Women’s Pleasure Dungeon – Chapter 20

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“Great Goddess, I cannot fail again.” Misty spoke with a fierce look in her green eyes. “This dungeon is evil. It corrupted to soul of a friend. It caused the disappearance of a local party. It has even touched… It is evil! Please, this is my last chance to defeat this great evil. River says that if I fail one last time, she’ll take care of it herself. Please, give me the strength. Please…”

Her tone was different than it was before. There was a hint of desperation, and she ended it in tears. Diamond stared at the screen in disdain.

“Who is this great goddess she keeps praying to?” I asked.

“A joke,” Diamond responded. “Just superstitious drivel. Since the demon king was a real person believed to be tied to the rise of the dungeons, some heroines began to believe there must be a goddess that countered the demon king. It’s all a joke to trick idiots into giving up their money by giving tributes.”

“I see, what about River?”

“River is the guildmistress.” She spoke stiffly.

“The guildmistress?” I turned to her. “Isn’t she that A-rank?”


“What does that mean?”

“No one knows how strong the guild mistress is. There are rumors she was demoted and put in charge of the local guild as punishment for some crime.” Diamond spoke uncertainly.

“Demoted! Doesn’t that mean she’s a higher rank than A?”

“It’s possible she was an S-rank… but that would have been years ago! She’s at least a decade older than when she was in her prime.”

“Still, if she comes here, we’re dead!”

“She’s not going to come.” Diamond waved her hand. “You forgot, I’m leaving once we deal with the Misty thing.”

“You mean you’re running away!”

“Hey! I’ll keep the guild master at bay. You just worry about getting strong enough to protect yourself. Focus on that inscription stuff. Be useful.”

“Oh, that’s rich… I need another book!”

“I’ll send you one once I get back to the city, I promise.” Holding up her hand, she didn’t look trustworthy at all.

It wasn’t like I had much of a choice though. I was already committed to this. I could only watch as Misty prepared at the entrance and then made her way forward. The first level was pretty much unchanged, and for as clumsy as Misty appeared, she never made the same mistake twice. She quickly managed to jump over the obstacles and made her way to the end.

As she reached the second level though, I sat up a little straighter. The last time she had been at this level, it had been dedicated to goblins. After she killed them all with Diamond’s help, I hadn’t bothered to resummon them. I only had my single goblin, who was mostly given cleanup duty when he wasn’t being used as my dick. Now, the rat king whom she never met was on that floor.

I originally felt no hope for the rat king, but that was before I started attracting rats to my dungeon. Rather than buying them with DP, I allowed my rat king to capture ones already outside. With the help of food and traps, he now had an army of around three hundred rats. It still wasn’t anywhere near the maximum power of a rat king. Diamond said the rat king could control ten times that amount, but that took the time I didn’t have and DP I couldn’t waste.

She walked down the hallway, her sword drawn and her mind alert. She no longer took this dungeon for granted, although I also saw that she didn’t move nearly as cautiously as the F-rank did either. Every step forward was confident and determined. Misty was fearless. If she wasn’t trying to kill me, I’d admire her.


Misty had passed the hidden alcove where the rat king was stationed. As soon as she passed him, he cried and the rats came skittering out. Misty knew something was wrong, and she held her blade tightly as she looked around, but she didn’t notice the rats at her feet until they were already crawling on her.

“Tch!” She made an irritated sound and then kicked her feet.

She almost looked at the rats with disdain. I wasn’t necessarily expecting her to act like Passion’s Summit, but she could have at least been a bit startled. Each one of those rats was the size of a chihuahua. I nearly screamed the first time I saw one and I was the one capturing them.

She swung her blade a few times, and rat blood splashed as she continued. Her feet and legs were covered in scratches. I asked Diamond before if there was anything like the plague. I wasn’t above using biological warfare if it meant I’d live a bit longer.

Unfortunately, she had never heard of it. It turned out, illness and disease were one of the few things in this world that had all but been eliminated. Anyone with enough money could buy potions to resolve just about everything. The only humans at risk of disease were the poor. Disease became associated with poor people, and even if the rich did get sick, they usually resolved it silently and recovered while on personal health retreats so they weren’t accused of being associated with the lower classes.

I could only sigh as I watched the rats get eliminated. The only reason I wasn’t more depressed was because Diamond told me the rats would multiply on their own rapidly under a rat king. I had gathered as many as I needed to start a colony, and now it was just a matter of time before the rat king bred them all up. Even if I lost 90% of them, I’d still have enough to recover.

It was all fine as long as they made it to the next part. While she was still distracted moving forward while keeping the rats following her back, tentacles emerged from the next alcove. Before she could do anything, one got around her hand and forced her to drop her sword. She cried out as she was dragged into the alcove, more and more tentacles wrapping around her.

“Yes!” I made a fist of excitement.

“Yes, what?” Diamond made a face. “These creatures don’t have a lot of strength. They’re better at distraction and inconvenience. Unless you have someone to stab her while she is incapacitated, she’ll escape shortly.”

“Stab her…” My eyes widened as I considered such a thing.

That was right, this was supposed to end with Misty’s death. That was what Diamond was waiting to do. I shouldn’t be upset about it. Misty wanted me dead, so it only made sense that I should kill her first. I didn’t want to kill her though. Compared to the girls in cages, she was many times more beautiful. She was like a natural goddess. Why couldn’t I have been stuck here with her instead of…

“What are you looking at?” Diamond demanded.

“Nothing… I’m going to see if I can restrain her a little longer. More time, more points, right?”

“Mm…” She narrowed her eyes but didn’t say any more.

I left the cyclops in the boss room and floated up to the tentacle monster. I knew Diamond was thinking I came to do perverted things, and she wasn’t wrong. It had been a long time since I had touched Misty’s body. Back then, I was an inexperienced virgin. Over the last month or so, I had banged the four women of Passion’s summit countless times. I had used big dicks and little dicks. I had them ride me on top and forced them under me. I wasn’t the same pre-maturely ejaculating man as I was before.

Having Misty as my first was like a child being taught martial arts by a master. I was too ignorant to appreciate what I had. Now that I was on the cusp of losing it, I felt sadness and reluctance. Perhaps, I could make Misty flee once again before she got too deep. If she didn’t make it into the Boss room, then she wouldn’t have to face the combined attacks of Diamond and the cyclops. My only chance was to make her flee like last time! I could strip her down and take all of her stuff!

With my mind made up, I entered the tentacle monster. Immediately, I could feel her body wrapped up in my many tentacles. The tentacle monster didn’t have eyes or ears, so I was blind and deaf. The tentacle monster could feel, smell, and taste though, and these senses were many times stronger.  The thick aroma and taste of Misty assaulted me as I was overcome by silent, blind darkness. I regretted not practicing controlling the tentacle monster before, as I was fumbling in the dark. Some tentacles felt like fingers, and others felt like toes. Of course, a few felt like my other appendage too. Yes, there were multiple penises! It felt weird having my penis wrapped around her ankle.

I could only push forward with what I had though. The tentacle monster was there, so I had to use it to strip and embarrass Misty. I got to work.  Misty was a good girl, so she wasn’t wearing anything inappropriate. None of her clothing was easy to remove or tear away. She was still wearing her underwear, and it was only functional with no level of sex appeal. My tentacles were not very precise, and so the bra came off a little crookedly. Misty’s large breasts swung free, and my tentacles excitedly squirmed as I grew elated. It was hard to control them my first time, so some of the tentacles were squeezing tightly while others were just lying there doing nothing.

I did my best to strip her down, her armor falling away, followed by her underclothing. I could feel her fighting, kicking, and struggling against my tentacles as they slid under her clothing.  If she was saying anything, I literally couldn’t hear her. One of my tentacles found her mouth, and I stuck it in. Unfortunately, it contained the feeling of a big toe, not my penis, but that still felt tingly as her lips wrapped around the tip of my toe. I didn’t have any weird food fetish, but I was open to experimenting.

I could only feel her soft skin against the rough and slimy surface of my tentacles. She was still fighting and resisting. Her body was sweaty, and her heart was racing. I wasn’t able to hold her still or contain her struggles, so she was able to get an arm free and push away some of the tentacles. Misty’s hand wrapped around a tentacle near her neck and squeezed it tight. Then, her hands found one of the tentacles containing the feeling of a penis, and she squeezed it tight too. I could feel the blood pumping through the tentacles as she squeezed, and her tight grip around my cock was amazing. She was stroking it, but not in a sensual way. It hurt, but I still couldn’t stop myself from being turned on by the feeling.

I couldn’t stop now. As I got a better sense of the dimensions of her body through touch only, my movements grew bolder. One of the tentacles had slipped between her legs, and I could feel something wet dripping onto it. My precious little goddess was getting wet again. I knew that even this perfect pure girl had her lewd side. After all, she had gotten wet when I used goblins on her before. There was no reason to think that she wouldn’t enjoy this too. The thought that she was dripping in arousal was too tantalizing. My mind was clouded by desire. I was determined to make her cum with my tentacles.

There were no thoughts about what would happen after. I stopped considering the fate of my dungeon or Misty’s life. My entire focus was on the pleasure I could bring her with the tentacles, and the pleasure that I could receive in return with her perfect body. It was time to take her. A tentacle that had a penis shape was thrust into her. I was a little off. I had missed and had instead gone into her butt. She was tight there, but it wasn’t quite as tight as her front hole. It wasn’t an unpleasant sensation either, and I couldn’t help myself but linger. This wasn’t the first time I had played with her asshole though, and while her body shook slightly and her buttcheeks tightened, there were no other negative responses.

I could get a 3D image of her body just by Tough. Every tentacle could sense her body, and it was as if her body was being caressed all over. Her body was like a drug, and I could barely control myself. Misty’s body was burning up. There was the heat radiating from her body and the heat that was building up inside her body. With her legs spread wide, I could feel the pink, throbbing pussy. It was begging to be filled. The tentacle wrapped around her ankle was pulled forward, and I could feel the muscles in her body tensing. It was almost as if her pussy was pulling the tentacle forward. I thrust forward, and I could feel her warm flesh wrap around the tentacle. My body shuddered as the feeling of the penetration reached my brain. I was in heaven, and the world spun around me.

My vision was black, but the rest of my senses were heightened. The wet, slippery sensation of her vagina was a thousand times more pleasurable than her hands and mouth combined. As I thrust into her, her inner walls moved. I could feel the folds inside of her and the soft texture of her body. Misty was shaking. I could simultaneously taste the salty tang of her pussy, from the salty outer layers of skin to the sweet nectar inside. My nose was filled with her scent too. Her ass and her pussy assaulted my nose, but I didn’t care, I loved the smell and taste of both!

As her body grew tense, she clenched her teeth and bit down hard on my tentacle. I could feel the pain as the tentacle in her mouth was bitten. I was suddenly glad it wasn’t a penis tentacle. The pain was intense but manageable.

The tentacle in her pussy was thrust in and out, the slime from the tentacle making her wet and slippery. I could feel her insides quivering and pulsating. The tip of my tentacle brushed against the end of her insides, and she let out a scream. I couldn’t hear her screams and moans, but I could feel the vibrations with the tentacles wrapped around her chest. Her screams were muffled by the tentacle in her mouth though, and she was left shaking and panting. Her body was trembling, and she was squeezing down tight on my tentacle. The warmth and wetness from her pussy was a blessing, and the throbbing feeling was too much. I was enjoying her a ton.

At that moment, I reached a full tentacle climax. The tentacles were wriggling, and I could feel the slime from them coating her body. The tentacles had an intense orgasm, and her insides were flooded with juices erupting from the tips of every tentacle. I didn’t know what this stuff was, but it happened to be white so it was semen in my mind.

Misty’s body shook with an orgasm too, and her vagina quivered, milking my tentacle for everything it had. Her pussy was so good, I had come too fast. I wished the experience could last longer. It was in that moment I felt a horrible pain. My grip on her had slackened as I orgasmed, and at that moment, she had somehow reclaimed her sword. She cut off pieces of me. I retreated from the tentacle monster’s body. It had lost half a dozen tentacles in an instant, finally dropping the naked Misty, covered in white milk a bit too liquidy for cum.

She quickly backed away from the tentacle monster, but it had already retreated into the alcove. It had lost half its tentacles and very nearly died. I let it know it did a good job and that it could hide and recover from hereon out.

“Is that… Milk Nectar?” Diamond appeared as a ghost, staring down at the white-stained Misty with shock.

She floated next to her and sniffed. I would have grabbed her if I had hands. Wasn’t she afraid of being seen? Thankfully, Misty showed no signs of noticing Diamond in her ghost form.

“It’s what the tentacle monster released.” I casually collected a small vial and once we returned to the boss room, I handed it to Diamond’s physical form.

“It is! Those fucking bastards!” She cursed, making a face.

“Huh? What’s milk nectar?”

“It’s a high-class beauty product!” She announced. “It’s a special lotion that gets rid of wrinkles and scars and makes skin smooth.  It seriously comes from the sexual discharge of a tentacle monster! I-I’m going to throw up!”

As Diamond made gagging noises, I watched the screen as Misty put her clothing back on, not even cleaning herself up as she just rubbed the milk nectar into her skin. Rather than look like she wanted to run, she looked more determined than ever before. My plan seemed to have failed.

“That lucky bitch! A Milk Nectar bath costs more than a dilboy, and she got one for free!”

“Bitch, is it gross or is she lucky? Make up your mind!” I shouted at her.

“What the fuck did you say?” She asked darkly.

“I apologize! Please take these tubes of milk nectar I collected as recompense!” I apologized immediately, remembering I still needed her.

“Hmph… shameless.” She calmed down slightly, but even though she said that she still took the vials and stored them in her ring.

I let out a sigh and turned back to the screen showing Misty. It had only been a few hours, and she was already on the third floor.

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