The Power of Creation – Chapter 45

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“So, what is your name anyway?”

The bitch turns her head away, but eventually speaks. “Belle.”

You raise your arms and sigh. Well, it is meant to be. How can you possibly go against Pun and the fates that be.

“Alright, Belle, take your clothing off.”

“He-here?” her look turns back to her beloved Kida, still bent over in a pool of your lust.

“Ah, she won’t wake up. She’s out cold. In fact that gives me an idea.”

“A-an idea?” Belle goes white as you put on a dark smile.

You walk up to Kida and shove her over, causing her to roll onto her back and out of the sex puddle.

“Hey! I said if I… g-gave myself you’d leave Kida alone!”

“Ah, but I will be leaving her alone. This is a job for you.”

“Me? Wh-what are you talking about?”

“Look at how dirty Kida is?” You point down to her snatch, still gaping a little, leaking out white and clear fluids from your previous fun. “Imagine if she woke up like that? How do you think she’d feel?”

Belle gasped and covered her hands. You couldn’t speak for Belle’s intelligence, but she seemed very weak to suggestion, particularly when it came to Kida.

“Th-that’s right! I’ll go get a towel immediately!”

“Ah! No…” You stop her with a finger before she turns away. “This is a job for your tongue.”


“I’m going to need you to dispose of the evidence with your tongue. I can’t be certain a towel would truly clean everything up. I deposited a load deep inside her.” You give a little fake gasp. “She could get pregnant!”

A satisfying look of dread appeared on Belle’s face. “No…”

“That’s right! So only your tongue can clean her out. You’ll need to suck out all the juice and make sure to swallow, disposing of all evidence before she wakes up!”

“Ah…” her look appeared crestfallen. “But…”

“Aren’t you tempted to taste her? Isn’t this beautiful pussy something you’ve dreamed about?” you lean over and spread it open giving her a look.

She stiffens for a second, but finally let’s out a breath. “So… so if I clean her all up… wi-with my tongue, you won’t touch her anymore?”

“That’s right.”

After a second, Belle gives a hesitant nod. Then moves to bend down.

“Ah ah… I said clothing off.”

“Wh-what does that have to do with…”

“You gave your body to me, for anything. Just because I can’t touch her, doesn’t mean I’m not going to get my enjoyment from you.”

“Ye… yes…” her appearance looks crestfallen once again.

“Yes, what?” You give her a sharp look.

“Yes, my lord…” Perhaps your haughty behavior convinced her you were a noble, or maybe she couldn’t stomach calling you master, but lord would have to do.

She slowly pulls off her clothing as you direct her, one article at a time. Her face is completely red as she does so, but you don’t mind. Her body is not bad. She had more of an hourglass figure compared to all the previous women you’ve been with. She had a darker complexion, unlike the dainty white of the princess and queen. Her boobs were medium sized. Her long dark hair was tied up behind her head in a ponytail, and the glasses completed the picture.

She got down on her knees without very much prodding. At first, she hesitantly stuck her tongue out and touched Kida’s pussy. You pulled back like she was afraid it’d burn her, but every so slowly she started moving her tongue. She started by lapping at it like a cat. She might have been a lesbian at heart, but you suspected she was a virgin when it actually came to experience.

She let out a yelp as you lined you cock up with her pussy, which was now exposed with her behind wagging in a way similar to how Kida was stuck a few minutes ago. When you shoved it in, she made a cry and head dropped down as she whimpered. Her hands were on Kida’s legs, and she was squeezing her muscles hard enough that Kida might have been in pain if she was awake.

Once you got it all the way in, you waiting for a few moments for her to relax. It actually wasn’t that tight to begin with. It went in pretty easy, so you suspected that she was just kicking up a fuss for no reason.

“Ah, I get it now, you’re a pervert who sticks things in your pussy all the time.” You snap your fingers. “Like, you detest guys, but love giant hard cocks, so you stick like biggest things you can find up there.”

When you started talking, she had shot you an angry glare, but quickly turned her head in shame proving that you were on point. That was the ultimate truth of lesbians. They like to pretend they are into women, but at the end of the day, every lesbian needs a cock. They might use substitutes, but that long, hard, warm thing was needed for them to truly achieve sexual satisfaction.

Likewise, as a woman used to cold, hard dildos… you could quickly tell she loved the feeling of your giant dick. She was making the cutest noises, and any reservations she had regarding eating pussy went out the door. Her hands were rubbing up and down Kida’s legs, and her face was plunged into Kida’s woman hood, her tongue lapping around wildly with reckless abandon.

She started giggling with tears in her eyes as she came around your cock, and you realized that she was actually probably the happiest she’d ever been. As long as she ignored you were a guy, she could enjoy the dick inside her while satiating her lesbian urges on her beloved Kida.

However, there was a little matter of how bitchy she treated you earlier. You smile as you pound away from behind her. After a bit of fun, you finally pull out, but create a magic that replaces it. As you stand up and step away, her pussy is still being fucking by an invisible force. It’s still stretched out to the size of your cockcan cock, and you can see deep inside her as she leeks sex.

She’s way too busy eating Kida to her own delight to realize what is happening. So, you walk away and clean yourself up. You careful wash yourself, repair all your clothing, and then move to the side of room.

“Time for the show.” You chuckle to yourself and give a snap.

“Wh-wha…” A groggy voice comes out as Kida wakes up.

In fullblown ecstasy, Belle chomps away without realizing things have changed.

“What are you doing?” I shout out suddenly at full blast as I cut the magic that was fucking Belle from behind.

“Ah!” Kida suddenly shouts and nearly the same time, trying to back her butt up and pull away.

Belle pulls her head up making a dumb face. Her mouth is drenched in Kida’s lust, which smears all her makeup and makes her look quite the mess. She can only make a “Huh?” noise.

“What is- what is-?” Kida is in shock and can barely form words as her face turns red.

“I’m so sorry!” you suddenly shout, causing both girls to turn to you. “I defeated you in combat. She told me to go get some first aid. I had no clue she’d do something like take advantage of an unconscious woman!”

“Huh?” Belle wore an even more confused look. “What? But…”

Kida pulls her bikini armor back into place and stands up with a huff, taking several steps away from Belle and giving her a disgusted look. “I-I suspected when you always were looking at me a little too… but to do something like take advantage while I’m unconscious.”


You click your tongue. “She really is just a pervert, huh?”

Kida turns her head away. “Belle, you’re fired.”

New tears started to well up in her eyes as Kida and you looked down on her with disgust. She turned around and fled out the door, and sobs could be heard as she fled the building. Now, you’re even.

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