The Power of Creation – Chapter 329

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“Alright, so the spade tail is Grimhilde over there licking up cum.”

“Mmm…” She mutters as she licks herself and her identical twins.

“The diamond tail is Maleficent, who suddenly seems excited at having an adult body.”

“H-hey! I’m not happy I have these giant fatty things!” Maleficent defends, even while playing with them happily.

“The snake tail girl who looks like she want to pounce me is Medusa…”

“Beloved… let’s try out this new body…try not to break it on your first run.”

“The bunny tail is Gothel.”

“Snort! Huh?”

“Fox tail would belong to Lillian.”


“I’m not familiar with the other tails though. Have the other demon lords been holding out on me?”

The one with the demon tail with hair on the end throws back her hair. “It’s not like while I’m pretending to look like others, a tail would do me any good. I haven’t had a tail in forever!”

“Cruella then?”

The girl with the demon tail holding an arrow chuckles. “It’s so sensitive, it always gives Flynn the advantage in bed.”

“Wifey! You’re back. I’ve been waiting for you and haven’t touched myself since you started this denial play!”

“Ah… husband… I forgot you existed.”

“Hah… hah… so cruel…” Flynn gives her an aroused look.

“Okay, that’s Tremaine then.”

“That means, the horse tail is… Ursula…”

“S-so embarrassing…” Ursula tries to hide her tail. “Don’t look, prince.”

“Ursula is ashamed of her tail. She’s attempted to hide it ever since.” Medusa explains, laughing at Ursula’s attempt to cover herself.

“Of the seven daughters, four of them were demons. Only three of us have animal tails, and mine had to be a horse! Why would you even screw an equestrian demon!”

“What can I say… your father was hung like…” Suddenly, Lillian blushes and nods to you.

“Hey!” You stamp your foot. “No talking about past lovers. Nor that you’re in my harem, you have to abide by my penis- ahem… my rules.”

“Aren’t his rules set by his penis?” Mulan asks.

“Shh…” Mushu bonks her on the head.

Lillian bursts out laughing. “While I admit, our time together was fulfilling in a way the Demon God could never managed, I’ve been with many men over the last few thousand years. At best, you’ve scratched a sixteen-year-old itch. As for having won me over, you’re a thousand years too young!”

All of the Demon Lords and Harem gasp, having thought that this whole ordeal was finally behind them. However, it seems like the Demon Queen isn’t so simple.

“Is that so?” You ask darkly.

Lillian nods with an equally dark smirk. “Now that you have removed my daughters from me, I’m no longer under their influence. They can no longer hold me down. Besides a single good fuck, you’re nothing to me, and unlike my daughters who are willing to throw their heart away to a man who pounds them for a few hours, I’m hardly so easy.”

“M-mom…” The girls all mutter, clearly displeased at their mother’s rough criticism.

“So, what are you planning?” You ask.

Lillian shrugs. “Your planet is doomed either way.”

“You won’t give us the barrier breaking magic?”

Lillian chuckles wryly. “The barrier breaking magic was never mine to give. It will naturally be given to the man who wins the Demon Queen. I’ve set my conditions, and you failed. Nothing has changed. I will still leave this planet, but I will have to leave my girls behind. Now, they will die with you. I will be weakened significantly. This is all you have accomplished.”

“Hmmm…” You consider tapping your fingers. “In that case, I want a redo!”

“What?” Lillian backs up a bit.

“You see… I detected a flaw in your little talk there.” You explain.

“Wh-what flaw?” Lillian demands.

“Simple… You said that your daughters were no longer capable of holding you down.” Your eyes turn dark and you a grin forms on your face. “I respectfully disagree.”

You snap your fingers, and a moment later, the daughters all start crawling towards their mother.

“Wh-what are you guys doing?” Lillian cries out.

“Get her!” Grimhilde shouts.

“Let’s make her experience what we experienced!” Maleficent adds.

“How dare you girls grab me!” Lillian cries as seven identical demon women grab and hold her down. “I’m your mother!”

“It’s fine, mother… we think you’re just looking down on your daughters a bit too much.” Medusa sniffs while holding one of her legs.

“We just want you to experience the same torment we were put through!” snorts Cruella.

Lillian’s eyes finally snap to you. You’re naked, and your dick seems to have grown to twice its original size. Slowly, you move towards the foot of the bed, your eyes narrowing on her naked body.

“Wh-what kind of blasphemy is this!” Lillian screeches.

“Hey, mommy,” You say, slapping your dick on the bed. “Say hello to daddy!”

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