The Power of Creation – Chapter 292

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“Thank you, king of Riun.” The princess of the eagle tribe bowed. “You have saved us all.”

“Yeah… yeah…” You sigh, walking off to check on your army on the wall.

Over the last week, you have been in over a hundred skirmishes. With your powers, there is little waiting. You can instantly teleport your army anywhere, surprising the enemy and wiping them out in a heartbeat. Over the last week, you’ve refined your swordsmanship which was only downloaded into your body magically using the true heat of battle.

Admittedly, your body is invincible. In the last 100 battles, you would have been killed with an arrow ten times, and skewered by a lucky blade you weren’t paying attention to another fifteen. So overall, you would have survived 75% of the battles you were in, and with every battle you were growing better and better at it. Soon, even Snow White was growing impressed with battle prowess, which is no longer a matter of tweaking powers and now involves actual experience.

Of course, Florian, Snow White, Kida, and Merida were all there to provide you pointers. Florian’s pointers were the only ones that didn’t devolve into sex eventually. So, for all intent and purposes, you ended up learning more from Florian than you did from the others. You also used Florian’s talents to summon some modern warfare, and you now have a gun unit and even a couple tanks.

Suffice it to say, this eagle tribe is one of three dozen demihumans tribes you’ve already saved. The remaining survivors were brought into the walls of this city which functions as your main headquarters for launching this campaign. Every battle leaves some dead or wounded and some joining your army. Overall, it’s been a surplus, and your army is now the largest force in the mainland. As Grimhilde put it, if every remaining land rose up against you at this moment, even without your own magic skills, your army would be able to steamroll them.

Steamroll is exactly what you needed to do, because there are only a few weeks left until the Demon god breaks into this world. With two Demonlords left, the timing is narrow.

Perhaps, you’d be more excited about this development, but there is just one caveat. No matter how many slavers you cut down, more always come. At first, you had assumed it was a failure of communication. Perhaps you moved too fast for the slavers to hear about their own demise. However, a week had gone by, and there has been more than enough time for the slavers to hear their forces were being systematically wiped out.

These aren’t soldiers, after all. These are slavers looking for a profit. It makes no logical sense that they would throw their lives away attacking the demi-humans and trying to enslave women long after the demi-humans have received reinforcements and mounted a proper resistance.  Yet, these slavers still came in massive waves, riding in to raid every town. When all the small ones had formed into larger walled cities (the walls magically grown overnight by you), they also started banding together to form larger armies.

“These guys… they’re not sanctioned by the human realm.” Kida surmises.

“What do you say that?” I ask.

“We sent a bird to the capital city, to King Eric. He’s offered assistance, and insisted that these are not his. As far as the slaves, he reported he shut down the slave trade three weeks ago, and has seen no influx of illegal activity. In other words, the slaves aren’t being sold in the human realm.”

“Then… just where are the slaves going?” You ponder out loud. “Who would possibly need to enslave nearly 50,000 demi-human women.”

This is only any estimate. Based on your best guess, the entirety of the demi-human realm was made of a couple million demi-humans. That number is probably half that now, with as many as 50,000 women in collars and chains being taken god knew where.

A horn blasted, causing you to walk up to the wall of the city and glance out. A massive slaver army has grown outside the walls of this city. Your army is currently garrisoned inside the city, so you are relatively safe. Even if you can’t summon food as much as you wanted to or leave with the flick of a finger, the harpy forces could easily fly over and bring in supplies. Basically, unless they attack you full force, they are only wasting their time.

“What are they doing?” Grimhilde asks suspiciously.

It was then that you notice a cloaked riding heading out from the army. You curiously watch as they are followed by several other soldiers, including two slaves with bags over their heads. When the group reaches a visible distance just out of arrow reach, the main person steps up and pulls back their hood.

“Hello, thief. Remember me?” The woman who threw off her cloak shouts.

“Nope… not even a little!”

“Hah… well, my face has changed since then. After all, I wear so many faces.”


“Recognize me now?”

“Ma’am… I have no clue who you are.”

“Tsk… I forgot how much you pissed me off. To think you would steal my sisters. Even Gothel is whoring it with you. Before, I fled, but now, I come to end this. Give me my sisters back, immediately.”

“Wait… are you Tremaine?”

“You bastard! You know I’m Cruella! I’m Cruella, I said it twice!”

“Hey, that’s my line!” Maleficent cries out, “She’s definitely Cruella, only Cruella would shamelessly copy others so easily.

“Hahaha!” Cruella laughed, her body shimmering until she suddenly warped her appearance into someone new.

Your eyes widen and you nearly spit blood at the woman standing before you. She is definitely someone you recognize.

“Who is she now?” Grimhilde looks on in confusion. “Some old lady…”

“You bitch!” You curse, flicking her off.

“Hahaha… is that the proper way to talk to your mommy?”

That’s right, her current form is that of your mother. You have no clue how she found out, but she knew what your mother looks like and she turned into the last memory you had of her. Then she, pulls open the cloak, immediately exposing herself. Dressed in nothing but skimpy lingerie is your mother, making lewd gestures with a naughty grin on her face in front of two massive armies.

“Cruella… you bitch… you’re not going to get to me this time!”

“Oh yeah?” Your mom’s face smirks evilly, “We’re just getting started. Guards!”

The two other guards get down, dragging two slave girls forward before shoving them down on their knees. The girls seem to have sexy bodies, at least it was better to look at them than your mother in lingerie next to them. They have outfits a bit like Leia’s slave outfit, except somehow much skimpier.

“Behold, thief, for my next stunt, I’ll need two guests. You may recognize them…” The guards pull off the hoods of the two slaves, and this time you collapse, gripping on to the edge of the wall as you stare fervently at the women on the field.

“Father!” Two girl’s shout, tears falling down their eyes.

Cruella’s two slaves are Anna and Elsa!

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