Women’s Pleasure Dungeon – Chapter 18

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“Ahhh! Ahhh! Fuck! Fuck! Yah! Fuck my pussy! Yaaah!” A girl moaned as she bounced up and down on my cock like a wild slut.

As she banged my cock, the other two girls were watching intently and masturbating as they watched their colleague wreck herself on a ten-inch rod. They had just woken up again, and the girl in question was taking her time, bouncing on me, her wet cunt gripping my cock.

Her eyes were rolled up, her mouth wide open as she bounced. I could feel the warm, wet, tightness of her cunt wrapped around my cock, squeezing my manhood inside her. My body was bound inside the bone, unable to move, and all I could do was lie there and be used as a living dildo for a woman who had no regard for my well-being or pleasure.

The woman riding my cock screamed, her whole body spasming, as she came. Her juices spurted onto my pelvis, and her cunt gripped me like a vice, squeezing, massaging my cock, milking me of my seed. I groaned as I felt myself release, my cock spraying into her womb, painting her insides with mana essence. The woman panted, her chest heaving. She got off me, and fell back onto the ground, breathing hard. She crawled towards the other two and laid her head in one of their laps. The other two girls finished up as well while the door opened.

They had been trapped in this room for three weeks. For three weeks, the same scene played out over and over again. The girls would get up, read the riddle, and decide one of them had to ride the bone to open the door. She’d fuck it, and then get mana poisoned. The other two would decide it was better to wait a night. We’d find some way to dose them with the forget-me-not potion, and then they’d wake up the next day and repeat it all.

As for how we dosed them, I changed that up from day to day. Sometimes, we’d slip it in their food. Sometimes, I’d have a trap treasure chest appear upon unlocking the puzzle room, and it’d blast them when they tried to open it. Of course, I’d also use Sandy or Diamond to directly strike them too. Diamond said that they’d start to instinctively try to avoid it, so we couldn’t stick to one path. Neither of us realized just how successful it would be. Diamond thought that the best we’d get was a week with them before they figured it out, yet it seemed to be the opposite.

They were originally more suspicious, and as time went on, they grew more and more complacent. There was a reason for this. It turned out the evil bone became stronger the more it absorbed emotions. So, while it made people horny… the more it was exposed to hornier people, the stronger it became. In other words, its effects were growing increasingly stronger, while the long-term exposure to it had turned the girl’s brains to mush. They were completely lost in their lust, wanting nothing more than to get off.

Even with the door to the next puzzle open, each girl would hop on the dildo and ride it, desperately wanting to feel a dick inside them. Even after seeing their friends fall ill, they no longer could stop themselves. Those who weren’t sick from mana poisoning or using the bone as a dildo were masturbating fervently. They were barely even sleeping outside of the times we dosed them, instead engaging in fornication. They even began to use each other, allowing me to witness lesbian sex for the first time outside of a screen.

Even at that moment, the violet-haired girl who just got off the cock was now being forced to lick her friend’s pussy. The leader had been masturbating furiously, but when the other girl climbed into her lap, she spread her legs and made the other girl work her tongue.

“Disgusting.” Diamond made a face, looking away from the screen I was now eagerly watching.

I glanced at her. “Without men, I imagined these things would be more common.”

“I mean, yeah, there are women who’ll do that sort of thing.” Diamond frowned. “If they can’t control themselves though, they could at least use a dilboy.”

“I’ve heard that word before. What’s a dilboy?” I asked curiously.

“Young girls who have yet to go through puberty have flat chests and boyish bodies.”

“Girls like you?”

“I have breasts!” she snarled at me, pushing out her chest. “See? They’re almost B cup!”

“Yes, yes… your boobs are big.” I placated her.

After spending a month with Diamond, the pair of us had started to get used to each other. I knew how to placate her and get answers. She was very prideful, and if you said something to stroke her ego or hurt her pride, it was the best way to get her to speak. It seemed she was most sensitive toward those mosquito bites she called tits.

“Whatever…” She crossed her arms over her chest like she didn’t want me to look at them, although she had seemingly come to accept I wasn’t as interested in her body as any of the other girls, including Sandy, and thus was a bit less defensive. “I’m an adult. Most dilboys are young or late-bloomers. It’s for people who can’t afford their debts, a form of slavery.”

“Slavery exists?”

“Mm… it was reinstated during the war as a legal means to force criminals and the like off to war. Women, in particular, like to own each other. It makes them feel powerful. That’s why being a heroine is so lucrative. Sure, you can die any time, but heroines can’t be slaves.”

“And dilboys?”

“They give them drugs which make their voice deepen, their body hairier, and then make them wear strapons and cut their hair short. They’re trained to act like young boys, and women with money pay for them to entertain.”

“So, dilboys are trannies?”

“I don’t know what that means.”

“Never mind, I think I understand. If you’re unlucky enough to be sold at an age you can pull off being a boy, they forcefully transition you into a prostitute.”

“It’s not just sex. They also can end up as entertainers, or even personal servants for lonely rich women. If they don’t commit to being a dilboy for the rest of their life, it does mess up their future though. Although they’re only forced to do it until the debt is paid off, few can go back. They won’t be able to have babies, and they get a bad reputation, sitting as something between men and women.”

I nodded in understanding. Historically, women weren’t allowed in plays, so they’d take young boys and make them play the parts of women. They would even cut off their balls to keep their voice from becoming masculine. This was basically that in reverse. As I was thinking about these things, the image of the puzzle room showed the blue-haired girl climbing back on the bone.

“You’re not going to take off?” Diamond asked with a disdainful expression.

“I’m only a man,” I responded.

“That’s debatable.” She sniffed.

“Master is a man! His penis feels good!” Sandy declared.

“Are you talking about that tiny goblin dick?” Diamond made a face. “I don’t fuck monsters. I’d only fuck the dick of a real man.”

“That might be possible one day,” I responded thoughtfully.

“The fuck you say?” She pulled her blade.

“Ah! Nothing! I was just saying that with enough points, I could finally get the proper body of a human male, right?”

She made a face, but she sheathed her weapon. “How many points do you have?”

“50, 870 points!” I announced proudly.

I would have had more, but I had to buy a few things. First, there was the treasure chest with the trap that I placed for the girls. Secondly, she only had limited supplies of the forget-me-not potion, so I had to create more ingredients using the dungeon points. Third, I bought a 10,000-point tentacle creature. Diamond didn’t understand why I wanted such a thing, but since the point farming had gone so well, she didn’t argue so much. I told her it was an idea for inscriptions, and she accepted that.

Speaking of which, I had also purchased a few parts for inscriptions. I had continued to practice and was getting pretty good with them. I was on the final and toughest one. Once I finished that, I’d need the next book to continue. The best item I made was a three-star, and I had only created one of these. Most of them ended up two-star or one-star. I had not created a single one that was unsellable, and with that Diamond’s excitement and the way she treated me improved just a tad.

Diamond said that most of the inscriptions in the beginner book were practically useless. The small boosts they gave weren’t enough to change the outcome of a battle. Only the first inscription, the durability inscription, and the final inscription, the decreased weight inscription, were seriously used. The rest, which included boosts to strength, dexterity, and stamina, were all novelties. Only F-rank heroines would get excited about such a small boost in status.

“You’re over 50,000 points. A good portion of the store should be available now, huh?”  

“Ah… about that…”

It was true that a lot of things had unlocked at 10,000, 25,000, and now 50,000… there were still just as many things locked. By my best guess, some of the things in this library would go up to a million or more. After writing down the shop menu with Misty, she suggested that F-rank items were in the three digits, D four digits, C five digits, and so on. In other words, a hundred thousand plus would be a B-rank creature or item, a million would be an A-rank, and an SSS rank would require a billion points.

“Yeah, I’m seeing a lot of C-rank mobs. If you do start populating your dungeon with them, though, you’ll be seen as C rank. Furthermore, you want your rank of difficulty to match the treasure. You’ve made a few pieces of armor but your dungeon is still very small.” She spoke thoughtfully as she looked through the list.

“You know, I was thinking about it.” I coughed awkwardly. “I was thinking I might want something… a bit larger.”

Her eyes didn’t look up from the paper, but her lips curved downward slightly. “Oh? Larger?”

“Y-yeah… I mean, I need something that can handle threats. The rat king has managed to lure in a few hundred rats now, but I’m going to leave him on the second floor. The second floor has been completely remade thanks to the rat king and the addition of the tentacle monster. However, I still don’t have a boss to replace you when you leave.”

“Is that the bigger you want?” She asked, her voice quiet.

“Uhh… I mean… I’d like a strong body that can handle threats, oh, and you know… appropriately… sized.”

“There.” She pointed at something on the page.

“That’s 50,000!” I cried out when I saw what she selected.

“Aren’t they giant?”

She smirked. “No… only about seven feet tall. They’re a very standard C-rank monster boss.”

“A-and they have all of the equipment?” I asked nervously.

She twisted her nose, a malicious grin on her face. “Everything you could want.”

“I see…”

Noticing I didn’t look convinced, she sighed. “Look, I promised you I’d give you what you needed to defeat Misty. She could be returning any day now. As for the sluts on level four, they’ve already grown resistant to mana poisoning. If their brains weren’t filled with smut, they could have already reached the boss’s room. They will likely escape that room in a few days and then I’ll have to kill them.”

“Seriously?” I cried out. “What should I do?”

I had thought that I had the girls under my thumb. I was hoping to use them for months to come, but they’d be able to escape. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to trust Diamond, but I didn’t have a choice. She was the expert. I had chosen her specifically to give me this advice. Plus, I didn’t think she would do anything that put herself at risk.

“I’m going to be leaving once Misty is dealt with. At that point, you need to figure things out on your own. That’s why you need to figure things out on your own. Maybe we can use each other once I leave, but that’s only if you’re smart enough to keep this dungeon afloat.” She flipped her hair. “In other words, cyclops is all I’m going to say. It’ll handle the three sluts. It’s up to you to decide how you’ll use it.”

Even with those words, I was still certain there was a trick to her words. I thought I knew what trick she was pulling. The monster she wanted me to summon was a cyclops. I only knew cyclops to be twenty-foot-tall giants, which wouldn’t serve me at all. She insisted they were only a little taller than normal humans though, and I had to believe that.

As for its dick, it probably didn’t have one. That’s what I thought her game was. I decided it was fine if it was dickless. My sexual desires were second to my survival. If it didn’t have a dick, that was one less weakness my final boss would possess. Thus, I hesitated only a moment before I purchased my new boss, the cyclops.

Thud! Thud! Thud!

A shirtless creature emerged from the shadows. Even I was taken aback by it. It had muscular six-pack abs. He was bald with a single large eye. His mouth was filled with fangs. He looked pretty monstrous from the head up, but with a bag over his head, he’d look like a handsome bodybuilder. That was when a curious Sandy lifted his loincloth.

“Oh, wow!” She cried out.

When I saw it, I couldn’t help but cry out too. I was expecting a Ken doll, and instead, I got an anaconda. That thing was massive. It was like a baby arm. It was the exact opposite of what I expected. I gave Diamond a dumbfounded look. She tilted her head back, a malicious expression there. At first, I thought she was giving me an unusable dick to mock me. The expression on her face said differently though. She wasn’t trying to tease me at all. Rather, she wanted me to use that thing. She wanted me to rip apart other women with that whale cock. Deep down, I wanted to too.

I couldn’t help myself. I jumped into the cyclops and I felt a surge of power. When I wasn’t an obese guy who got winded climbing up the stairs, I was a measly goblin who had more bone on his body than muscle. Neither form exuded power. Yet, with rippling muscles and a seven-foot-tall frame, I ironically felt more like a man than I had ever felt before.

It was at that moment that a faint, feminine scent struck my nose. My eyes fiercely looked at Sandy. My nostrils flared as I breathed in her body, and grew inflamed with desire.

“M-master?” She asked me nervously.

My mind was overcome by lust, and my eyes feasted upon her luscious curves. I could tell that her body was covered in sweat, she was still panting heavily, and she smelled like sex. But her face, her hair, her body were all still so clean, so pure. Sandy had only been my servant for a little over a month, but I hadn’t played with her since that first time. Since I had given her a name and she spoke, I hadn’t wanted to take advantage of her for fear of embarrassing myself. After all, my roots as an otaku were hard to remove, and talking to girls was difficult. It was almost better when she was a mindless monster.

This body, however, seemed extremely sensitive to female anatomy. The vision wasn’t good, but the smell was intoxicating. I realized this was Diamond’s intent. She must have known Cyclopses were excited by female scent. I couldn’t control myself a second longer.

I grabbed Sandy and pushed her down onto the floor.

Sandy cried out as she was roughly shoved to the ground. I got on top of her, straddling her waist as I tore off the front of her heroine outfit, ripping the cloth to shreds. I then grabbed her bra and ripped it off, revealing her tits. Her chest heaved and her nipples grew hard as I stared at her naked body with a beastly desire. I grabbed her breasts with my hands and massaged them, kneading her flesh like dough. She groaned and twisted, but couldn’t get out of my grasp.

I bent over her and pressed my mouth against her right nipple. I sucked it into my mouth and rolled my tongue over it. Her taste filled my mouth and I savored it. Her cries grew louder, but I ignored her and continued licking her. I moved my mouth to her other breast, sucking her nipple into my mouth, and running my tongue over it.

Sandy didn’t try to escape, but I grabbed her wrists and held her hands over her head. I held her arms down and began grinding my hard cock against her pussy. She moaned as she felt my bulge rubbing against her. My body was hot with desire and I wanted nothing more than to bury my cock inside of her. Her cries and moans grew louder and her hips started bucking up against me. I couldn’t wait any longer.

I let go of her hands and sat back up. She looked up at me innocently, her face slightly flushed. I grabbed her waist and pulled her until her butt was in the air. I looked down at her wet, glistening pussy, and growled hungrily. I lined my cock up against her entrance and thrust into her. I couldn’t even get all of my dick inside her. She was too small!

She screamed as my cock penetrated her. It was tight, warm, and wet. Her insides clenched around my dick and it was a sensation unlike any other. It felt like heaven. She was so much tighter than a goblin dick ever could experience. I wasn’t buried deep inside her softness. Instead, my hardness was forcing her open.

“Master! Master! You’re ripping me apart!” she cried out.

I grabbed her ankles and spread her legs wide. She struggled, but I held her in place and began thrusting into her, my massive cock ruthlessly ripping into her pussy. Her pussy was tight and slick, and her soft, supple skin was irresistible. I grabbed her tightly and began fucking her harder, my thick shaft sliding in only a bit. I couldn’t get it all in no matter how much I tried.

Sandy screamed, her voice high-pitched and full of pain. She thrashed, but I didn’t let up. I sat up, pulling her legs down onto my cock, treating her like a cocksleeve. She was so small and light, that I could move her body however I wanted. It was awesome being big!

“Fuck, you’re so tight,” I grunted, slamming my hips forward, “and you’re so wet! Fuck, you’re such a dirty slut, taking a huge dick like this.”

She writhed and struggled, but I wouldn’t release her. My dick slammed into her again and again, sending ripples through her body. Her walls tightened around my dick and her juices flowed freely down my shaft.

“Master, it hurts! It’s too big!” she begged, tears flowing down her cheeks.

I didn’t stop and instead fucked her harder. Her screams of pain turned into moans of pleasure. She began to move her hips against me, her body accepting my cock. I thrust into her even harder, pounding into her wet cunt. I felt her tighten around me and she began to shudder.

“Ah, ah, ahhh! Mmmmm, fuck!” she moaned, her voice rising in pitch.

I was close to cumming, and I could feel her getting closer. Her body was tight and her moans were growing louder.

“Fuck, cum inside of me, please! I’m going to cum!” she cried out, her eyes rolling into the back of her head.

I couldn’t hold back any longer. My body tensed and I felt a surge of electricity run through me. I gripped her ass, my fingers digging into her flesh. She came with a scream, her entire body shuddering as she orgasmed. Her pussy clenched tightly around my dick and her juices poured over my shaft. I held her tight as her orgasm washed over her, her body shaking and trembling.

My vision began to blur and I felt my balls tighten. I released my load inside of her, my cock pulsating as I shot rope after rope of cum into her womb. She gasped, her eyes wide open as she felt my hot seed pouring into her. Her entire body went limp as she fell forward, her body collapsing in a heap.

My cum poured out of her and onto the ground. I let out a sigh of relief and slumped forward, my cock still buried inside of her. Her pussy twitched around my cock and her legs shook as she lay there, gasping for breath.

At this point, the goblin would have been spent. He would have been physically tired, and also his cock would have been as soft as tofu. Yet, I realized my dick was still rock hard, and I felt fine. A devilish light shone in my eyes. I finally had a body that could keep up with my horniness! I continued to break Sandy, who for her credit took it all.

Meanwhile, Diamond peeked from behind the door, watching the entire scene. It was anyone’s guess what was going through her mind at that moment, but a small smile sadistic formed on her lips.

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