The Power of Creation – Chapter 327

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“Why are you still here?” you demand.

Lillian snorts. “Hmph… I can go wherever I please. Why can’t I be here?”

“Isn’t the Demon God coming shortly?” Aurora cuts in. “Shouldn’t you need to leave soon?”

Lillian shrugs. “I’ll leave before the Demon God gets here. However, seeing now that you plan to forcefully summon me back, it seems like it was a good decision to remain behind.”

“You can’t leave, huh?” You chuckle.

Lillian’s face turns flushed. “You… I can leave whenever I want! I’ve only stayed behind because I was curious to see what you would do on your last day. Frankly, I figured you’d be engaged in one last giant orgy with your harem before the end. To see you wasting time trying to call me back. How futile.”

You frown, scratching your chin as Lillian looks over at you snobbishly. You don’t detect any lies in what she said. She seemingly is speaking the truth. It seems to you like there really is nothing keeping Lillian in this world. However, Lillian is here nonetheless. You could only really come up with two reasons she would be here. Either she couldn’t leave, or…

Your eyes widen as a bit of realization pops into your mind. Lillian is looking around at the giant magic circle and the giant sacrifice, and she seems almost pleased. A small part of her seems to be happy she’s there in front of you right now. When she said she expects you to be screwing all the girls in an orgy, she had said that with a bit of displeasure. However, the choice you made was not to indulge but to fight to get your demon lords back. In fact, even the way she spoke sounded somewhat like a certain cumguzzling demon lord.

“Grimhilde?” You scratch your cheek.

Lillian frowns, taking a step back. “Your girls were just magical clones created from me. Once they reunited with me, their individual personalities ceased to exist. They and I are one. I’m sorry, there is no such thing as a Grimhilde.”

“If Grimhilde became a part of you, it’s that the same thing as saying you’re Grimhilde?” I ask, the dots starting to connect.

Lillian snorted. “It’s not like I acquired their memories or anything. I simply reabsorbed their essence back into me.”

You smile darkly. “An essence… that I had conquered.”

Lillian narrowed her eyes. “You’re still on about that? If you’re going to keep rehashing only stuff, I’m just going to leave now.”

“And yet, you’re here…” The more you spoke, the more certain you became. “Because, you absorbed the essence of seven different women, and every single one of them was into me!”

Lillian threw her hair back. “You certainly have some imagination! I am the Demon Queen! How could I ever be into you!”

“Isn’t it obvious?” You smirk. “You split yourself into seven other women, and every single one of them was made to bow to my cock. When you absorbed them back into you, you didn’t just get their energy. You got their feelings, the desires, and their obsessions. You want my cum from Grimhilde. You find me attractive as Ursula did. You want to mate for life like Medusa. You’re envious of other girls getting more attention like Maleficent. I’ve touched every single one of those girls, which means I’ve had a chance to touch you seven times!”

Lillian’s face flushes red and she looks away. “Th-that can’t be it… no… you’re a sinfall man. You were supposed to defeat my daughters, not make them love you!”

“But they did! They may have been incomplete women, but what woman doesn’t feel incomplete? That’s why I’m here. To fill them up! To give them that thing they need. To make them feel like women! So, is it really so odd they all fell for me?” As you spoke, you walk closer and closer to Lillian, who seems unable to deny your words.

“You… st-stop… what are you doing to me?” She says tearfully, staring in disbelief.

“Hmmm… I’m giving you what you really want!”

You pull out your dick, which bounces in front of her like a vicious serpent. Her eyes widen and she gasps, covering her mouth. She personally has never seen your dick, even if parts of her body grew strangely delighted, craving the thing that had previously brought them down. The essence of seven women blasts Lillian’s brain until she can only lick her lips in temptation.

“It’s way bigger than the Demon God…” She whispers, and then falls to her knees, one more woman falling to the power of your manmeat.

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