The Power of Creation – Chapter 44

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You calmly pull your softening dick out of Kida and put it back in your pants as you stand up. A plop of semen falls from her snatch as her gaping womb tries to return to its normal size. Well, after the punishment you gave it, it will be gaping for a while, you supposed.

“Ah, I was just acquiring my victory boon, is all.”

The bitch is staring wide-eyed and is nearly shaking in either fury or shock. “V-v-victory boon!”

You nod calmly. “Yes, well, it’s custom from where I’m from to take the weapon of the person you defeat. Is that not something you guys do?”

The bitch twitches a bit. “I-I’ve heard of things like that… but…”

“So, you know, I defeated Kida, and what do you know, she doesn’t use a sword or a dagger. She fights with her body? Right?”

“Y-yes… but…”

“So… that’s all there is to it. She fought with her body, so naturally, when I defeated her, her body becomes mine. Right?”

“I-I… No! Even if that is a custom, that’s not okay. Kida isn’t even awake!”

“Ah, well, I was just offering a kindness.”

“A kindness?” the bitch asks incredulously.

“Of course! If Kida has to face the humiliation of handing over her only weapon, her body, do you think it’d be more damaging for her while she’s awake and conscious and aware of it, or do you think she’d be relieved to not remember any of it?”

“We… well… I guess when you put it that way…”

“Ah, huh, watching her there is getting me excited again, I might need to go again.”

“Wait! Again! Bu-but you already had her?”

“Huh?” you respond, giving her a strange look. “If I won someone’s sword, would I engage in a fight with it and then hand it back to him after one use?”

The bitch freezes, not able to come up with any word of protest. So, instead, you pull out your dick and return back to your knees.

“W-wait! N-no! You can’t do that to Kida!”

“Well, she’s mine, so I can do whatever I want with her!”

You give an evil grin as you turn away from the bitch, but a moment later you hear a sound. It’s mumbled so you can barely understand it, but your grin deepens.

“What was that? Speak louder?”

“T-t-take me… instead…” As she spoke, the volume in her voice decreased.

Since she walked into the room, you realized that this was the direction things were heading. Right away, you realized the bitches dirty little secret. As she was in the room, her eyes kept darting back to Kida, looking at her, butt in air, pussy gaping open. Each time she did, her breath would quicken slightly. Unable to keep her eyes off the scene, you realized the horrible truth. The bitch was a total lesbian. She was in love with Kida, and, if your guess is right, it was one of those one-sided loves.

“Eh? You want to exchange yourself for Kida? But, I already have Kida, and she’s strong, and beautiful, and top tier. You’re just some bitchy secretary? She’s like a finally toned sword. You’re like a butter knife.”

The bitches hands are tight, and she is breathing rapidly as she tries to think her way threw things. “Yes… but, even so… a butter knife can do… a lot of things… that a sword can’t.”

“Huh?” You demand. “What you mean by that?”

She lowers her head more. “Well, like… if you have a nice sword, you only use it for battle. You take care of it, because your life depends on it. But it’s ultimately… too… too valuable, so you can’t really do anything with it. But a butter knife, you can take it and use it and do whatever you want with it. If it gets nicked or damaged, who cares… so you don’t feel bad about using it… for whatever.”

You finally pull away from Kida and stand back up. “My, my… are you saying that I can use you? For whatever?”

Her lips quiver and she openly wears fear on her face, but she still speaks. “Y-yes… if you take me instead of Kida, then use this body for whatever you want.”

Well… what an interesting development you have here.

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