The Power of Creation – Chapter 321

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“Once upon a time, there was a simple world full of beautiful, easy women. This world was run by the God, Pun, and various other gods. It was a wonderful place, full of creampies, forced pregnancy, nonconsensual sex, and sexual slavery. Then the dark times came. An evil god set his eyes on god’s world, and decided that he wanted it for himself. He set up a plan to resurrect himself in that world, and make it his own.

“In order to fulfill his plan, the Demon God knew he must weaken the nature of reality, so that he could finally step into the world he coveted. To achieve this, he gave the world the capacity to summon heros. Since heros came from other worlds, their very presence cause this world to grow weaker and weaker, less stable. In fact, when heros would gather, sometimes the world would grow so thin that things that made no sense started to happen.

“Unfortunately, the Demon God also had a waifu… the Demon Queen… who was a slutty bitch, and not only did she cheat on him, she then took off with half his stuff! Not done ruining her former lover, she chose to come to this world he coveted, and prevent him from taking it. Thus, she created Demons. Demons were the antithesis to his work. Grotesque monstrosities that were anything but attractive, they surged over the world, intending the kill the humans and heroes alike.

“Of course, the Demon King countered her, and by mixing human blood with demon blood, he created the modern demons, which were often as not, just as sexy as humans! In fact, depending on the fetish, they could be sexier! The Demi-humans also came about some time during his experimentation period. He turned her attempts to spite him into a fetish! After having a vision, the Demon Queen realized that she’d never have the power to defeat the Demon God. The only one who may ever possess that power, were the very heroes he summoned!

“Thus, the Demon Queen began a plan to father children. With seven different demons, she gave herself and became pregnant, infusing each baby with a piece of her very soul. This created the Demon lords, seven beings designed to control the demon lands and counter the heroes. However, that was only a front. Their true purpose was to challenge the heroes.

“You see, they exuded sin. Each woman embodied a sin, but it wasn’t their own actions that mattered, it was the actions of those on their mind. When a demon lord focused on someone, that person would be tempted by her sin. If they could resist each sin and conquer the demon lords, they would be crowned the Demon King, and the Queen would hand him the power necessary to defeat the Demon God.

“What does who they focused on mean? For example, if a hero was to attack the demon lord, and cause her great disruption in a prolonged war, she would naturally always have him on her mind. Thus, he would be corrupted with her sin. In fact, that was how most of the heroes met defeat. They were notorious for becoming corrupted with greed or wrath while in the process of attacking the demon realm.

“Then… I came… I have many names, and yet I am none of them. I am the protagonist, and I was given the godly power of creation. Even the Demon God feared this power, so he made sure the human realm knew that if any hero happened to have this power, they should be killed immediately. Yet… I survived, and then I made my mark on the world. I conquered each of the demon lords, and their focus their minds on me completely. But rather than overcoming my sins, I relished in them. The demon lords were supposed to corrupt me, but in the end, it was I who corrupted them.

“Finally obtaining last of them, I had thought I had finished. Happy ending. But the Demon Queen wasn’t pleased by these results. She was angered that her test had been so thoroughly polluted by me. I was supposed to kill each of her daughters, after overcoming their sins. Her pieces of soul would have returned to her with each death, and only then would she appear and give the champion her power.”

“But I didn’t kill any of them. I conquered their hearts, their bodies, their minds… but I left their lives alone. So, she took them back herself. And now she’s fled this world, abandoning it for the Demon God to do whatever they want. The Demon God is supposed to break into this world in twenty-four hours. What am I to do?”


Hearing silence, you turn to the giant demon guy sitting on the throne. He had a complicated look on his face.


“How the hell am I supposed to know!” He finally shouted, banging his fist.

“I don’t know, Lillian was your lover! You had Grimhilde! That bitch took your daughter! I’m looking for a little support from my father-in-law!”

“You bastard, you raped my daughter and turned her into a cum-loving slut and now you call me father-in-law?” He slammed his fist again, breaking the armrest. “You promised me you’d keep her safe!”

“She’s with her mom!” You shout back. “Besides, I know nothing about the Demon Queen, you can’t give me any intel? In fact, for all I know, since Grimhilde is the youngest, you’re the last dick the queen has enjoyed!”

“Tsk… I was the strongest general in the army. The Demon Queen didn’t really offer me much of a choice. It wasn’t like love was involved or anything.”

“Then, what should I do?” You ask again.

Seeing the genuine look of loss in your eyes, the demon finally relaxes. He did love his daughter, even if he had no feelings for the mother. His daughter loved this man, he knew that as well. He tries to keep that in his thoughts as he thinks of advice.

The demon leans back in his chairs and sighs, rubbing his eyes. “I don’t know. You’ve gotten this far on your instincts, right? Why don’t you just do what you always do?”

Your eyes suddenly flash with clarity as you look up. “Do… what I always do-“

“Yeah… I guess…” He stopped when he noticed the heat in your eyes.

“You mean… rape her into submission! It’s so simple! Who cares if she has her own power of creation! Never stopped me from raping my daughters!”

“Wait… what?” The demon sat up.

“Thank you, father-in-law, I’ll make sure to give my mother-in-law the dicking of her lifetime. You said it yourself, it’s likely been 17 years since she’s had a good dick. That’s if she’s every had a decent one…”


“I’ll be back! Or fuck trying!”

“S-s-s-stop a moment!” The demon called out, but you teleport away before he can stop you. He sits back in his seat, looking a hundred years older. “Did I just encourage a man to rape my ex? Damn… I need a drink.”

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