The Power of Creation – Chapter 7

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She only made a moaning noise as confirmation, so you started to slide your dick back out of her. There was only a small bit of blood from her broken hymen, but it wasn’t bad so you didn’t feel the need to clean up.

Therefore, you started to increase the speed of your thrusting, moving back in and out of her, your hips moving with the extreme precision. Although you hadn’t magically enhanced your stamina, you had improved your legs. Whatever spell you had inexplicably created to be able to run faster had affected your hips, and you felt like you could thrust into her without restraint.

For her benefit, you started out slow, pulling out and in steadily. However, each time you thrust back into her, you picked up speed a little bit. Soon, her cries could be heard, loud, incoherent moans as she felt your dick moving in and out of her tight little pussy. And she was very tight. Probably the tightest you had ever felt. That was probably partially because she was a virgin, and partially because you were so big now.

The result was your engorged cock was in a constant battle against her tightened muscles, each thrust working to rip her open and fill her up with you cock, blood rushing in your throbbing member to make it as hard as a stone.

“Ah, my he… ah… you’re so big!”

“You’re so tight. You like the feel of my big dick?”

“Ah yeah, fill me up with your big dick, hero, make me cum… ah. I’m cumming. You’re making me cum again.”

As she came for the third time, you couldn’t resist the feel of her tight freshly broken pussy clamping on your cock. The feeling was wet, tight, and as the princess said, amazing.

“I’m cuming princess, I’m going to cum in you.”

“W-wait, I might get pregnant!”

“That’s fine, it feels better inside. I can use magic that will make sure you don’t get pregnant.

‘Ah, ah, ah… it feels good. Cum in me. I’m yours, even if I get pregnant I don’t mind if it’s you. Fill me up with your hot cum!”

You push yourself deep into her cunt, and then imagine that this would in no way make her pregnant. As she asked, you wanted your cum deep inside her to fill her up. You wanted something that she’d never forget. The flash of magic occurred, and then you reached orgasm.

“Ah, I can feel it. It’s so hot, deep inside me. By the gods, it’s filling me up. Oh my, oh my, oh, there is so much of it!”

She was absolutely correct, the cum came out in a much larger quantity than you had expected. You had compiled the magic in a rush, concerned more about filling her up. The magic had taken that literally, and so as you came, you kept on cumming. Shot after shot was pumped into her, corked by the 9-inch cock, so that it all burst deep into her womb.

“Ah, ah, it’s deep inside me, there so much of it, ah, ah, my hero has filled up my cervix with his seed.”

You finish cumming, staying deep inside her as you did. By the time you were done, her lower belly looked slightly bloated, like she might have after a large meal. The second you pulled out, your seed burst out of her pussy in nice spurts, her womb finally releasing the built-up pressure.

She collapsed on the bed as your seed continued to leak out of her in torrents. You give her butt another smack, and she makes a satisfied moan. Then you fall down next to her, meeting her eyes. She looks up through her long eyelashes although she had a strange look on her face and a little drool on her lips. She raised her hand and gave you a victory sign before dropping back down, still breathing hard.

“Thank you for the lesson, my hero.” She moans.

“What do you mean? That was just lesson one.”

“Huh? But-“

You thought of your dick getting hard again, the magic immediately recovered your penis. She gasped as the nine inches, still wet and leaking semen, hardened to full length again. You were ready for round 2.

“We’re just getting started!”

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