The Power of Creation – Chapter 5

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“Oh, wow, you’re so amazing!” the princess exclaimed as she saw the cottage appear form nowhere.

The pair of you made your way to the cottage, and you were shocked to find it had all the commodities you imagined, even those that didn’t exist in this world. As you flipped a switch and the light sprung to action, the princess exclaimed in excitement. Even incandescent lightbulbs worked in this world.

You brought her to the bedroom, and she lept into your bed. Of course, you had imagined a massive king-sized bed, one with one of those really expensive mattresses that costs a bundle. As the princess dived into the bed, she laughed as she rolled on the mattress, completely naked.

“This is so soft! Even my parent’s bed isn’t this soft.”

“Is that so?” you humored her with a smile, although you were really just admiring her naked body.

After you gave her sexual pleasure, any embarrassment she had in front of you seemed to have disappeared, so you took the opportunity to look over her entire sexy body. She had a sexy bottom, a tight little pussy, and pert D breasts with delectable little pink nipples. They weren’t as big as her mom’s, which might have been an E or and F, but if her mom was any indication, one day her body would be even sexier than it was today.

However, you found yourself thinking how nice it would be if her body was even sexier. There was another glow that burst forth and struck her. She made a surprised noise, and stared down in wonder as her tits suddenly blew up two sizes. Her hips widened and became curvier, and suddenly she had a body much like her mom’s, except that it had none of the signs of age. It was perfectly pert, smooth, and deliciously untouched.

For a second, you thought she might be unhappy, but as she examined the new body you had given her, she made another noise of excitement and then flung herself off the bed and into your arms. She kissed you on the lips, and not wanting to waste the opportunity, you tasted her mouth, your tongue and her tongue wrestling between your combined lips.

You started moving your hands over her body, feeling the smooth and untouched skin, your massive cock already pushing up against her in a noticeable way. She took notice, pulling away from the kiss and looking down at your hard cock.

“Is that… your penis?” She said giddily.

“Why don’t you reach in and see?”

She did as you suggested, pulling her small delicate hands into your pants. Your dick erupted from its containment, rigid at attention, and she gave a noise of surprise. You were a little surprised yourself, as this is the first time you had seen your penis since you had magically changed it. The monstrous beast that exploded from your shorts wasn’t a sight you were used to seeing, but It gave you a boost of confidence that you could satisfy this young woman.

“Ah, it’s much bigger up close. When I saw it before I didn’t think it would be so intimidating.”

You scratched your cheek and laughed inwardly. Of course, it hadn’t been that size when you had been naked before, but you didn’t want to inform the princess of that. Then, a latent thought occurred to you.

“Ah, before we do this, I never got your name.”

“That’s right!” The sexy princess couldn’t take her eyes off your penis. “My name is Ariel. Ariel Ramsey. What is your name?”

“Ah, right, my name…” You tell her your name, and she smiles as she hears it.

“Do-do you mind if I just keep calling you hero?” Ariel asked, “Ah, you can call me princess too, calling you my hero kind of turns me on.”

“That’s fine with me.” You nod.

“Then, hero, take me, ah… this is where I’m inexperienced. Can you please tell me what we do next? I want you to make me see Pun, Parthios, and Nymphriel. All three!”

“Sure,” you smirk, “Princess, bend over on the bed.”

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