The Power of Creation – Chapter 324

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“Savior, I’ve been waiting for this forever…” Jasmine looks up at you tearfully.

“Mm… I know… I’m sorry I left you waiting.”

Unlike the Jasmine outside, this Jasmine has had years to grow mentally and thus give proper non-statutory consent as a proper adult woman. Regardless of the size and shape of her body, she is a woman in mind and has spent 18 years until now before finally having sex for the first time in a legal, appropriate way. And… when you think about it, this is just a story, where everyone is 18 regardless of their age, that means she like double 18… or 36 is consenting years, so she’s totally legal and not at all a problem. In fact, you guys pull out a sex contract too, going over it and making sure both parties are perfectly consensual and of the appropriate age. She shows you her license showing her as an adult, you also show her yours. It’s a perfect, proper, not at all inappropriate event.

“Jasmine…” You speak, while drinking tea and sitting properly with a proper distance from Jasmine. “Would it be too forward of me, if I might kiss you?”

You glance up to see Jasmine on the bed. She’s ripped off her clothing and her cat ears are twitching with agitation as she spreads her legs, showing her consensual bare but properly aged pussy.

“Will you just fuck me already!” Jasmine cries tearfully.

“Ah, yes…” You toss the tea and the breakfast nook aside and jump on the bed.

Your lips attack Jasmine’s lips, tasting her small barely-legal but definitely totally legal lips and savoring the taste of consensual kissing.

“Mmm!” Jasmine moans happily, her tail swishing with arousal.

Your hands touch her legal body, touching her bare, pink nipples and manipulating them slightly in your fingers. Jasmine’s body spasms, the intense feel of having her body touched being something she had never enjoyed before. Already, she was panting excitedly, her eyes bright as she moaned in pleasure.

“I was sickly and dying when you rescued me. That’s why you’re my savior.” Jasmine says. “Please, after all this time, enjoy my body completely.”

“Okay!” You continue to kiss her tiny body, feeling like a giant who could smother her in a heartbeat.

Was that how Kida felt when she was together with smaller women? Jasmine felt so small and fragile under you, that you couldn’t help but treat you little pussy proper. As things grew more heated, your penis pops out and you push it against her. Jasmine’s pussy is so small and tight that you realize that it couldn’t possibly fit. You shrink your dick down to a normal sized penis, but even then, her small body which resembles that of a child but is totally legal and also consensual under every conceivable law of god and man, is too small to take it.

“It’s okay…” Jasmine looks up at your tearfully. “Please, break me open. I’m your tiny. Take me.”

However, she wasn’t no tiny skank like Maleficent! You were going to open and train that pussy. This was your Jasmine! You slowly push yourself in her. You can feel as her hymen tears. She gasps, clinging to you.

“Hah… hah… keep going… please… I love you, savior… don’t stop… it’s almost in.”

But in the end, you could only get about half of your dick inside of her. To push any farther would involve brutalizing her pussy, and you just aren’t into that kind of thing…. At the moment… with this girl in particular. Heck, Maleficent was gone, so now she was the only legal tiny you had. It was perhaps this reason that you decided to bring her back from the future to finally taste her tiny flesh.

“It’s so big… savior… I feel like I’m going to burst.” Jasmine moans, looking up at you with complete adoration and love.

“I’ll continue.” You say, starting to move your hips.

With only half of a normal cock size, you penetrate Jasmine, your dick moving in and out of her legal yet youthful body. As a catgirl, Jasmine already had naturally young looks. Adding to that her age, and she really had a small body. However, with the aid of magic, that body was 100% not a crime to enjoy! So, you enjoyed it to your fullest extent!

“Hah… Hah… savior!” Jasmine looked to be in euphoria.

Sex was just as amazing as she had hoped. After all, she had been forced to wait until she was 18 to have sex. Most of the girls had engaged in sex at 16! Living in a castle full of horny haremettes for years on end had certainly shaped Jasmine’s mind. So, even if you dick was big and it hurt, she was so horny that she couldn’t help but get off on it!”

“Ahhn! I’m going to cum! Please… savior… make me pregnant finally! All the other girls in the future have had your children! Now it’s my turn.”

“A pregnant tiny, Jasmine!”  You look in shock.

“No… I’m 18, I consent, please… in me… cum in me… I want your seed in my womb. I want to have your kittens! Lots and lots of kittens!”

You exploded inside her, her womb being so small that her stomach swells and cum already bursts out of her with a single load. You end up pulling out and shooting the rest all over her naked, but also legal, pussy… which is just drenched in your seed.

“Ah… it’s inside… finally… I’m saviors.”

“Jasmine… you’ve already been mine.” You declare.

“Mm!” The two of your merge in another kiss.

Some time later, the two of you come out of the bedroom, Jasmine having received her fill of tons of sex. You don’t make it far before the identical-looking Jasmine who appears haggard jumps in front of you and stamps her foot.

“You bitch! How dare you take my Savior!” Jasmine cries, then sniffs her and gasps. “You came in her! She’s gonna get pregnant!”

The other Jasmine smiles and pats herself on the head. “I’m legal now, so naturally, it was my choice to become pregnant with savior. You’ll come to understand when you get to my age.”

“No! This isn’t fair! I won’t accept this. I won’t wait eight years to be able to finally have sex with Savior! I won’t do it!”

The other Jasmine sighs. “I know how you feel, but it’s already happened. You waited eight years, or I wouldn’t be here. It was totally worth it! Anything else would be a temporal paradox… and only Savior here has the power to create those.”

“Temporal paradox my ass!” Jasmine cries.

“You were watching that!” the other Jasmine coughs. “I mean… we certainly didn’t do anything.”

Young Jasmine lets out a cry. You give a long sigh.

“Very well. Here you go, Jasmine.” You reach out and touch young Jasmine’s forehead.

There is a flash of light. Jasmine touches her forehead in wonder.

“Wh-what did you do?”

“Hmm? Oh… I undid the spell that kept you as a tiny. Now you’ll grow like normal again. I think you’ll always be a small girl, but you won’t be forever tiny.

The other Jasmine turns to you. “Wait… if she’s not forever a tiny, then how could I have been brought back as a tiny to have sex with you? I’d have grown up! That can’t exist… isn’t that… a temporal paradox!”

You nod, “And reality should be fixing that mistake in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…”

“Wh-what? Savioooo-“ A second later, the other Jasmine disappears from existence.

“What happened?” Jasmine cries out, seeing her recently sexed version wink out of existence.

“Well, she belonged to a timeline that no longer exists. Since I brought her back from a reality where you were a forever tiny, the second you stopped being a forever tiny, her reality ceased to exist, and so did she.”

“Wh-wh-why did you do that?” Jasmine asked.

You smile, kneeling down to Jasmine. The severe look in your eyes has a tint of insanity, and your smile is slightly unnerving. Jasmine can’t look away as your grab her arms.

“It’s simple… I adhere to the code.”

“Th-th-the code?”

“Yes tiny, No touch.” You say, a darkness starting to form around you. “I had a moment of weakness, where I needed to touch a tiny. However, that breaks the code, so naturally, I needed to create a paradox. I got my fix, and the tiny… you can’t touch what never existed in the first place.”

“S-s-s-savior?” Jasmine shook. “B-but she was legal…”

“Legal tinys are still tinys. Naturally, a price needed to be paid. For the Greater Good.”

“The Greater Good?”

“MM… the Greater Good,” You pat Jasmine on the head. “That’s why you need to grow up quick, because once you lose your tiny status, I’m going to fuck your brains out!”


“Don’t worry, you’re young and don’t have to worry about such things. I’ll never touch… this version of you as a tiny… the one that exists, I mean.” You let out a dark laugh and then stand up, finishing consoling her, and walking down the hallway while whistling.

When Jasmine stops shaking, she looks down and shivers. “Maybe waiting eight years isn’t such a bad idea…”

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