Women’s Pleasure Dungeon – Chapter 17

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“Hah… hah…. Fuck, is it hot in here?”

The girls were camping for the night, and rather than watch them on a screen, I decided to visit them in spectator mode. Thankfully, Diamond remained in her body in the boss’s room, so I was free to poke around. It felt like I should be caught instantly, but no matter how close I got to their camp, they seemed oblivious to my presence. Diamond said that higher ranks could tell when they were being observed, or even block such observation, but that was about even a C rank. At best, a sink rank would just have a feeling like eyes were on them, and these F ranks didn’t even have that much.

Two of the girls were attempting to sleep, but their sleep was fitful, and by the sound of their occasional moans and whimpers, they probably were having a somewhat amorous dream as well.  Meanwhile, the girl who was currently awake was having the hardest time dealing with her rising arousal. The cursed bone was only a few meters away, and while they couldn’t even see it in the darkness relative to their campfire, it continued to send mental attacks their way, making every girl more and more aroused.

The girl selected to guard was a girl with long, blue hair. Her chest was smaller than Sandy’s, and she was tall and a bit lanky. That didn’t cause her to be elegant, and she instead tended to slouch her back a bit so she didn’t appear as tall. This made me give her the nickname ‘slacker’. She carried a bow and arrow on her back, but I had yet to see her use them in combat, so I had no clue if she was good or not.

She appeared in distress, however, her face turned up in continuing discomfort and her face flushed. She stood up and looked at the other two girls, and then sat back down. This time, her legs were moving up and down nervously. She had a hand holding between her legs almost like she needed to pee, and her lips moved like she was speaking, but she didn’t say anything. I watched with a great deal of interest. I knew that these girls must be getting hornier by the moment, but I had never really gotten to watch such a thing in my old world.

The movies usually just cut to the girl having sex with the guy. You had to date a person or at least go out with them to see behaviors associated with horniness. The only thing I could compare them to were my own experiences of being horny, and I didn’t spend all that much time focusing on my habits when I was in such a situation.

“Damnit!” She cursed, standing up again.

After looking racked with indecision for a few moments longer, her expression firmed and she looked at the other girls carefully. She nodded to herself and then walked away. She found a corner outside of the range of the fire. She then began to pull off her armor. After a few moments, her lower half was exposed. She squatted down and then began to finger herself in the corner. I watched with great excitement. I thought about possessing the goblin so I had a dick to stroke, but the goblin wasn’t my true body, but the body of some monster, and stroking its dick felt a bit gay.

Instead, I opted to just watch the show. The blue-haired girl was alone and horny. She was fingering herself furiously, her body trembling as she did so. The way her body moved and her breathing quickened as she got more and more excited, was pretty cute. She looked even less attractive than Sandy, but in my world, she might have been called mid. I wasn’t particularly picky though. She was arousing enough to watch. She was trying to keep quiet, but couldn’t help letting out a soft moan from time to time.

I wondered what she was thinking about. Was she masturbating to thoughts of a man? A woman?

Maybe, she was masturbating thinking about her dad? I mean, most of these girls only had limited memories of men, and as Diamond pointed out to me, their dad was the last major male role model in most of their lives. It was like a culture full of girls with daddy issues. Since I was in spectator mode, I didn’t hesitate to zoom in real close. Her pussy was so close to my lips that I felt like I could stick out my tongue a lick it. Unfortunately, I had nobody, so I couldn’t feel it or smell it. All I could do was watch.

Her pussy looked a bit darker than the others I’d seen. Not dark enough to seem misplaced on her pale body, but a little darker than the rest. The insides were also a little darker. Her inner lips were a dark shade of pink. Her pussy was a bit messy and unkempt, with pubic hair poking out all over the place. It was hard to get a clear view of her vagina, because of her fingers blocking it. Her pussy juices were running down her legs. I could see her clit and it was twitching like crazy. I wondered what her tits looked like, but unfortunately, she was wearing a top. I had to content myself with watching her pussy.

I wondered how long it had been since she had masturbated. She was a girl who knew what she was doing. She was quite the little pervert. I could see that she was struggling not to make too much noise. She kept biting her lips. I would have been rock hard if I even had a penis. This all felt like such a tease.

After a few minutes, her body started to tense up. Her mouth opened wide and she began to let out a long, low moan, but then her eyes opened and she slapped her hand over her mouth. She stayed that way for a few moments. After a bit, she relaxed her body and began to rub her pussy again, although more slowly. She was now rubbing her clit in a circular motion.


She had already orgasmed, but it turned out that wasn’t enough for my resident slut. She kept masturbating, moaning into her hand and squirming. The only things holding her up were her other hand and her feet. She was rubbing her pussy with an incredible amount of vigor, and the juices were just flying. Every few moments, she would orgasm again. When she orgasmed, wet noises would sound out and I’d hear a schlicking sound. Clear liquid would start to splash out of her pussy like a slow volcano erupting magma. It’d last about ten seconds, and then she’d slow down, panting for breath, before continuing again.

Finally, after what seemed like forever, she had her last orgasm and stopped. She looked around guiltily, before quickly redressing herself and then walking back to her party.

She settled back into camp, making sure there was no sign of her indiscretions. When she was certain, she kicked the next girl. This was the leader, a yellow-haired woman with a larger chest, but still not as large as Misty. They changed places, and the blue-haired girl managed to get to sleep quickly after relieving herself. This time, it was the leader who looked like she was unsatisfied.

The same scene seemed to replay itself. She grew increasingly uncomfortable, and once making sure the other girls were asleep, she went off the masturbate too. She didn’t do it the same way as the last girl. She sat down with her legs spread. Where the blue-haired girl rubbed the outside a bunch, the other stuck them deep inside, almost like she was reaching for something. It was less exciting because all of her finger movements were deep inside her. She had three fingers down the knuckles, and she’d occasionally grunt as she wiggled them inside.

Eventually, she climaxed, cleaned herself up, and then returned to her seat. She didn’t go as many times as the blue-haired girl did, and by the time her shift ended, she looked a bit regretful that she hadn’t done it a second time. She still woke the last girl up, a violet-haired girl who was a bit stocky. She wore the thickest armor and had a sword at her belt. The leader took a while to get to sleep, and the final girl was nearly squirming in her seat by the time she felt confident she could go masturbate in peace. This girl didn’t even leave the fire. She pulled down her pants and sat back in the chair. With her legs spread open in clear view of the two sleeping girls, she used both hands to masturbate.

It was the least exciting and the longest to watch, but the girl seemed to get into it, her mouth opening and her breaths growing longer and louder. By the time she finally climaxed, her chest was heaving up and down. She was loud, and the two girls in the back stirred, but none of them woke up. I wasn’t sure if that was because they didn’t want to acknowledge the awkward scene, or they were that deep of sleepers. The violet-haired girl wiped her fingers on her pants and then stood up. She adjusted her clothes and then sat back down like it was the most natural thing.

I returned to the boss’s room, immediately feeling regret. I was horny now, and I had no relief. My eyes landed on Diamond who was lying in the bedroll pretending to sleep. She was undead, so I knew she didn’t need to sleep. She was only doing it so she could be left alone. I wanted to kick her out of her body and use it to get off. Even better, I could take over the goblin and then jump on her and have my way with her. Either option was just as good.

“Do you like watching women sleep, Pervert?” She asked, opening one eye at me.

Unlike the other girls who couldn’t see me in my spectator form, she said she saw me as a glowing ball.

“They’ll be waking up soon,” I warned, pretending I wasn’t just considering raping her.

“What about it?” She asked. “I’m surprised you’re not manning the bone right now.”

“Ah, that’s right!” I realized that those girls would have to slobber all over it, and I could get my release. “Ah, but we need to keep them here longer.”

“It wouldn’t be a problem if someone could keep it in their pants!” Diamond snapped angrily.

“That… whatever, do you have a solution?”

“Hmph… I might have sought something. Come back in a little bit. I’ll have an idea then.”

I watched her for a moment, but she snapped at me and waved me away. I decided I’d let her keep her secrets, and I returned to the camp just as the girls were waking up.

“The bone is the key. To open the next door, you must make a sacrifice. The bone likes dark, warm, wet, and tight places.” The yellow-haired woman read and then turned red. “I-isn’t that a bit lewd?”

Diamond had insisted that make the puzzle easier. She said the embarrassing action someone had to complete to move on was already enough. The more frank I was about it, the more likely I’d get what I wanted.

“Dark, warm, wet, and tight… it doesn’t mean there… does it?” The violet-haired girl asked.

“Well, it certainly doesn’t mean yours, because it says tight!” The blue-haired girl responded.

“You bitch…”

“Hey! Stop it! No messing around.” The yellow-haired one got between them. “It needs someone to sit on it. I’ll do it.”


“Y-you sure?”

The other two girls looked at the bone, a flash of temptation in their eyes.

“You two, fuck off. I’ll let you know when I’m done!” The leader snapped.

The other two girls grumbled, but they moved away. The yellow-haired girl took off her bottom clothes again like she had done the night before, and then squatted over the large bone. She didn’t even think about a hand job or a blow job. She was going to use her vagina! I eagerly got into position, waiting. Being clear helped get me what I wanted.

The girl slowly sat down, taking the bone in.

My dick throbbed hard. I was so close to just that. Her pussy felt so tight when my dick was this big. Was that the essence of the saying, “There are no flabby pussies, just small dicks.”

I was eager to start thrusting away, but I was just a bone, so I didn’t have that ability. The yellow-haired girl was merely sitting there waiting. Was my message not clear? She had to move her pussy a little. I supposed it was dark, warm, and tight, but come on, don’t be so literal. Fuck my dick. She waited for a bit, and then frowned, looking down at her pussy lips currently stretched over the bone. Then she looked back at her friends, who had turned away and were chatting, not looking in her direction.

The yellow-haired girl let out a stubborn sigh and then leaned forward and started moving her hips, slowly sliding back and forth along the length of my shaft. Her pussy tightened, and she moaned slightly.

Yes! That’s it. I know how horny you are. Take it all out on my dick.

 I couldn’t move my body, but it didn’t matter. Her pussy felt amazing, and he was doing all the work. The girl leaned forward further and put her hands on the saddle to steady herself as she slid her pussy back and forth on my dick. She started to ride the bone, sliding back and forth rapidly. As she moved faster and faster, the friction increased and my dick throbbed in pleasure.

The girl was panting now, and I could feel her body shudder. Her pussy tightened, and she climaxed. It proved too much for me. I had never felt something so tight on my dick before. I exploded.

“Ah!” She cried out, surprised to feel something spurting inside her.

What did the girls before call it? Mana essence? It was supposedly a nice item. When the bone had its feel of the feeling, it would overflow with mana essence. For me, that was the point of orgasm. This was a valuable treasure, but it all ended up erupting in her womb.

When they heard her cry out, the other girls instinctively looked back. They got the scene of their leader’s bare ass bouncing up and down on a black hard bone as something squirted into her. She pulled out and collapsed to the floor, and the other two girls ran to her, crying out. In the meantime, I was satisfied, and the door opened up.

They were panicked like I had hurt the yellow-haired woman. I had no clue what mana essence being injected inside someone would do. Feeling a bit worried, I ran back to the boss room and asked Diamond.

“She seriously put that big thing inside her? What a slut!”

“Yeah, but what about the mana essence?”

“Mana essence just restores mana from casting spells. It’s just a restorative potion. Your bone barely releases enough to fill a vial. I’ve never taken a potion enema before, but it really shouldn’t kill her. It might cause her to get mana sickness, but she should recover.

I brought up the screen, and it turned out that she did get mana sickness. If someone used up all their mana, they’d get mana fatigue and pass out. However, if they somehow gained too much mana, it could cause their body to collapse. Mana sickness could be a good thing. By pushing mana up, you could increase your total mana store. However, it was preferred to increase it slowly through repeatedly recovering and using mana. To do it with potions was too dangerous. She ended up shivering in bed, and they made camp for another day without progressing.

“This is it!” Diamond had been working in the corner, and she finally held up a vial after mumbling and arguing with herself for the last hour.

“What’s that?” I asked.

“It’s a special potion. It’s called forget-me-not.” She spoke proudly.

“Okay, how can it help us?” I asked.

“You idiot!” She responded. “You can’t figure it out by the name?”

“It makes you remember things?”

“No, it makes you forget!”

“Shouldn’t it be called forget-me-for-sure then?” I offered, but when she glared at me, I coughed. “Okay, how does it work?”

“It causes someone to pass out. They wake up a short time later, but cannot remember the last twenty-four hours of their life.”

“Are you saying…”

“We can dose them, and they’ll forget the puzzles redo them, and repeat every day.”

“We could keep them there forever!”

“Well, it’s not perfect. They retain some basic shadow of a memory. This will build up each time. In other words, they’ll make progress, but very slowly. However, if we do it now, they’ll continue to ride the bone, get mana sick, and wait another day.”

“That’s evil! Ah, but won’t their mana increase too?”

“A little, but who cares? More mana only means more for you, right?”


She rolled her eyes. “Why do you think you get more points for stronger heroines? It’s the amount of mana we have. It tends to coincide with our other abilities because most skills utilize mana. Every time you overdraft them, you’ll be increasing your earning speed.”

That made sense. From the best I understood, dungeon points were just a quantitative view of mana. The dungeon absorbed mana. The bigger the dungeon, the more mana it absorbed. When someone died, you got all the mana inside them in a lump sum. However, heroines absorbed mana too. They were kind of like a lightning rod drawing mana to them. The more heroines in a dungeon, the more mana was drawn to the dungeon, and the faster mana was absorbed.

As long as I could keep these heroines in my dungeon, the points would keep rolling in. If I blocked their memory, we could just keep putting them back and resetting their progress. In essence, I could turn them into my heroine farm. The thought of it excited me.


The Heroine Point Farming Project officially began.

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