Women’s Pleasure Dungeon – Chapter 21

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“Tcht… she really did figure out a better way.” Diamond remarked.

“Higher rank heroines are on another level.” I grimaced helplessly.

“Hmph! Did you have any doubt?” Diamond responded snobbishly. “Although, you don’t need to worry. In the end, she’ll be defeated.”

“Let’s see how she handles my next trap.” I agreed.

Misty was on level three, and as soon as she arrived on the icy floor covered in slick slime guts, she pulled out what looked to be a board with wheels. It was like a furniture dolly, but large enough for a person. She got on top of it and using an expanding stick from Dungeonco, she began moving her way forward. She didn’t head the wrong way this time and immediately found the turn heading toward the exit.

However, that wasn’t it. About halfway down the pathway, a voice cried out. Misty froze, noticing a path leading off to the side. This was the path leading to the treasure chest and the trap room. The last time she came to this path, she hadn’t even noticed the path. This time, because she was moving slower, and more important, because a voice was calling to her, she looked over with worry.

“H-help… help me…” The weak voice came from that room.

“Hello?” Misty called out. “Are you okay? Who are you?”

“I-I’m just an adventurer. I’m from Passion’s Summit. Help me! I became trapped.”

I nodded happily. “At least Sandy is better at this job than she is at tasks.”

Ever since Sandy was given a name, I had tried to use her for various tasks, but she didn’t seem to be good at anything that didn’t evolve her lying on her back. She was so clumsy that she made Misty seem agile, and she was more likely to make a mess worse rather than clean it up.

She was good at eating things. If I had something I wanted to get rid of, no matter what it was made out of, she could swallow it. She was always hungry and couldn’t eat enough. Thus, she became more like a garbage disposal, while my single surviving goblin continued his role as dungeon janitor. Afterward, I thought to reposition her where the former chest had been. I realized that Sandy had no sensitivity to cold, and the abrasiveness of the slime guts was useless to her. Thus, it seemed a good place to put her.

She could call to adventurers like a lost siren. Best of all, no one would suspect she was a mimic since mimics traditionally couldn’t speak. Sandy would appear like a genuine trapped heroine. I couldn’t help but cheer on the inside when Misty seemed to buy it. She started heading down the pathway toward the room.

“She can never stop herself from playing the hero,” Diamond responded distastefully.

I chuckled. “I guess this trap wouldn’t work on you. You’d just ignore the girl and continue on your way.”

Diamond gave me a side glance and then shook her head. “I’d likely fall for the trap room too.”


“Yeah, I’d track them down so that I could rob them. After that, I’d leave them for dead. No one would know. Who would guess they were a mimic with nothing of value?”

Sometimes, Diamond left me a bit speechless.  I knew a lot of guys online used to talk about how women were wicked and soulless, but without personal experience, I had always assumed they were just talking out of their asses. Meeting Diamond though, I was starting to think that women really could be just as evil as these men insisted. I could easily see Diamond destroying a man’s life with lies for her amusement.

I shivered to myself and then returned to watching Misty. By this point, Misty had managed to make it to the room. What she would see was a half-naked Sandy lying on a pressure platform. Normally, a treasure chest would be there, but Sandy had replaced the chest. To make her appear trapped, we had settled on a simple bear trap. They weren’t part of the dungeon store, but Dungeonco had such an item and one of the girls had it in their backpacks.

When they faced a large dangerous beast, they would lure it to the bear trap, and then with their creature’s foot clamped and its movements restrained, they would move in for the kill. It wasn’t called a bear trap naturally, it was called a Dungeonco monster restraint or something, but it was effectively a bear trap. Oh, and this was another strategy that Diamond considered beneath her, but I imagined it’d be quite useful for normal heroines who weren’t freaks of nature that went beyond common sense.

“Are you okay?” Misty cried out when she saw the half-naked Sandy with her blood foot in a trap.

I had been worried about putting Sandy’s foot in a trap. I thought about faking it at first, or even coming up with something else, but Sandy said that it didn’t hurt her. She didn’t have real blood, so the blood gushing out the wound was just an illusion. She could make the wound, and even her bone was fake. Her resilience was an asset I would need to figure out how to utilize more in the future.

“No… it hurts…” Sandy whimpered, looking down at her mangled foot and playing the part of a helpless maiden perfectly.

“Oh, gods… how did this happen?” Misty asked, looking like she wanted to cry.

“She’s so easy to manipulate, Ms. Altruism.” Diamond scoffed.

I wanted to smack Diamond sometimes. Was being a decent human being so bad? Misty was much more likable than her. If Misty wasn’t trying to kill me, I’d rather have her around me than Diamond any time.

 “I was separated from my group.” Sandy continued the cover story we had created for her. “I ended up falling for this trap.”

“Let me help.” Misty stepped forward onto the platform, reaching for the trap.

“Be careful!” Sandy warned, reaching out toward Misty.

Suddenly, Sandy’s body split in two. Her body opened up lengthwise from her lower mouth to her upper mouth, a vertical mouth filled with teeth. She lunged on top of Misty, and I mentally leaned forward, feeling just a small bit of regret. If Sandy ate Misty, then she would be able to look and sound like Misty. Misty’s death felt like a shame, but I had no other choice.

“Won’t work.” Diamond shook her head.

At that moment as Sandy’s teeth reached around Misty, she suddenly fell back, letting out a scream. At first, I couldn’t see what happened, but when Sandy fell off the platform to the floor, her foot was severed. Misty hadn’t hesitated to cut off her foot!

“It was the only way to… eh?” She looked around to see a shrieking monster somewhere in between Sandy and teeth.

It was a very horrifying appearance, and it was one of the reasons I didn’t cozy up with Sandy more. In theory, she wouldn’t try to eat me, but she could always eat one of the monsters. All I needed to do was be in the middle of fucking her only for her body to open up like that and for me to fall in… and I might never be able to have a normal sexual relationship again. Thus, I preferred banging anyone else when I had the choice.

“Bitch!” Sandy screeched, leaping across the room.

Other than teeth, her body had scythe-like claws, which she used to dig into the floor and move quickly. She scurried out of the room just as the trap door slammed closed like a bug. Sandy still let out little monstrous shrieks as she crawled away, finding a corner to hide in and heal. I’d feel sorry and sympathetic toward her, but she was so damn repulsive at the moment. Her expressionless face hung behind her gaping mouth, and insect-like claws protruded from her mouth. Any sense of humanity was gone.

I heard laughter, and I turned to Diamond who had her head back and her shoulder shaking. “I told you that a mimic would struggle to kill someone like her.”

“You said even you’d fall for it,” I muttered. “Besides, it was luck! She thought she was helping free another woman.”

“Call it whatever you want.” Diamond wiped the tears from her ears. “Luck, fate… even if she hadn’t stopped her, her reflexes would have. As I said before, Misty’s combat skill is A-class. It’s just the rest of her that drags her down.”

As if to prove her point, the stunned Misty turned her attention to the cage door that fell closed. It would only raise back up when the correct weight was on the platform. That weight was now set to Sandy’s size, at least when she had her foot. To emulate that weight, Misty would have to leave behind almost all of her supplies.

Diamond had anticipated from the beginning that Misty would defeat Sandy, so we had never planned for Sandy to defeat her. Sandy had still chosen to try, and it had cost her a foot. It would grow back, but it was a shame seeing my mobs hurt, especially when I had so few. At the moment, forcing Misty to lose all her supplies was the best we could hope for.

This trap room was like the other trap rooms. I had to leave a certain amount of hints. In this case, the walls had a balance drawn on them. Furthermore, there was a real balance which reflected the balance between the platform and the door. As you added weight to the platform, it would go up or down. Only when it was perfect, would the door open. It still made the puzzle far too simple. The only way I could make it harder was to make the object itself, Sandy, run away as soon as she experienced trouble.

I thought the room would confuse Misty and she’d be stuck a bit longer, but Misty only experimented with the pressure plate a bit before understanding the entire mechanism. She opened up her backpack and placed various items on it. It took her about two hours before the weight was balanced enough that the door opened again. In the end, she had to sacrifice two-thirds of her backpack. It would have been more if Sandy hadn’t left her foot. Why did Sandy need to be so light anyway? If I fattened her up, would it make this trap more effective?

I decided not to fret on it anymore, because Misty left the room and was quickly bringing herself out of level three. It was only a short while later that she reached level four. She still had all of her armor and her weapon. Although she lost most of her supplies, that didn’t slow her down at all, let alone encourage her to flee. I couldn’t help but tense up again as she approached the bone. She didn’t even look at the riddle first. Then again, she already knew the secret.

She pulled out a vial of liquid and then poured it over the bone. She then kneeled and began to stroke it. I realized that the liquid she put on the bone must have been some kind of lubricant. Her hand moved quickly and thoroughly. I didn’t have my consciousness in the bone, but I felt she was being a bit rough with it. She needed to treat it a bit gentler. She needed to tease it first.


The bone ended up spurting out its essence. It was the first time I had seen it happen and I wasn’t in control of it. I felt someone betrayed that the bone was doing it on its own. It was supposed to be a deterrent, so didn’t it release its essence a bit too early?

Misty didn’t hesitate to lick up the essence. It was clear that she was willing to do whatever it took to get what she wanted. As I watched her clean it all up, I regretted not being inside the bone at the time.

The door opened, and the chest appeared. That was right! I had almost forgotten about the chest. It contained a piece of enchanted armor, but if she opened it she’d be sprayed with the substance that made her forget. It was enough to trap the Passion’s Summit there for weeks.

“I won’t woooork…” Diamond responded as I looked hopefully at the screen.

She pulled out a stick and then opened the chest from a distance. There was a puff of smoke, but she waved her sword, and the wind from her wave sent the smoke away harmlessly.

“What the hell!” I cried out. “When did she become so capable? She fell for every trap before.”

“Hmm…” Diamond crossed her arms, but she didn’t give me a response.

She had already taken the enchanted armaments. I could only curse to myself. I’d be taking it all back when I stopped her. Diamond was by my side. There was no need to worry. I watched as she entered the next room and overcame the gelatinous cube trap as easily as they had the first time. Then, she was on to the final room. I couldn’t help but grow increasingly anxious. Would I even be able to stop her?

She quickly secured the key. She didn’t bother with the shield. Instead, she focused on heading toward the door and unlocked it. When she headed down the stairway, she entered the boss room. It was a large room with columns.

“Uuuuuhhhh…” A moan came nearby.

She looked over to see a cage with a girl inside. That girl was covered in bruises and white stuff. Even though she had encountered a mimic before, Misty didn’t hesitate to run over to the cage.

“Are you okay? I’ll get you out of there!” Misty declared.

“Huh?” The somewhat delirious blue-haired adventurer glanced up, and then she let out a cry. “No! No!”

Misty frowned but still managed to draw her sword and spin just as a massive club struck her. The blade caught the club, but it was still enough to send her flying. She struck a column, and the sword in her grip went flying away. The cyclops then advanced on her, its feet thudding with each step. It raised the club at her. Misty raised her hands, letting out a cry.

“Wait? That’s it?” I asked incredulously.

“What did you expect?” Diamond responded. “She was distracted by that girl and he got a hit on her. This isn’t some game. It’s life and death. The first strike is often the last. Even an F-rank can kill an S if they don’t have their guard up. Have you never heard of the farmer who killed the knight? It’s a famous children’s story.”

I was ignoring her though. I immediately sent an order for him to stop.

He dropped the club behind him and then looked dumbly at Misty. Misty looked up, and then let out a cry. She started desperately crawling for her weapon which had rested at the base of a column. I took control of the cyclops and then reached down and grabbed her. Her hand just missed the hilt of her sword as I pulled her back. She spun and kicked me. Her kick hurt! I kicked her back.

I kicked her right in the butt. She went flying forward, her head slamming into the column right above her sword. It was enough of a kick that blood started running from her head. I pulled her away from the sword, and she appeared too disorientated to grab it, letting me take a breath.

“What are you doing?” Diamond asked, in ghost form right next to me.

“She’s defeated,” I responded.

“She’s not going to stop until you kill her,” Diamond responded, but then a wicked look on her face. “Unless you want to use her first.”


“Hey! Don’t point at me with that thing!” She pointed down at my dick. “If you want to break her apart, be my guest, I won’t stop you.”

I hadn’t realized it, but manhandling Misty had made me excited. When I first ran into her, I was in the body of a goblin, so she appeared larger than life. She was a voluptuous goddess I wanted to conquer. A few months later, and now she looked so tiny and weak. It aroused a new part of me, a part that wanted to defile and use her. A dark grin formed on my Cyclops face, and I began to rip off her clothing again.

I had managed to make her mostly naked, with only a few tattered remains of clothing that couldn’t hide her modesty at all. As I got on top of Misty, Diamond snorted and disappeared, although I had a feeling she was still watching from a distance. I didn’t mind though. I wanted her to see. I wanted the world to see me defile and conquer this goddess. Even if that guild master came tomorrow and killed me, I’d never regret doing this.

As I grabbed onto her, her eyes snapped open. She was dizzy, but she was still alert. She struggled, but her strength was nothing compared to mine. I grabbed her body and pulled her over me. My massive dick fell between her legs, not quite as thick as those pearly white thighs, but still substantial enough that it looked like she’d be slit in two.

She struggled more, her eyes widening in fear. She was about to scream, so I put my fingers inside her mouth. I gagged her and then used my other hand to pin her wrists down. With her completely subdued, I was finally ready to start.

All of her skills were just that, skills. As soon as she was restrained, all of those skills accounted for nothing. A cyclops was stronger than a human, and now that she was naked and under me, she lacked any means of resisting. One hand was enough to hold her hands up. When I was sure she wasn’t going to scream, my other hand started grabbing onto her ass. She squealed. Her breasts were bouncing, her eyes were watering. I smirked and then began to rub my thick fingers around her pussy. Her folds were already wet, and her eyes widened in horror as she realized what was happening to her body.

My thick digit easily penetrated her insides. Her hips began to buckle, and her eyes rolled back in horror. She was shaking, and yet, the more I played with her, the wetter her pussy got. She shook her head as if trying to deny her own body, her tears flying off her face. I ignored her as she cried, her body tensing. I began to spread her cheeks. My thumb rubbed her clit, and a small bit of moisture started to dribble from her insides. Then, I took my finger out and shoved my middle digit in. She cried out, her eyes rolling back in horror. Her whole body was shaking.

Misty’s face was bright red as tears ran down her face. Her eyes were watery; her breasts were heaving. Her hands were pinned, and her hips were buckling. It was clear she was trying to hold it together, but a cyclops was fingering her. All of our previous interactions had been with her unconscious. Even if she suspected something happened, she could deny it to herself and pretend like her purity was maintained. Now, she had to face the lewd things happening to her pure body. My thick fingers were spreading her pussy apart. She could see her wet insides. Her juices were starting to dribble out as she was aroused under a monster. Was she more horrified that a monster was defiling her, or that she secretly liked it?

“Please stop,” she whimpered in a feigned attempt at resistance.

She was shaking, but I kept going, rubbing her clit. She was getting tighter, and I knew she was about to climax.

“Don’t make me…” she was gasping.

Don’t make you cum?

I smirked, and then I grabbed her hips and flipped her over.

“Don’t-!” she yelled, and then a moan came out instead.

My fingers slipped out of her pussy, and then, in one motion, I put her on top of my shaft.

“Wait! Wait!” she gasped. “It won’t fit-!”

With one hand, I grabbed her hips. I pinned her down and lifted her ass. She was in a sitting position, impaled on my cock. Her eyes were wide, and her tongue was hanging out.

“It’s too big!” she moaned, but even as she said that she was getting tighter.

“Nngh… please… I’m…!”

She was drooling, her face was turning red.

“Don’t cum,” she begged. “Please, I’m already…!”

I grinned and grabbed onto her hips. With her arms still pinned and her legs forced to ride on my cock, there was nothing she could do to stop me. I used her beautiful body to sheath my monster cock.

“Noooo,” she moaned, her body shaking as she was pushed up and down. “Don’t move me like that!”

Her voice was growing more high-pitched, more lewd, and she was squeezing me tighter.

“No! No!” she moaned. “Not so deep! It’s so big! It’s stretching me too far! I’m going to be torn in half!”

She was shaking, but her words only spurned on my movements. To my massive beastly body, she was nothing but a tight fleshlight for me to enjoy.

“Stop moving me like that!”

She was gasping and panting, and then…

“Oh god! It’s cumming!

Misty came. She squeezed down on my cock as her body shuddered in a mind-shattering orgasm.

“Noooo,” she moaned.

The fact that her body orgasmed was proof that she wanted this. It was also proof that I could do it again.

“No! Please! Give me a break,” she panted, her face red and sweaty.

She was still recovering, but I ignored her pleas.

“Please stop!”

I wasn’t even in yet.

“It’s too much!”

I was getting thicker the further down she went, and yet, it was still not in.

“My tummy!” she gasped.

I wasn’t sure if she meant her stomach, her womb, or maybe both. I grabbed her ass and began to bounce her.

“Ahh! Ahhh!”

She was shaking her head, her long hair flying everywhere. She was still cumming. Her pussy was so tight, it felt like she was sucking my cock.

“Too much,” she gasped.

She was panting, her tongue was hanging out. There was no sign of resistance left.

“Please, slow down,” she begged.

She was shaking, her breasts were swaying.

“I’ll go crazy,” she whimpered.

But I didn’t care.

“It’s too fast!” she panted.

I was bouncing her faster, and then, with a mighty push, I slammed her down and forced her to swallow the entire thing.


Her eyes rolled back in her head, and her whole body tensed up. She came so hard, her fluids squirted all over my stomach.

I let go of her arms, and she collapsed to the ground. Her body was still shaking, spurts of liquid coming out of her gaping pussy hole. She started crawling away, pitiful and desperate. I hadn’t cum yet though. I was just getting started. I wouldn’t let her die until I got my worth out of her. I never imagined that by the time I was done with her, rather than have to kill her, she would become my most valuable ally.

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