The Power of Creation – Chapter 6

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“Do I do it like this?” Ariel asked.

She was bent over the bed now, and you were eyeing her untouched womanhood from behind. You pulled down your pants and tossed away the rest of your outfit as you moved up behind the naked princess.

“Alright, let me get behind you. I’ll grab your hips from behind. This is called doggie.”

“Doggie? Like the animal?” the princess asked curiously.

“Ah, yes, I’m going to fuck you just like a female dog.”

“Does that make me the hero’s bitch?” She asked.

Once again, you had the fear that she was going to be insulted, but the idea of being fucked like an animal only seemed to excite the princess.

“Yes, you’re my bitch.” You slap her rear end once, and she makes a squeaking sound. “Ah, did that hurt?”

“A-a little, but I liked it, you can keep doing it.”

“Mm… first let me stick it in you. I’m going to line it up now. You’re a virgin, right?”

“Yes… yes… I am, wow, I only feel it pressed between my cheeks, and it feels so big. I don’t think it’ll fit.”

“Ah, well, a woman can stretch a lot, so it’ll fit, but it might take a bit. Do you want me to use magic so it only feels good?”

“No!” The princess suddenly seemed worried as she looked back, then blushed. “Ah, no, I want to feel everything as hero breaks me open. I want to feel the pain too. I’m giving my virginity to the hero from another world, I don’t want to miss any of the experience.”

“Okay, then,” you nod, pushing your dick up to the entrance of her womanhood, already wondering yourself if the massive thickness could be forced into that small, tight hole. “I’m pushing it in.”

“Ah, ah, ah! It’s so big, oh, it’s pulling me apart. Ah, it feels good.” The princess moaned and cried.

“Ah, well, that was just the tip.”

“The tip? Oh god, I’m already filled up! It doesn’t feel like anymore can go!”

“It’ll fit princess, hold tight on the bed, I’m going to break your hymen now.”

You push in another inch, fighting against the resistance of her tight pussy and hymen. She lets out something between a cry and a moan as you force yourself into her.  You push it in an inch at a time, her tight pussy convulsing and fighting the feeling of your cock as it widens her open.

“Mmm, mmm, ah, ah, it’s too much. Ow Ow Ow…” The princess is crying now and you’re about to stop but then she says, “Don’t stop, keep going. It’s so big, I want it all!”

After carefully pushing into her, you’re two-thirds of the way, with six inches of your nine-inch cock, and it’s becoming harder to push into her.

“I can’t… I can’t… oh, god… I’m cumming hero, your big cock is making me cuuuum!” She shouted, and her already insanely tight pussy clamped on your dick even harder. “You’re all the way in, right? There can’t be more.”

“Ah, still quite a bit more. I’ll go slow.”

“No… no… it aches. Just shove it in.”

“You sure.”

“Yes, oh, yes… ah… ah… I just want all of you in me.” Ariel was breathing hard already while tears were soaking the bedding.

“Alright, here I go!”

You thrust the last of yourself into her cruelly, although it met considerable resistance, with your hands on her nice rump, you were able to pull on her hips as you pushed with yours, forcing your way in until your balls were cupped by the cheeks of her ass.

She let out a scream, her hands slapping on the pillows as she crawled on the bed like she was trying to pull away, but with your grip on her butt, she couldn’t pull the nine inches you had shoved into her out, and she had no other choice but to bare it.

“Now, it’s time to start thrusting.”

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