the bed. Giving both of us a bow, she shoots you a wink before turning and walking away. You admire her behind which is visible through the robe on her way out.

“You like?” Gothel asks mischievously.

“Yes!” You nod, having long sense shed off any sense of shame.

“She’s yours. They all are. I used to have male servants, but I fired them all once I knew you were coming.” Gothel explains, pulling up a grape. “Here, eat with me.”

You take a grape from her finger, and then she takes that finger to her mouth and sucks on it a second, looking at you innocently.

“This is nice…” You sigh, wrapping you arms around her.

Gothel is soft and smooth, and the feel of her in your arms is nice. Every once in a while, you squeeze on her puffy tail, and she smiles at you. The fire rages on, and you lie in bed with Gothel deep into the night.

“I’m always running around.” You admit. “I recently went on vacation, and it ended up leaving me more exhausted than when I came.”

“Mmm…” Gothel nods, her head pushed into your arms. “That sounds rough.”

Gothel was actually very pleasant. She was gentle and all she did is listen. She had few demands. Actually, all in all, it was really easy talking to her. She was like the best parts of all the harem. Vivacious and sexual, comforting, beautiful, understanding, and gentle…

“I mean, I love my girls, but they always want my attention, so gets kind of to the point where I don’t have any me time.” You explain.

“Well, your powers make you that of a god, don’t they?” Gothel asks.

“Yeah, basically…”

“Then shouldn’t you be able to decide on all of these things.” Gothel suggests. “I’m yours, but I’m only yours for as long as you want me. You can have me, or you can have your servants. Or you can have anything. You are king, after all, it is your kingdom. Do what makes you happy.”

“Ah… well… with my magic, it’s always easier to-“

“Easier for you?”

“…” You look down.

Of course, from the beginning, you have always made things harder on yourself. Sometimes, it was just for fun. Other times, it was because of a sense of duty to your harem.

Gothel strokes your head comfortingly. “It’s okay. I didn’t mean anything by it. It sounds very troublesome. How about, you just stay with me a little bit longer.”

“Mm… you smell good.”

“Hmph… don’t smell, it makes me nervous.” Gothel looks away then puts her fingers together. “But… I could go for another round of sex… if you want.”

“Ah… now that, I might just do!”

You embrace Gothel once again. She spreads her legs as you slide inside of her. The pair of you kiss for several minutes. Her breath is sweet and she makes cute noises as she moans against you mouth. Her body is small, but it fits within your embrace perfectly. The feel of her pussy is tight and relaxing. You don’t bang her hard like a pornstar. You don’t need to. The pair of you just embrace in bed, feeling each other, holding each other.

Deep into the night you slide in and out of her. Does she cum? Do you cum? Does it matter. The feeling is wonderful. Her body is wonderful. It’s just nice. Breakfast in bed, some pillow talk, back to fucking. It’s nice. It’s relaxing. She massages your muscles as you lie on the bed. She makes cute little noises as she sleeps in your arm. She remains by your side, never questioning, never judging, never demanding. The fire rages on.

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