The Lust System: Chapter 170 (Unlocked)


Chapter 170 – Traveling Across


It was true.

Max couldn’t believe it, but it was true.

Those were really bats. On the screen, they looked like tiny flying creatures, which made him think that they were only insects.

Moments later, when he could finally see their surroundings and compared their sizes to have a good estimation, he found out the apparent large size those creatures have.

Those could not be said to be insects anymore. With their size alone, they would surely haunt their targets into running away. Those were terrifying bats that would fill everyone with fright.

But what Max put his entire attention to was the alarming number of them. There were too many that Max initially thought it was only an insect swarm.

Yu’er was quick to act, looking it up herself. She wanted to know where was the location that was shown in the video and what sparked it to occur.

She had never heard of this happening before. Yu’er had seen a lot through the years, terrorists, crazy ones, brainwashed individuals, vengeful and cruel beings, she had seen it all.

This was different. It was something that needed to be taken seriously. It was a real threat, unlike those foolish suicidal enemies that were only unknowingly waiting for their deaths.

Whoever offended these bats were going to be suffering from the relentless attacks of these unstoppable creatures.

As it was being shown by the Awakened recognized by many, it meant that this event is related to Awakeneds.

And from how the bats were acting, they seemed to be incredibly irritated. The noise they were making was enough to annoy them; it was extremely unbearable.

Having those numbers, it was without a doubt that they would cause mass panic once they get spotted by a large group of people.

With the vision of their surroundings becoming better and the video zooming out to give them a better spectacle, they could see a lot more details around.

From what they could observe, the bats were in a mountainous region. They were in an open field of endless grass that was surrounded by thick forest with large, tall trees.

They could also spot several wooden huts built on the vast land and some equipment that gave them the reason to believe that it wasn’t deserted.

From this, they could speculate that those bats were either near the sea where fishing and hunting villages were numerous, or they were in a small secluded mountain village.

What were they doing there, and what was their purpose? They could only take a few guesses based on what they know.

Mountain villages usually have occupants living in it. However, their vision was blocked due to the low visibility with bats filling up most of the areas below.

Max was amazed by what he was watching. There weren’t any traces of fear on his face, only astonishment with a hint of awe.

So this was how a powerful and unique Awakened looks like, he thought.

Max had seen a strange ability before. It was the ghost that he had recently defeated. But it wasn’t entirely new for him since ghosts aren’t surprising, and it didn’t look terrifying, which betrayed his initial expectations.

This, on the other hand, went past his imagination. It could be an animal control skill or an animal transformation skill or something else entirely, whichever it is, it was genuinely an amazing skill.

The impression it gave him when he saw those fierce-looking bats was how aggressive they looked even when they weren’t doing anything.

Max wasn’t fazed by their intimidating display since he had no reason to be afraid of them, though others have and would probably be scared stiff when they see this before them.

Still, Max thought that his dragon form, although a bit small, was better than these bats. That didn’t mean he removed any possibility of copying them.

Their pitch-black color would be a perfect cloak in the dark skies at night, and it seemed quite cool to fly with those unique pairs of wings. Max can already imagine how different it would feel.

The skill of this Awakened was too powerful if used the right way. No matter how useless those bats might be, their large numbers were enough to put fear in everyone’s hearts.

This has now piqued his interest, what a peculiar skill.

“I finally found their location.”

After a long search, Yu’er finally found the information she had been trying to obtain.

“Where is it?”

“It’s a little bit more than four mountains away from us. It’s a far distance away from here, so I don’t think there’s a big possibility that they would be coming in our direction.”

“The closer cities should be the ones panicking at this time since this is a huge threat for them. They would have to search for ways to fix this problem quickly.”

Yu’er already had a feeling that it was around their area when she saw what looked to be a mountain village.

The mountainous regions outside their city span over a wide range of landscapes. It reaches far places and connects cities together. Those kinds of wooden huts were also quite common in this area since a lot of trees available to be used for materials.

Luckily they weren’t too close since they won’t be able to do anything if those bats decided to go on a rampage on their populated city.

This would force them to move somewhere else for the time being to let things settle down quietly as there would surely be chaos everywhere if that happened. And most of all, there would be a lot of outside visitors, some might even be far stronger than them.

At that time, they would spectate from the sides and make some hidden moves in the dark using another identity.

“Four mountains away?”

Four mountains away were quite far. Currently, they were in the first mountain outside their city. This mountain has a vast forested area that one would get lost if weren’t careful enough.

They made some preparations before they went here and they have only stayed on the base of the mountain.

The maps available only included the trails and the common areas, something that they have to stay away from, so they were only left with the dangerous regions for privacy and seclusion.

It was unfortunate that their villa’s forested areas don’t have the thick gigantic trees that could be found here, which made it not suitable to act as a cover.

Traveling across four mountains would be challenging but achievable. With their full speed, it would take a few hours before they could reach the other side.

There were around three cities that would be closer than them to that location, and they would be passing through them if they decided to go.

Staring at his screen and seeing the chaotic situation on the other side, a thought suddenly came to him.

Since this was an Awakened and a strong one at that, others such as the Special Affairs Department would surely deal with them.

If he is right, they would be the ones who would be concerned the most in this situation.

He might also be able to see others who were curious and would watch the situation themselves.

This could be the perfect time to see a lot of Awakened in one place.

Max turned to Yu’er, and she looked back at him, seemingly expecting what he was going to say,

“Why don’t we take a closer look?”




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The Lust System: Chapter 169 (Unlocked)


Chapter 169 – Practice Match


It was only after some time before Max and Yu’er finished a series of tests and experiments.

Yu’er was surprised by the number of intriguing ideas that Max got from the guide. She eagerly cooperated with him since she also wanted to find out if those ideas work.

It has been quite a while since she had seen the beginner’s guide that Max had focused his attention on.

Looking through it once again, she discovered that it was kept to date, and it included information that even she didn’t know of until now.

Fortunately, all of it was not the least relevant for them though it was surprising that the number of topics included significantly increased.

Once they started testing the interesting theories and bold ideas found in the guide, time seemed to run fast, and without them noticing, a few hours had already passed.

The experiments they did ranged from theories on increasing the damage of an Elemental Skill to a variety of ways that the content claimed to be methods on improving the controls of their skill.

They would accept every method that would improve their control over their skill since the normal process was difficult and time-consuming.

For them, even the smallest benefit would still be a benefit.

There was a lot of useless information that they couldn’t be bothered with, like those unrealistic methods and baseless rumors.

As Awakeneds themselves, they have a good idea of what might be possible and what might not.

After filtering through the long, comprehensive content, they were left with some insightful ideas that they think have the possibility of being effective.

In the beginning, both of them were quite excited when they thought that they found some great techniques that would help them.

However, as time passed, they slowly became disappointed and started to lose interest.

From how the ideas were listed, Max and Yu’er were convinced that at least one would work as all of them seemed plausible, realistic, and, most of all, simple to execute.

But in the end, they were left with nothing.

Each of the ideas they tested failed with barriers showing up randomly, which signaled the test to be a failure.

It was just like when they tried an idea that may save most of their energy when they used a skill, which would, in turn, allow them to last longer than most in battles.

They found out that they could not take advantage of the loophole since there seemed to be a minimum amount of energy that is required on using a skill.

Although every idea failed, Max and Yu’er were still able to learn a few more things about how skills work in general.

It was possible to have better control over their skills and prevent excess energy from being wasted; however, there seemed to be a minimum requirement.

The theory of improving their technique and understanding of their skills so that they could skillfully save most of the energy being used was not true.

Since everything was now clear, the findings they have gotten would further allow them to modify their training plans in the near future.

After that, they went back to practice fighting, which what they thought to be the best way to get better at fighting.

Weapons and skills were not included. It was because Max would surely win if skills were to be allowed, and Yu’er would win if they could only use their weapons.

That would be pointless and would not improve their fighting abilities in any way, so their fight was only limited to energy enhanced physical combat.

One good thing was that they don’t need to hold back since their Reverse Time would fix every damage they did to the other.

This way, the two of them would be able to fully evaluate each other’s abilities in all areas.

What they have gathered was that Yu’er had a good foundation, and her techniques were flawless, hitting the exact spot she targeted.

However, her dexterity was considerably slower than Max, which lead to most of her attacks being blocked.

Max, on the other hand, lacked experience. His selection of techniques was also limited.

Yu’er was able to take advantage of that weakness. She remembered every technique he was comfortable with and anticipated all of it to be used at some point throughout their match.

This led to Max being blocked, dodged, and countered on each blows he puts out.

Despite this, he wasn’t all that bad in terms of speed and could outmaneuver Yu’er with ease.

They also found out that his reaction time was extremely quick.

Even though Yu’er had an overall advantage over Max, his fast reaction was saving him from Yu’er’s weird attacks that he couldn’t predict.

Max managed to cover his lack of knowledge only by reacting in time and making use of his reflexes to move away from the range of her attacks.

Their goal was so that they won’t be helpless in case a time came that they couldn’t use their skills.

Also, over-reliance on skills won’t be good for their foundations, and training their bodies would have some advantages.

Since their skills have nothing to do with physical combat, once they were in an extended battle against a Weapon-related Skill user, they would be the first to be exhausted.

Other Awakeneds don’t believe that training their bodies was worth their time, but Yu’er and Max knew the importance of it.

Yu’er learned from their parents when she was young, that strengthening the body would contribute to how powerful she could become. Sometimes it could also be as vital as saving her life.

And Max fully understood that he should improve himself in every field and knew how significant the advantages of those abilities were once he was able to master them.

Defeating an Elemental Skill user with his more powerful Elemental Skill and destroying a Weapon User with his better handling of weapons would be the ideal outcome for him. That is if they could live through his Time Stop first.

While they took a short break, Max leaned on one of the nearby trees with his head down, intently focusing on his phone screen.

Yu’er beside him was taking a sip of water. Pearls of sweat ran down her alluring white neck before disappearing in her shirt.

Max was watching videos of Awakeneds one after another while at the same time keeping up with the recent events.

While scrolling, he clicked on one video that was the most popular of all. From the looks of it, almost everyone was watching it, which made him curious about what it was.

The video was live. What Max noticed was the individual responsible for it. The video was from the unknown Awakened that broadcasts the big happenings all over the world.

From this, there seemed to be something big going on.


When Max finally opened it, his screen suddenly turned black.


The next second he noticed that it wasn’t his phone that shut down. It was the video that was showing a black screen.

But it wasn’t only that.

When he looked closer, the black screen seemed to be something else, something with large numbers and moving around with an irregular speed.

“What are you looking at?”

Before Max managed to say anything, Yu’er moved her head closer to see what he was up to. But her face changed into shock. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing.

“This!? Where is this?”

“These insect swarm? I’m not sure.”

“It’s not insects. Those are bats.”




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The Lust System: Chapter 168 (Unlocked)


Chapter 168 – Lesson


“Are you ready?”


“I’ll go first.”

Yu’er sped up towards Max before using her long legs to execute a kick filled with explosive power.

Max smiled as he stood unmoving on his position before directly blocking it with one of his arms.


Max’s face grimaced in pain, jumping back to move away from Yu’er’s further blows. This wasn’t what went on in his head when he thought of blocking her kick.

Now, his arm felt bruised just from receiving one blow.

“That is too painful. What’s with that kick? How was it able to hurt me? I should be the stronger one here, right?”

“That’s why you got hurt. You might be stronger, but that’s only the case when you can use your skills.”

“In purely physical combat, I would always win. I have been training myself for years, after all. You don’t have enough experience and techniques to defend against my blows.”

Yu’er went to his side and used her Reverse Time Skill to heal the damage she had given on his arm.

After a few moments, Max could feel his arm being restored to its normal state, and along with it, the pain slowly vanished.

“This skill is too convenient. As long as we have infinite energy, we would be undying. We could heal every damage we receive.”

“That’s true, but that’s impossible. Even if it is, we would also not able to react fast enough if a powerful, deadly attack were to hit us, so don’t rely on it too much.”

“Yeah. That’s too bad. Good thing we already decided on buying the Magical Space and now we’re close to purchasing it. I’m sure that would be one of the strongest defense we would ever get at this moment, enough to deal with most Awakeneds we would cross paths with.”

Max lightheartedly spoke as he stood up from the thick patch of grass underneath him.

They were currently in a forested region outside the city for a quick training since Max also wanted to test something he read from the guide this morning.

Everywhere around them were trees, and only the cries of birds and leaves swaying from the cool breeze can be heard.

This beautiful environment was calm, peaceful, and has an amazing landscape, which was why they picked this specific location.

The land they were in was also slightly elevated, making it easy to spot if someone were to get close to their surroundings.

Occasionally, among the trees, there would be a little figure flying around.

Little Dou with her big eyes curiously looked at the newly hatched birds in the nest that she thought looked quite ugly.

The baby birds’ appearance was different from the large bird that was feeding them. She went on to the nest close up, staring at the little fluffy creatures.

The birds weren’t alerted since they could not see her. Little Dou’s eyes blinked as she stared at each of them alternatively.

Soon, Little Dou nodded, seemingly enlightened about something.

This nest must have belonged to another bird that abandoned these ugly little birds, and the big bird that was feeding them passed by and took pity on them. That’s right! That must be it!

Little Dou felt like she had become smarter as she flew away towards the colorful flowers she had seen at the corner of her eyes.

“How were you able to put out that much force on your kick?”

“It’s a technique of concentrating your energy only to the areas that would support your legs and put more strength to the kick.”

“The power behind the blow would be significantly stronger than what you could normally do in your current rank.”

“You would be able to catch your opponent off guard as they won’t expect your attack to suddenly be stronger than your usual ones.”

“If your opponent knew what rank you are like how you knew exactly how strong I am, then the effectiveness of it would be much greater since, in your mind, you have an estimation on how much damage I could do.”

“And you would not expect me to go past that range of damage. That’s why it works most of the time. Just like it did with you.”

“Naturally, there would be flaws in the technique. Once they expected you to use that move, they could focus on counter-attacking your weaker and unprotected areas.”

“You should be careful then. Also, it usually only works once before your enemy would be aware of it, so you only have one chance.”

“You could say it’s a trick that could give you an edge sometimes, but once it hits, it could turn the battle in your favor.”

Yu’er went on to tell him more about the technique. She was not giving Max the idea that it was good to use it in battle.

Max has a lot of skills and a collection of weapons in his Inventory. Physical combat should be the last thing he would want to engage in.

She was merely explaining its process and its weakness so that Max would know what to do if he encountered it someday.

Max understood this, so he tried to learn how exactly it was working and imagined multiple ways to which he could punish his enemy for using it.

After they were done, Max curiously tried to do it just like how Yu’er instructed and gave the nearby tree a powerful kick.


They watched as the tree trunk cracked and split in half before falling on one side, leaning against the other tree.

“It’s this simple?”

Max used the minimum energy required and gave out the most powerful kick he could. The impact was stronger than he expected. He couldn’t believe that all he needed was a small trick to pull it off.

“Look at this.”

Yu’er went towards another tree beside them and gave out a simple punch.


The tree fell down the same way as its leaves shook with the force behind her punch.

Max became speechless. He knew that the power behind her attack wasn’t something he could imitate just by following her instructions.

“You only learned about this today, so you need more time to be familiar and be comfortable with it. Once you can do it smoothly, then you can slowly add more power to your attacks.”

“It’s only a matter of time before you can do it with the same power as mine. That is if you need it. I don’t think you would need it in the future anyway. Don’t use too much time on it.”

“But you need to remember how to counter it once someone used it against you. It’s quite tricky, after all.”

“Oh yeah, you said you wanted to test something today? What is it?”

Max collected himself before remembering one of his goals before coming here today.

“Have you read the beginner’s guide that an unknown Awakened wrote?”

“That guide? Yeah, a little bit. I already knew a lot before it was made, so I only scanned through it quickly many years ago.”

“I think it was only made for those ordinary people that suddenly activated an ability to give them some idea of the world.”

“It should be written by someone from one of those good organization since everything in it was about doing good deeds and following the law.”

“I just read it this morning, and there were some interesting things in there. I’m curious to see if it was true.”




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The Lust System: Chapter 167 (Unlocked)


Chapter 167 – Not the First Time 


Being careful had always been in the mind of Max. This had never changed and never will.

That was because he would lose so much with just one mistake, and he could not afford for that to happen.

With all the advantages he has compared to other Awakeneds, it was unacceptable for him to waste even a tiny bit of it.

He also still hasn’t forgotten what he desired by going through this path. He wanted to have every beautiful woman in the world!

This was the only wish he hoped to achieve from having the Lust System.

However, from it and some other special occurrences, a new goal arose from the depths of his consciousness.

Max wanted to be the strongest Awakened of them all.

Other people might not dare to say it, but he can, simply because he had something that other Awakeneds don’t.

With it, he could make this desire a reality, just like him having a lot of women that seemed impossible in the beginning.

Imagining himself on the top of everyone with no one that could threaten him, Max thought that it was just right.

However, he was also aware that even with his Lust System, it wouldn’t be that easy. Even now, he couldn’t afford much of the skills and items that would assist him greatly.

Those items were simply too expensive. He could only take things one step at a time and slowly dominate everyone that would go against him.

This was why he created this formidable lightning ball. The bright purple ball that formed on his hands was one of his answers to the threats of others.

Mainly, it could fix his problem about battling against a smart enemy that devised a plan on outnumbering and cornering him into a dire situation.

Max always tried to solve every problem that he could think of. It’s just that it wasn’t easy to think about the possible problems that could occur. And thinking of a solution would then be several folds harder.

But he was working on it.

Max knew that as long as he could prevent most problems from occurring, his life would surely be more enjoyable for him and his women.

Now, after the busy days and weeks of contemplation, training, and testing, Max had finally found an answer to one of the safety concerns he had for his life.

There were only a number of ways he could think of to get away from being outnumbered and being stuck in a difficult spot.

It could be from using an Invisibility Potion to shapeshifting to an object or a small creature.

However, even Max could see the flaws in those plans.

What if there were a lot of people watching their fight? Would he want to use the Invisibility Potion and seek trouble for himself?

What if his surroundings did not have many places to hide? Would he expose his shapeshifting ability to an insignificant enemy and suffer the consequences of it being exposed for his entire life?

Max already knew the answer to that. Why would he expose his skill collection to a dying opponent? If it did happen, he would be the one who would lose in the end.

For this reason, Max had to solve having to deal with an overwhelming number of enemies while not losing anything.

This ball of lightning was his solution since it has a special effect that even he did not expect.

Sending out streaks of lightning is easy. Max could do it effortlessly; it was just as if he was throwing out an object.

However, controlling the purple lightning to form a shape was incredibly difficult. Not because it was hard to control, but because he did not have enough energy to maintain it.

In the beginning, Max failed multiple attempts of forming his lightning into a ball since it always dissipates, and simultaneously leaving him drained out of energy.

After a series of experiments, the lightning that he willed to form into a ball slowly turned smaller and smaller. As its size reduced, the energy needed to maintain it significantly became lesser.

Ultimately, what he ended up with was a tiny ball of lightning, which was smaller than a lightbulb and looked quite useless.

But when he tested it out, the outcome gave him a massive surprise. When he shot the tiny ball out, it exploded instantly after coming in contact with a tree.

The explosion was like a lightning bomb that shot out a quick burst of purple lightning to the surrounding areas.

When Max saw this, his eyes suddenly lit up as an idea formed in his mind.

Shooting out lightning on multiple targets is challenging, especially if Max wanted all of his lightning attacks to hit.

The concentration required to hit all targets would be too much since all of them would surely move to dodge away or hide to shield themselves from it.

But what if he is the living bomb? What if he willed the ball of lightning to explode while it was still with him?

Since he won’t be affected by his own Purple Lightning, the blast of the lightning ball would only damage his surroundings. Whoever was surrounding him would be forced to accept it all.

And now, Max didn’t need to concentrate on shooting out streaks of lightning to several targets that may or may not hit or inflict enough damage to defeat them.

It wasn’t only that. Each time the lightning ball explodes, the bright purple lightning would fill the entire area and could temporarily deny the vision of his enemies.

Once that happens, shapeshifting to escape would now be possible, and no one would surely be able to see it.

Max could also make a bigger ball using most of his energy for a bigger lightning explosion, which might be enough to shock everyone around him to death.

However, the energy he had to use up might be too much.

Max always made sure not to leave himself completely drained out of energy so that he would have enough to fight if he was forced to.

Since Max could feel how much longer he could go for with how exhausted he felt, there wasn’t a moment when he was completely out of energy. This was excluding when he was experimenting with his skills.

There was also the small opening when the bright light would blind everyone around him that he could fight back.

Max had always been thinking about defending himself, but that didn’t mean he was hesitant and afraid to fight back.

If given a few seconds to put out every damage he could, ten Awakened enemies? As long as they were Rank 1 and didn’t have a way to negate his attacks, Max could destroy them all, and it was not his first time doing it.




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The Lust System: Chapter 166 (Unlocked)


Chapter 166 – New Creation


“This was also included?”

“Isn’t this useless? What’s even written here? Maybe someone put out a bunch of false information to trick the unaware ones?”

The next topic after the explanation of Ranks was a tutorial on how to advance an Awakened’s power.

This guide should be some tips written by an experienced Awakened for the new Awakeneds that would come to read it.

Max expressed his doubts about it. It was strange that something like this was given out for free when there were merits on keeping it a secret.

Even if the Awakened responsible for this content was a good person or the greatest saint, Max still believed that this wasn’t a great idea.

There was the possibility of the contents being a lie to trick others into believing it. However, why would anyone do that? Max was clueless about it.

Another thing was, no one in this world should have enough information on every existing Awakened to be able to teach them how to improve their power.

This shows that this guide about gaining more power should be a lie.

“Maybe it wasn’t a lie after all?”

Max felt like he understood what this was all about now. He might have thought too much about it.

As far as he knows, there were two main ways of getting stronger.

The first one was accumulating energy to break through to the next stage, and the second one was from enlightenment.

There should be more ways, but those were unique cases, and Max won’t be able to learn about them all if no one would tell others about their skills.

Having a special, one of a kind skill like those ghosts would trigger unexpected perks and unique methods on advancing ranks, but these were rare occasions, and it does not apply for most Awakeneds.

“So this was all it was about? This should be common knowledge among Awakeneds, why would this person make it seem like there were some secret techniques written in here?”

After reading the entire content, Max confirmed that it was exactly as he expected. Nothing special was written in it, only some heavily beautified text as if it was about a fairy tale.

“Clear the mind and cleanse the body, fill your heart with goodness, and the world would give you strength?”

“You mean to absorb the energy from the surroundings into the body to get stronger? Why make it so complicated?”

“Fill your heart with goodness? This can be considered brainwashing, right? I think I can guess who was the one responsible for this content.”

He wasted his time reading the contents, but he got nothing in return. There were some contents that needed to be tested out, other than that, it was a fairy tale.

Too bad the so-called common knowledge on gaining strength wasn’t going to help him in any way.

It doesn’t matter, compared to others, his method was way better.

For Max to upgrade his strength, he only needed to advance his Level, and his power would grow stronger along with it.

That meant he never had to worry about anything else and can only put all his focus into leveling up.

However, it was important to remember that his Levels only influence his strength, specifically his energy.

Stronger and fiercer energy would only make the output of his skills stronger. It would not improve the skill into something more powerful.

This is where the Points come into. Max would be able to do some upgrades on his skills to completely transform it into an enhanced skill.

It would be a completely different skill, overall, an upgrade. The upgrades vary depending on what the skill is, and there will be multiple paths to choose from.

For the other Awakeneds outside the scope of him, his System, and his women, they won’t have that opportunity.

Their skills will simply be what they got in the beginning, with no possible upgrades and improvements, although there are certain circumstances where the said skill would have some hidden potential waiting to be discovered.

One example of this was Lydia’s Purple Lightning. With one look, her skill would only seem to be lightning with a purple color.

Though Max wasn’t exactly sure why the lightning was purple, he knew that it was deadlier than ordinary lightning.

A tiny bolt of it would surely shock a normal person to death. This Max was sure off as even he would be afraid of receiving a direct hit of it.

Until now, Max doesn’t know how much it would hurt if someone got hit by his Purple Lightning since he had no way to test it out.

He currently had no willing subjects to try it out on. Yu’er and others were not included since this was too dangerous, and Max wasn’t willing to risk it.

His enemies could be the possible subjects; however, they would surely not cooperate, so he had nowhere to begin with.

But whenever the Purple Lightning streamed all over his body during the times he was practicing the skill, he never felt any pain.

It was the opposite. It felt extremely comfortable as if he was part of the lightning, and the lightning was part of him.

They were complimenting each other perfectly as a soothing sensation wash all over him. Max felt he had complete control over the Purple Lightning as if he is a God, a weak God.

This must also be how Lydia feels with her Purple Lightning. Though the reason why the lightning was purple among all others was unknown, Max believed that this skill has hidden potential.

The Purple Lightning was not only about bolts of deadly energy, aiming to put an end to someone’s life.

At least, in this particular case, Max had already proved it.

Pushing out his hand with his palm facing up, a tiny purple colored ball slowly formed on top of it.

Its form was brightly glowing as it stayed unmoving on his palm.

Upon closer look, the shining ball isn’t really a ball. It was made of countless fast-flowing lightning that formed the shape of a ball.

To spectators, this might only look like a tiny purple electric ball; however, for some others, they would know how formidable this ball is.

If Evil Ghost Luo was still alive to see this, fleeing the city would be his only priority. He would not care about anything else but to get as far as he can from this place.

This was what Max had thought about when he was testing out ways to efficiently use his Purple lightning and to figure out ways to strengthen its power.

Normally, the usual way to use Lightning Skills was to stream out thick bolts of lightning and instantly defeat the enemy by overpowering them.

However, enemies who use their heads would naturally know about it.

They would do everything they could think of to avoid being cornered into a situation where they would have to accept the hit of a deadly lightning bolt.

Not every enemy he would encounter in the future would be as stupid as the ones in the past. Max should at least expect this much.

That was why Max thought, what would he do if he was the enemy? Then he naturally came up with something, outnumbering the person who could shoot out deadly lightning.

He would also set up traps to immobilize or limit the area the person can go to and escape from.

If he was under that situation, what could he do now?

This was the answer.




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The Lust System: Chapter 165 (Unlocked)


Chapter 165 – Beginner’s Guide


The more Max used his mind to think, the more he was slowly waking up from his current state of drowsiness.

His heavy eyelids were lightening up, and his previous muddy head was now clearing up, improving how his mind formed new ideas and answers.

With his mind now stirred awake, different answers he had never thought about appeared suddenly flooded him.

An influx of information was sent to his brain. From it, there was one easy solution that could possibly answer all his questions easily.

He stretched out his hand and moved it everywhere the bed as if searching for something.

Several seconds later, Max brought his hands to his face before a blinding light suddenly caused his eyes to squint.

This was his answer to all his questions.

Max only concentrated his thoughts on the subject was so that he could distract himself from being sleepy.

Now that he felt that he had already woke up, there was no point in thinking about it on his own anymore.

Max has an innate lazy personality. When he doesn’t urgently need to do something, he wouldn’t even think about it.

However, there were exceptions such as matters related to women, his System, and power-ups that would provide him more strength and power.

His focus was now entirely on his phone. Since there was nothing for him to do, Max has more than enough time to fool around.

Hence before he could think of what he planned to do for the day, he wanted to spend time searching for some information first.

Scrolling through his phone, Max went to the well informed, full of materials Awakened community that seemed active as ever.

A while ago, Max suddenly thought, rather than thinking without any references and clues, why not use his useful device to search for answers online.

Max was not new here anymore. He had been using his Awakened phone to search for things he needed.

He had also purchased several items already. The convenience it provides was on another level than the usual online marketplace available for regular people.

One key difference was that weapons were openly sold. The weapons include guns and various choices of blades and rods that would be considered to be against the law in the normal world.

This was where Max bought the dagger he used against the ghost and the masks that replaced the expensive Face Masks from the Store.

“Where should I begin?”

There was endless information available for him to look at, but Max wasn’t sure where he would find the information about the skills that he wished to read.

After a series of scrolling and clicking, Max ended up on the beginner section, where some Awakeneds made guides on how to stay alive as an Awakened.

Reading through the topics, Max was surprised by the detailed subjects he could see, his eyes shining brightly with interest.

“Who made this? Why did I not know about this before?”

“If I had read this from the beginning, this would have helped me greatly.”

“What’s all this information? This much information is supposed to be for new Awakeneds?”

The numerous topics he could see were all beginner’s guide for new Awakeneds. There were a lot of useful subjects that Max would not hesitate to read if he had seen this before he knew anything.

The topics include types of skills, prominent individuals, different places, from the safest ones to the most dangerous ones.

More other topics were available such as basic details about the Special Affairs Department and other major organizations all over the world.

For someone like him, who only knew about the complicated stuff and forgot to learn the basics, this was a heaven-sent opportunity to learn more.

Max enjoyably began to read the first one about the skills. This was the exact information that he had been trying to find.

He would not know what valuable guide he missed if he didn’t go out of his way to search for some information about the skills around the world.

It was unbelievable that it was in the beginner section. This section was something Max skipped when he received his Awakened phone since who would ever read beginner materials?

Max expected that it was about how to throw a punch or something dumb like how not to show their skills in public and how they should not break the law.

That’s how it was usually anyway, and Max didn’t think it would be different in this case.

What he didn’t understand was why would someone waste their time to write something so comprehensive and detailed like this manual.

Maybe this was the works of some good Awakeneds that only wanted to help newbies like him?

However, since it was already here, then he would take advantage of it and learn everything he needed to know.

“So it’s like this.”

Max now had a clearer understanding of the skills in this world, outside of his circle of friends.

It was written that the guide isn’t complete and some things are not included in it so no one should expect that what they’ve read is everything.

From the guide, a lot of skills were mentioned that had opened his eyes to the possibilities. It had also managed to fill in the gaps of his incomplete knowledge.

The first in the list was Physical Skills. This was the most common one of all the skills available, from body strengthening skills to weapons skills, all of them were under this category.

The second one was the Elemental Skills. These were pretty much what magic is. Fire, Water, Earth, and Wind-related skills were under this category.

This was the only example that was written in the guide, but Max knew there should be more. Lydia’s Purple Lightning should also be part of the Elemental Skills.

Maybe his Space-related skill, Inventory, can also be considered to be part of this?

The third one was not specified. It was only called ‘other.’ From his guess, this should be where his Sexual Aura and other various skills would come under.

Though those weren’t the only classifications available, there were many other ways to classify skills in a more specific way.

One of them was something Max already knew, Sword Skills, Healing Skills, Resistance Skills, Movement Skills, and many more.

This can be easily understood. It was merely a specific category of skills, which was very straightforward.

Attacks were also split into different classifications such as Mental, Physical, Elemental, Soul Attacks, and many more.

There was also this group of skills named Mystical Skills. Max wasn’t sure what it was about since there were no examples.

However, he had a few guesses. It might be something like curses? Or something concerning life and death? Or it was about those creepy and strange skills? Maybe it was something else; Max wouldn’t know for now.

For a beginner guide, this was more than what Max initially knew about, and there were more waiting to be read by him.

Whoever would have the chance to read all of it would surely know everything they needed to know to survive.

Ranks were also included in the guide, which was the same with what they already knew about, three different ranks, and four phases in each rank.

Just like Max had expected, there was no such thing as Levels like he had in his System that would accurately grade their power level.

That convenience was solely available for him, and others have no idea that it existed.

“Hmm? What’s this?”




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The Lust System: Chapter 164 (Unlocked)


Chapter 164 – Boundless Possibilities


Max relaxedly sank on his bed, enjoying the sunny weather and the clear blue skies seen from his window.

He was the only one left in his room. Yu’er had long got up early in the morning and began completing her daily tasks.

When he woke up, Yu’er was already gone. She was probably out to buy some food and some necessities, or it could be that she was only somewhere downstairs.


Max’s eyelids were dropping as he tried to move his tired body. Despite every change that occurred in his life, the mornings never changed.

He was not a morning person. Ever since he could remember, from the beginning of his memory, it was normal for him to sleep till noon.

Instead, he would stay wide awake throughout the night as if it was the real morning.

At night when it is dark, Max would feel his body softening, feeling deeply comfortable with the dark and silent surroundings.

It seemed like his body never adjusted and still felt like he needed to go back to sleep in the morning with the heavy feeling on his eyes.

When the sun shined down from the window, Max couldn’t help but think that this was the perfect time to take a nap.

His skin was being energized by the rays, giving him a refreshing feeling all over his body, which further enticed him to close his eyes.

While lying face down on his soft bed and at the same time thinking about the Special Affairs Department and everything concerning them, a thought suddenly crept up to his mind.

What kind of skill could possibly threaten him that he would feel helpless against it? Was there even such a thing?

For some unknown reason, Max had never thought of this before.

Max couldn’t imagine the day when he would be left without anything else to rely on. If he did things the right way, he could say that it shouldn’t even be possible for it to happen at all.

As long as he doesn’t make an extremely foolish mistake, then he would be fine at any point in his life.

Also, most of his plans revolved entirely on his and his women’s survival.

Before he would decide about damage skills, he would first think about how to guard their lives, and his mind would then be filled with a long list of answers.

But he was genuinely curious about all kinds of skills that exist. Max classified them in several categories while thinking about what skills could possibly beat him or counter his own abilities.

Putting some thought into it to keep his mind running and prevent the sleepiness from overcoming him, Max tried to solve his own question.

To do this, Max had to think of himself as his own enemy and try his best to devise smart ways to defeat himself, including several nefarious ideas.

Nothing was off the table; this way, he could prepare for the possible troubles and outcomes that might come to him.

Expecting the worse will always be beneficial than being hopeful with nothing to base it on. Max doesn’t need to know the future to prepare for it.

Awakeneds usually unlock their skills randomly. No one would be able to anticipate the birth of a new Awakened.

Some would argue that it runs in the blood. An offspring from two Awakened couples would have a higher chance of being an Awakened just like them.

However, through the years of findings by testing and experimenting, there was still no scientific explanation for it; thus, it can be considered to be an unfounded assumption.

Though Awakeneds still generally believed it to be true.

With the use of technologies, even the weakest and the most secluded Awakened would read about families of Awakeneds appearing generations after generations.

Most of their family members would unlock their skills at some point in their lives. Even if they are already old, they still have some hope of unlocking their ability.

Of course, this doesn’t have any evidence backing it; however, it indeed seemed to be how most Awakeneds described it to be.

Max was one of the people who believe that this was the case since Yu’er became an Awakened in her early years with their parents being an Awakened.

Though he wondered whether he would unlock his skill in the future even without the help of the System, Max would never know.

Still, his belief never changed since it was the only explanation for how all those Awakened families multiplied their numbers.

From the explanation Yu’er gave him about their parents before, she seemed to also believe that she had a skill because of them.

Perhaps it wasn’t that there were no scientific explanations to prove it, but it merely could not be explained by science alone.

Since this whole Awakened subject was not logical in the first place, the explanation should be outside the scope of science to something which they couldn’t comprehend.

Little Dou, for example, was also unbelievable and too fictitious to believe, but she truly existed.

When Max stopped and thought clearly for a moment, Little Dou was a unique being that defies the laws that they have been used to in this world.

With her and the System’s existence, there was no reason for Max to cross out any possibility of something occurring out of his imagination.

With all this happening, the possibility of someone having a skill that was overpowered was still there.

Usually, skills unlock when the individual least expected it. It could be when they were sleeping, or they had encountered an accident.

One of the stories Max kept reading about was when someone was in danger and miraculously activated their ability.

Another one was when they had experienced any physical or emotional traumas that would somehow trigger something to unlock a new skill.

It was such an interesting concept.

Whether skills were something that appears out of nowhere or it was something already within everybody, Max would never know.

One thing he noted when thinking about other Awakened’s skills that could be a potential threat to his skill pool was how unpredictable it is.

So far, there had been no indication of a skill being influenced by anything about the user, such as personality traits, hobbies, unique talents, and other things.

It would be great if someone that practiced swordsmanship since they were young will somehow unlock a sword skill that would complement their talents and masteries.

However, there was no such thing.

Awakeneds who unlocked a variety of swords skills had never been an expert in sword fighting. It solely was because they had the sword skill that they became an expert.

Yu’er, with her skill, wasn’t related in any way either.

It was only a coincidence that she thought about healing her wounds and noticed a tiny change that made her realize that she had an ability.

His own skill, Sex Steal, was influenced by the System, so it doesn’t really count as it is more like a cheat compared to how others were getting their skills.

Even the gentlest girl could have the most destructive spell. Nothing was off the list on the boundless possibilities of his imagination.




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The Lust System: Chapter 163 (Unlocked)


Chapter 163 – Few Remaining Days


The next day, Max thought about what plans he had for the rest of the day.

For the first time in the past few weeks, Max had so much free time with nothing much to do.

There were days when he had a lot of things to do with not enough time, but now it seemed like it was the opposite.

Max felt weird. It was like he was back long before when he was still an ordinary person, enjoying his simple life on the weekends after the stressful days of school.

Back then, days like this would be the perfect time to play and lose track of time, immersing himself in different computer games that were popular.

Max could still remember that he would sometimes forget that Yu’er was living at the same house as him. He would stay in his room all day and would only come out whenever he felt hungry.

Those were fun times, fun for him, who was at that time, only an ordinary person who was clueless about everything else.

Now, things weren’t the same as in the past anymore. Max doesn’t have the same desire to play video games, and he also doesn’t have the desire to stay cooped up in his room.

The world is big, and he could spend his entire life doing infinite things he desired. Max clearly knew this.

However, with the internet and other various technology available for him to use, no matter how vast the world is, it became quite dull and monotonous.

After so long, the things he sees were just the same. Year after year, nothing much has changed that would be enough to entertain him.

Everything was laid open in front of him. Distant destinations on the other side of the world can be seen through his screen.

It didn’t matter how much distance away someone is since they would still be able to have a conversation with the use of technologies regardless.

It was as if everything seemed to fit perfectly to his inner loner personality, removing any of his ideas of going out of the house to do something else for a change.

However, the current him doesn’t think like this anymore. His life changed when he unlocked abilities that instantly turned his world upside down.

With knowledge following along with it, the vast world he knew became larger. The world became too big that Max doesn’t have any idea how big it is anymore.

However, that wasn’t the only thing that changed. Something stirred inside him, a new desire sprouted within that turned his way of life to another direction.

With these new changes in his life, Max also managed to fulfill his previous dream of having a lot of women.

He could still recall the days where he could only fantasize about certain beauties since he wouldn’t be able to get them for himself.

Now he has plenty of them, and there will be many more to come. This was the true meaning of his existence.

Max initially thought he would be living his monotonous privileged life until the day he dies without anything special happening. But what he was feeling right now was entirely different from the way he used to feel.

He felt like he was just born and that this was only the beginning. Max couldn’t describe the incredible feeling of waking up every day, thinking that there is a new world out there that is waiting for him.

This morning as he woke up, Max became very excited when he remembered the Magical Space that he had long been waiting for.

It was something that had never left his mind. Max had been waiting for this moment.

Not only Max, Yu’er, and Xue were also anticipating the long-awaited day at the same time, curious about how it would look like.

Only a few days left before the Magical Space won’t be something Max could only look at in the Store anymore.

The slots in the Store are limited, so crossing out one would allow Max to have a new item if he ever chose to add one.

This can be said to be a major upgrade to his current abilities. The security that it would provide them would be enough for Max and his women to feel safe.

Moreover, having the Magical Space with him, there is almost no place to which he would be worried about going in to.

All this time, Max was going about things in an extremely cautious manner; he didn’t want to do anything that would expose his existence intentionally.

Even though he had already run through the entire city, part of his mind was still worried about the consequences if things were to go wrong.

It was like what Max had learned about his Face Mask and Invisibility Potion that it wasn’t as invincible as he thought.

Further reading taught him that those items weren’t enough for his safety since it couldn’t block other senses such as hearing, touch, and smell.

There could also be other potential counters to his items that he doesn’t know about yet, such as skills and treasures.

Deeply thinking about it, the probability of it being true was quite high. Max had already expected that, assuming that those already exist somewhere, which further tightened his guard.

As long as Max could purchase the item, the worries weighing down on his mind would drift away.

Seeking thrilling adventures and dangerous yet fruitful encounters was something Max always found to be exciting with all his skills and items.

However, it would only be fun and exciting if he could guarantee his well being. When he could feel his life to be the slightest bit threatened, the fun and excitement would naturally vanish.

Though that wasn’t the biggest issue he had, with the Magical Space, now there was nothing for Max to be concerned about relating to the Special Affairs Department.

Yu’er told him that the Special Affairs Department was very logical and would go about things professionally with great morals and beliefs.

It sounded good, but Max felt that he shouldn’t believe it. Yu’er wasn’t lying when she said it, but Max thought that what she knew probably wasn’t the complete truth, and there was no reason for him to trust them.

Yu’er also gave her word that they might be good, but it doesn’t mean they have to be close and trust them wholeheartedly.

Max could imagine a day where they and the Special Affairs Department would have a different train of thoughts and courses of action to which would be opposing to each other.

When that happens, Max would just enjoy his life, knowing that they couldn’t do a thing about him as he could effortlessly destroy them.

That will surely become a reality one day though it would be the other party’s mistake to be their enemy.




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The Lust System: Chapter 162 (Unlocked)


Chapter 162 – Growth


While Layla and Lydia contemplated a possible solution, they couldn’t help but recall what happened back then.

In the past, when they were quite young, they weren’t that skilled yet to properly fight back. With only the two of them, it wasn’t easy to deal with these kinds of attacks.

The pressure on their shoulders back then was slightly overwhelming. This was before they had anyone close to them.

It was the time when they had never yet to meet Alice, who became one of their trusted allies, and before they knew Chief Li from the Special Affairs Department.

Though now, even if they could still feel some pressure and some uncertainties, Layla and Lydia weren’t the same as they were before.

They have gained experience since. Random enemies showed out of nowhere to which they easily dealt with, traveling to places that gave them more insights on how the world works for Awakeneds like them.

It seemed like their eyes were now more open, and they could notice different details that they could not see in the past.

Fear wasn’t what they were feeling after all the scuffles they have been in; these things wouldn’t faze them too much.

It was only the mystery surrounding their attackers that for them seemed to be a dark place that kept them blind.

Still, they now had quite a few allies that knew would be backing them when they ever find themselves in a precarious situation.

So far, they had experienced attacks from this unknown group thrice now.

The first one was when a masked person ambushed them on their way home from a gathering.

At that time, Lydia was still unskilled with her Purple Lightning. She could only shoot mini lightning that wasn’t useful in any way except to surprise the receiver for a split second.

But Lydia wasn’t completely helpless as she had received training on how to fight with her arms and legs.

Weapons were also included in her training though she hasn’t mastered a single one of them. Nevertheless, Lydia could still use weapons in a fight comfortably.

She could be said to be in the same situation as Yu’er. Yu’er’s skill wasn’t an offensive time attack that could instantly kill someone.

That was also the reason why she initially believed that she had a skill under the Healing Skill category.

She could use it on other people and on objects, but it was harder, and the energy needed to be used seemed to be doubled compared to using her skill for herself.

However, it could only be applied to inflicted injuries and damages that were received in very recent times.

From Yu’er’s observations, her skill should still be under the Healing Skill category. Healing injuries and wounds sustained by reversing time, it was a strange one, but it is the most effective way of healing.

Usually, a healing skill’s effectiveness depends on how severe the wounds were.

The more serious the injuries, the harder it is to heal it. Therefore, the time it would take for the wound to be perfectly healed would be significantly longer than healing a small cut.

Since the skill Yu’er has wasn’t something that could be used to defend herself, the same with Lydia, she trained herself to fight with weapons.

It would not give her an edge compared to those Awakeneds with skills that perfectly complimented their choice of weapon, but it was enough against most.

Also, not every Awakened had a skill that was related to their weapons. There can be times when Yu’er would still dominate weaker enemies with her strength filled body and weapon alone.

This was also what happened with Layla and Lydia when they were attacked the first time. Even though Lydia wasn’t able to skillfully use her ability, her weapon techniques were still decent enough not to hold Layla back.

Layla, on the other hand, could already use her skill by that time, and along with Lydia, they smoothly defeated their first attacker.

The second set of attacks happened a few weeks after Lydia had finished her training to finally be able to use her Purple Lightning for deadly blows.

At that time, two Awakeneds teamed up against them; their goal still unknown. Layla used her Target Charm on one, and Lydia followed through with her Purple Lightning, instantly removing one of them.

The second person who was also the stronger one between the two got defeated by their relentless assault, giving the remaining attacker no chance to defend or run away.

The third time they got attacked was a group of Awakeneds wearing the same masks.

Their masks were the only reason why Layla and Lydia could determine that all of them were from the same group.

All of them were wearing it, and their faces underneath were ordinary, there is no way for them to find out who they were.

Layla and Lydia tried to get some information by searching for their identities by unmasking them after, but it was useless; no one knew their faces at all.

With it, they could gather that those people didn’t seem to be making any attempt to hide that they came from the same group.

Only that their identities were all unknown, which left them guessing for some time until they have given up on even thinking about who they could be.

The third time they were attacked was with a total number of around ten Rank 1 Awakeneds. Being widely outnumbered, they could only think of escaping.

Since they were living in a city, it was not impossible to run away into the crowded areas for safety.

Awakeneds, especially those with bad intentions, generally would rather not have a fight with someone in an open area where people could see them.

There were multiple reasons for this.

One was to keep their existence a secret from other Awakeneds. This way, no one would be wary of them, and they would have an advantage if they one day decided to attack others.

Two, there exist a bunch of Awakeneds that are filled with righteousness and seek justice everywhere they go.

If they heard about evil being done in public, their assailants would have potentially made a lot of enemies just by exposing themselves to those justice seekers.

Layla and Lydia wanted to use this to get away from the group of Awakeneds on to them.

They also have another aim for running towards the crowded areas.

Just like how they thought it would go, not long after, the Special Affairs Department came to their aid.

The Special Affairs Department have their own ways to safeguard the people in the city, Layla and Lydia were merely attracting their attention on to themselves.

And it worked as intended seeing their people fight against those Awakeneds, surrounding them with their numbers.

They were after all the keepers of order in this city. When a group of Awakeneds brazenly attacked them without considering the authorities, they would, without a doubt, suffer the consequences.

The outcome was apparent. With enough reinforcements, the Special Affairs was able to defeat all of them.

However, Layla and Lydia knew that they can’t always rely on the Special Affairs Department. They need to do something, something different, and end this once and for all.

But how are they supposed to do that? What could they do to make that possible?

Something was telling them that they were going to see those people again soon. They could only hope that they were wrong.




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The Lust System: Chapter 161 (Unlocked)


Chapter 161 – Concerns


Dark shadows quietly flew down on a certain house as it swiftly got inside.

Only a few seconds had passed, and the estate was back to silence without a single movement as if nothing happened.

Inside, with lights on, their faces could be seen clearly. It was only the familiar faces of Layla and Lydia on their special black suits.

After their meeting with Chief Li, they hurriedly made their way home as they have nothing else planned for the night.

Since it was already dark outside, they could not afford to walk on the streets, which would only bring unnecessary trouble upon themselves.

They fully knew from past experiences that they should always keep themselves hidden from anyone’s sight just to be safe.

The only reason they bothered to go out at this period despite not needing to, was because it was Chief Li who contacted them.

Arriving home today, this was their least expected proceedings and were quite surprised by the invitation. Still, they decided to go without hesitation to hear about what Chief Li wanted to say.

Among them, his reputation was quite good, and their opinion on him was decent. Chief Li would surely not waste their time by calling them out with no important reason.

Chief Li should also know this, so him contacting them must have a definite reason.

From how it went, it seems like they were right though Layla and Lydia thought that Chief Li must have regarded the unknown individual more highly than others that he went out of his way to find information about the person.

Even they, themselves were beginning to be curious about what was the identity of the said individual. If all Chief Li said was true, then it would be a truly powerful one.

It’s not like they haven’t seen powerful Awakeneds in the past, but they were more curious about what skill could slay a ghost that easily.

The other reason was if that Awakened were hiding among their surroundings. Whether the Awakened’s intention is good, it doesn’t matter as it would still be a significant concern for their daily life.

Most Awakened are aware that ghosts were one of the most unwelcomed groups in this world. They always resort to cheap tricks and are extremely hard to capture.

With their escaping ability, not a lot of Awakeneds could handle them, and for the some that can, it would still be difficult and would pose a challenge for them.

That was why ghosts were considered a bothersome and hated kind and also explained why they still existed among Awakeneds.

Awakeneds are a diverse group of individuals. Some Awakeneds having divergent skills such as ghost-related abilities and other strange skills did not necessarily mean other Awakeneds would hate them.

In fact, the top Awakeneds came from those who have a skill that is unheard of and unique, and they were respected for it because they are strong.

With enough strength, no matter what skill the Awakened has, they would be respected by the weaker ones.

However, making enemies out of their fellow powerful Awakeneds was the problem, and sometimes too much oppression of the weak would lead to fury and vengeance.

This was the ghosts Awakeneds were good at. The way they advance their Ranks and the way they gain strength was something no one would accept.

Most of the time, ghost-related abilities have the similarity of getting stronger through consuming souls.

Awakeneds are not saints, as most of them have experienced slaying an enemy at one point in their lives.

Generally, when Awakeneds heard about ghosts or other rogues killing someone, they would react just like any other Awakened would. They couldn’t care less. It is none of their business.

This was how their stances were about these kinds of events. It was like a tacit understanding to care for their own before others.

However, it would be an entirely different story when ghosts attack their people or themselves. This will then be something they would not tolerate at all costs.

And most of the faults fall on ghosts themselves. Since they have an advantage when it comes to escaping, they became too overconfident, not the slightest bit afraid of offending Awakeneds, no matter who it was.

There was also the fact that the souls of Awakeneds would be attractive to ghosts, depending on their Ranks and whether they were on Early, Middle, Late, Peak Phase.

It was as if the two sides were naturally made to be enemies.

Fortunately, it wasn’t all that bad with their numbers being low, and encountering one was relatively rare for most Awakeneds.

But they were only one of the many hated kinds. There will undoubtedly be someone or something that other Awakeneds would consider worse than them.

This trip proved to be more beneficial than they have imagined. Though, this time, it wasn’t a piece of good news.

Layla’s angelic face slightly darkened. She seemed to be thinking about the words Chief Li said a while ago.

Those people have resurfaced once more. This was the last thing they wanted to happen. They never expected it.

“What do we do now?”

Lydia quietly turned to her sister for a solution. Just like the last time, Layla was the one who thought of a way to evade them.

At that time, Lydia still had a weak skill, and her control of her Purple Lightning was very poor. She couldn’t do much with it except shoot out a harmless sting.

So she subconsciously relied on her sister, who always protected her from every danger she encountered, including the problem that was presently bothering them.

The group of people they were talking about were some Awakeneds they encountered in the past. Nothing good about them was in their memory. They were like annoying pests that kept on disturbing them.

These people made every effort they could muster to annoy them, all for the sake of them following those people back to wherever they came from.

Until now, they do not know anything about who they are or what organization they belong to. The only thing they know was that they wanted something from them.

That was what made it worse. Layla and Lydia don’t have any idea who they were dealing with.

This had been happening for so long that it was unbelievable how little they know about this group that seemed to have nothing but evil intentions for them.




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